It’s 2022, and smart business owners are taking advantage of the latest Instagram reel hashtags to go viral. So, are you searching for the best Instagram Reels Hashtags to help your content go viral? Creating viral Instagram Reels requires that you have a strong Instagram hashtag strategy.


Key Take Away

Why do you need to use Hashtags on Instagram Reels? Instagram Reels Hashtags make your content visible via Instagram’s Explore Page Algorithm. Besides, this allows your Instagram Reel Videos discoverable by new potential followers. Furthermore, it allows your content to be discoverable by other Instagrammers. Both of these help your Reels content go viral.

Your videos will go viral on Instagram with the right Instagram Reels hashtags. Hashtags make it easy for people to find and interact with your Instagram content. As a result, increasing your reach. Although Instagram Reels are new, people have not understood how it works. we are here to make the experience seamless and straightforward.

This post highlights how to go viral with Instagram Reels hashtags. Also, you will get to know the best time to post on Instagram Reels. First, what are Instagram Reels?

What are Instagram Reels?

The Instagram reel is a recently launched feature on Instagram. It allows users to create and discover short, entertaining videos on Instagram. Specifically, it is a new Instagram feature that can be seen as a TikTok alternative. Furthermore, you can create a 15-seconds video with nice background music. These small clips are getting 5million+ views. Thus, making them an essential addition to business brands’ digital marketing strategy. In fact, big brands like Louis Vuitton, Sephora France, and Balmain are already utilizing the feature.

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With TikTok’s ban in India and its uncertain future in the United States, Instagram Reels will be the best available option for creators. If you are an Instagram influencer, this new feature is perfect for you.  We have put up a comprehensive article about all you need to know about Instagram reels here.

Let’s take a look at this feature and see how Instagram Reels hashtags can help make your brand go viral. 


brands using instagram reels


How to Create Instagram Reels Videos

Creating, sharing, and viewing Instagram Reels videos are simple and easy, especially when you have the right information. Here is how to create your Instagram Reels video:

1. Shoot & Edit Your Video

  • Go to the camera option of Instagram and go on the Reels option.
  • Make sure to select the background music before shooting your video.
  • You can record your music or use the Instagram library for it. Know that others can also use your recorded music with the “Use Audio” option.
  • Now, you will set the timer. Like stories, you can easily use the features of Reels for adding special effects.
  • Shoot your video. You can also use the speeding up or slowing down option for selected clips.

2. Share

After creating your Instagram Reels video, it’s time to share it. Unlike TikTok, Reels have many sharing options. Reels are sharable on the Instagram Explore Page. It can be seen on Instagram Stories, Account Feed, & Direct Messages too. You can post your Reel on your Instagram account, add a hashtag or a caption, and tag multiple friends.
For higher visibility, post your Instagram Reel on your feed and set your account to the public. Since Instagram has just released this feature, they are giving Reels a significant boost in organic reach. The Instagram Explore Page now showcases Reels at the top of the feed. And once you enter, it becomes like TikTok’s endless vertical feed of new content.
To achieve the most visibility, you should set your account to “public”. You can also post your Instagram Reels on your Account Feed. Digital marketers are incorporating this strategy to reach a broader target audience. Since Reels are already a big hit, users are likely to click on a new Reel they found through their search.

3. Start Watching

Once your Instagram Reel has been uploaded, both you & your followers will be able to see it. Thus, if you have a public account, your Instagram Reel will get pushed to the Explore Page. Also, on the Explore Page, it will be showcased to the broader Instagram community. Your Instagram Reels will be categorized under Instagram hashtags, sounds, effects & more.

hashtags on instagram reels

Why You Should Use Instagram Reels Hashtags

Using the right Instagram Reels hashtags helps users with similar interests as you discover your post. In addition, this group of people will be more likely to buy your products or services. Also, without using Instagram Reels hashtags, the chances of your content getting in front of the right audience are very slim. With these Reels hashtags, Instagram will collect and organize your post, thereby increasing your video’s odds in front of the right people. There are more than 1 billion registered users on Instagram. Therefore, you can’t possibly rely on “chance” to get to the right people.

hashtags for instagram reels

The Best Instagram Reels Hashtags Ideas

Now that you have understood Instagram Reels and hashtags, let us consider the best Reels hashtags to promote your content. We understand that our audience cuts across different niches and industries. Therefore, we have researched and listed the best Instagram reel hashtags by category.

Below are different hashtags that will perfectly fit into your various fields:

Viral Instagram Reel Hashtags For 2022

  1. #reels
  2. #reelsinstragram
  3. #reelitfeelit
  4. #viral
  5. #trending
  6. #foryou
  7. #explore
  8. #explorepage
  9. #viralvideos
  10. #instagood
  11. #instadaily
  12. #love
  13. #tiktok
  14. #reel
  15. #bhfyp
  16. #reelsindia
  17. #instagram
  18. #reelvideo
  19. #bestreels
  20. #viralreels
  21. #firstreel
  22. #bestvideos
  23. #instareels
  24. #foryoupage
  25. #videooftheday
  26. #reelsofinstagram
  27. #instagramreels
  28. #reelsvideo
  29. #newreel
  30. #reelkarofeelkaro
  31. #trend
  32. #indianreels
  33. #reelsinsta
  34. #holareels
  35. #reelsbrasil
  36. #bollywood


Top 15 Business and Finance Hashtags for Instagram Reels 2022

  1. #business
  2. #businesscoach
  3. #digitalmarketing
  4. #digitalbusiness
  5. #investing
  6. #wealth
  7. #money
  8. #businesstips
  9. #startup
  10. #entrepreneur
  11. #forex
  12. #trading
  13. #invest
  14. #cryptomarket
  15. #forextrader


Get Massive Likes and Followers With these Vital Instagram Reels Hashtags:

  1. #likeforlikes
  2. #like4like
  3. #likeforlike
  4. #me
  5. #nofilter
  6. #tbt
  7. #igers
  8. #nature
  9. #happy
  10. #repost
  11. #instalike
  12. #instamood
  13. #followforfollow
  14. #follow4follow
  15. #f4f
  16. #followme
  17. #cute
  18. #follow
  19. #followforfollowback
  20. #followback
  21. #bhfyp
  22. #instafollow

Best Pet Hashtags for Instagram Reels

  1. #petlovers
  2. #petstagram
  3. #petsofinstagram
  4. #petphotography
  5. #petportrait
  6. #petsagram
  7. #petoftheday
  8. #petfriendly
  9. #petlife
  10. #petscorner

Instagram Reel Hashtags for Hypebeast & Sneakerheads

  1. #jordan1s
  2. #jordans
  3. #airjordan
  4. #sneakercollector
  5. #sneakerreseller
  6. #hypebeast
  7. #hypebeastcheck
  8. #sneakercollection
  9. #sneakerhead
  10. #sneakernews

Viral Instagram Reel Hashtags for Motivational Pages & Public Speakers

  1. #motivated
  2. #motivation
  3. #motivationalreels
  4. #motivationalquotes
  5. #motivatedmonday
  6. #motivationalspeaker
  7. #motivationdaily
  8. #motivateyourself
  9. #motivate
  10. #motivatedmindset

Best Instagram Reel Hashtags for Sports

  1. #and1
  2. #touchdown
  3. #touchdowncelebration
  4. #grandslam
  5. #megged
  6. #layup
  7. #3pointer
  8. #nbafinals
  9. #nflnews
  10. #mlbpostseason

Top Trending Travel Hashtags for Instagram Reels

  1. #travel
  2. #travelgram
  3. #travelphotography
  4. #traveltheworld
  5. #travelblogger
  6. #traveling
  7. #travelawesome
  8. #traveladdict
  9. #traveler
  10. #traveldeeper
  11. #travelinspiration
  12. #travellife
  13. #travelmore
  14. #traveldiaries
  15. #travelgoals

Viral Instagram Reel Hashtags for Fashion & Makeup

  1. #ootd
  2. #ootdfashion
  3. #ootdinspiration
  4. #ootdstyle
  5. #fashionstyle
  6. #fasioninsta
  7. #fashionphotography
  8. #fashiondesigner
  9. #makeupartist
  10. #makeup
  11. #makeuptutorial
  12. #makeuptutorials
  13. #makeupideas
  14. #makeupoftheday
  15. #makeupaddict

How To Find The Best Instagram Reels Hashtag Ideas

Here are three essential tips to help you find Reels hashtags that will make your content go viral: 

1. Search

To find the best Reels hashtags, go to the magnifying glass icon on your Instagram dashboard. It will bring up the search function and show you popular videos and trends on Instagram when you tap it. You can also enter a specific keyword in the search bar at the top of the screen. The keyword will also help you look for hashtags, users, sounds, etc., to guide your hashtag choice.

In the search result, you will find the tabs for the following:

  • Top Results

It shows you the top results for your search term and may be different depending on your app use.

  • Accounts

It shows you the most relevant account based on your search.

  • Tags

Under the tags, you will see the most popular hashtags based on the term you used in your search.

  • Places

This tab shows you the most relevant locations near you based on your search term.

2. Study Your Competitor

Another great way to find Reels hashtags on Instagram is to research the people you want to compete against. Once you find such people or brands, study their videos and look at the hashtag they are using. How are they using these hashtags? Anything you can find will greatly help you in this market space.

3. Check Other Social Networks

A hashtag that is trending on other social media platforms like TikTok, Triller, or regular Instagram posts can be great. Therefore, if that trending hashtag is not on Instagram Reels, it is a trusted way to skyrocket to the top of the trending list.



If you desire to place your Instagram post in front of as many people as people, then, you must take advantage of viral Instagram reel hashtags that we have discussed in this post. In fact, using the latest features to capture customers’ attention is vital for business growth, and Instagram Reels is one of them. Also, creating some attention-grabbing Reels with trendy hashtags and creative captions is likely to amplify views in no time. Thus, digital marketers should arm their strategies with new Reels and hashtags to stand out from the mob.

Want to go viral with the latest Tiktok hashtags? Then, follow this comprehensive guide.

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