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Why we do what we do

A Strategic Approach To Digital Revenue Growth.
Helping Small Businesses Increase Revenue, Better.
Your Charisma is made to be a passionate and strong example of the amazing possibilities that life offers while sharing roadmaps and ideas that can make a difference in your quality of life.

Love, Determination, Mindset & Positivity.

With these foundational beliefs, Charisma helps businesses grow exponentially, leveraging the internet. While at it, they share their knowledge and case studies with the world to teach people how to do the same with the foundations they have to ultimately live the life of their dreams.

The brand is created for the purpose of educating and helping people build and scale their brand, using digital marketing as their vehicle. Your Charisma delivers a wide range of content and resources accessible in their knowledge base, including courses, podcasts, articles, videos, and in-depth marketing training to get their customers ahead of the curve.

Next to that, Charisma provides digital marketing services focused on small businesses, busy coaches, consultants, service providers, and basically anyone who has established a business and is looking for a way to exponentially increase revenue and build solid foundations for long-term domination within their respectable niche.

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Case Studies

Your Charisma B.V.

Elevate Rope

Solution: Enterprise Inbound Marketing


Revenue Growth/12M


Solution: Shy Start Up Inbound Marketing


Revenue Growth/12M

Sulex International

Solution: Enterprise Inbound Marketing


Revenue Growth/12M

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Your Charisma B.V.

Sulex Bungalows


Elevate Rope


Sulex Caribbean


Maxdevelopment BV


Socialiser EU


Rijschool Listo


Rijschool Reina


Taxi Papendrecht


Autobedrijf Kelvinring


Boots For Bella


Consider it solved


Sulex International


Satisfied clients.

Your Charisma does outstanding work for Website development, SEO and so much more. They were able to produce me a fully functional WordPress e-commerce store with full audience analytics & tracking at a fraction of the cost of competitors. I cannot thank them enough for the service they provide. It was exceptional, I would highly recommend.
Nathan Olson

Marketing Manager, LeatherFace Gear

A partner that delivers the expertise and support for Ekosafe BV in ever more complex for us a world of management of websites. By practical and quickly respond to inquiries makes that Your Charisma is indispensable for us. Our expertise lies in the area of regulation and safety. To each his specialty that we like to leave it to Your Charisma.
Jo Kortooms

Owner, Ekosafe BV

Great! I recently came back for my 2nd WordPress website at Your Charisma. I’m honestly surprised about the quality and support that go along with the price. I had some very awkward and strange questions for my website. There was research done and it was better than expected! See you again!
Josue Peña

Owner, Online CEO's

I got busy with my own clients. Danny and Cesar catched my customers incredibly good on and took out some work out of my hands by the Web design section. They have done an excellent job. Thanks!
Mitchel Langezaal

Owner, General Marketing Nederland

About The Founder: Geraldo Alken

Geraldo is a young Entrepreneur living near Rotterdam, The Netherlands. He has the obsession to live life to the fullest and fulfilling his potential as a human being.

Geraldo currently owns multiple companies with his biggest 7-figure venture Your Charisma specializing in the concept of Inbound Marketing.

Geraldo and his team have helped thousands of companies and Entrepreneurs worldwide, exponentially increase their revenue using digital marketing as their vehicle.

Next to that, he is the owner of the Elevate Rope brand and founder of ‘The Elevate Family’. Also known as one of the biggest Jump rope fitness communities in the world.

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