With more than 1 billion active users, Instagram is a rapidly growing social media platform worldwide and is having a strong foothold in many industries. Right from music to fashion and fitness to cooking, brands, and businesses in these markets rely on Instagram to flaunt vibrant and bright pictures letting businesses connect with their target audience beyond Twitter and Facebook.  

As per Entrepreneur.com, with a successful stratagem, Instagram could be an amazing way of spreading the word about your organization, engaging your existing customers, and attracting brand new customers. Users seem to spend remarkably more time on this predominantly photo-sharing app in comparison to other social networking sites: more than 40 5 longer as compared to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest as per a study conducted by Yotpo. This obviously, implies that Instagram marketing must necessarily be given top priority while planning your marketing strategies and endeavors. 

Unlike several other leading social media platforms, Instagram is totally dedicated to visual content. Videos and high-resolution images are shared constantly on Instagram and the great thing is that you could choose perfect tools for displaying Instagram feeds on your WordPress site. You must make use of the amazing assortment of WordPress Instagram plugins for demonstrating interactive feeds. Often by setting the seamless integration between WordPress and Instagram could be as effortless as simply entering the username. The most recent Instagram posts could then be showcased on the user’s website too. Let us explore some of the best WordPress Instagram plugins just right for demonstrating interactive feeds.


Grace is supposed to be an Instagram WordPress plug-in that is known to be feature-rich and boasts of a highly impressive average rating coming from the users. Using Grace could be a really simple and easy process. You just need to activate Grace and then identify the accounts to source photos from. You could put this versatile plug-in to diverse uses so it is worth knowing more about Grace. 

Some of the features of Grace that need to be highlighted are its ability to demonstrate images based on hashtags, user accounts, locations, and pictures that particular users have already liked. You could even consider excluding specific content easily using the Grace Plug-in. The pre-publish moderation characteristic is optional but is able to provide more control over the specific posts that are showcased on your website. All in all, Grace is supposed to be a robust and powerful tool for showcasing Instagram feed on your WordPress website. It also helps in integrating by utilizing the Visual Composer for assisting you in incorporating this sort of content into your specific custom page designs.

instagram wordpress plugin

WD Instagram Feed

Thanks to the plug-in called the WD Instagram Feed; you could now create a fascinating Instagram gallery with certain amazing effects such as the lightbox including the captions. These captions come with the plug-in’s free version. WD Instagram Feed’s free version provides a compact package with choices for hashtag feeds and username, thumbnail browser layouts and image, and robust support for limitless feeds. In this context, you must know that the pro or the premium version provides numerous additional features, built-in tools, and extensions.

The free version of the amazing WD Instagram Feed Plug-in is known to be quite popular because it boasts of being time-saving with a tight grip on how it looks on precisely your WordPress website. You have to choose between integrating feeds from diverse sources and mixing the posts from a single account. The filtering is quite exceptional for generating a portfolio from Instagram. 

instagram worpress plugin

Enjoy Plug-in Instagram

Enjoy helps in giving you a broad spectrum of options relating to the way Instagram content is demonstrated on your specific WordPress website. Thanks to features such as carousel and photo grid options, and the capability of importing content from precise hashtags and user accounts, Enjoy Instagram facilitates seamless and flawless integration of social media feed. You are even given the choice of utilizing the versatile sidebar widget or even the shortcodes for displaying interactive feeds on your website. Now you could incorporate a feed easily into your pages and posts. You may visit Iigers.com if you wish to buy real Instagram likes, followers, and comments from a reliable source.

instagram worpress plugin


The Intagrate plug-in provides you an easy but effective way of publishing your media from an Instagram account to your WordPress website. Once you connect your Instagram account, whenever you are posting on it, a brand new WordPress post would be generated with picture caption as specifically the post title and even the picture as your post content. We know that Intagrate would be assisting you in saving your precise Instagram media straightaway to your WordPress media library simply to make sure that you could avail backup for your Instagram videos and photos. You have complete control over issues such as precisely which Instagram posts would be generated utilizing either manual moderation or a hashtag filter. This amazing plug-in offers a free version Intagrate Light that promises limited features. It offers a full-fledged premium plug-in.


We have discussed some of the premium and free WordPress Instagram plugins that help immensely in making things easy and somewhat effortless to demonstrate pictures from a precise Instagram account directly on your WordPress website.

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