creating YouTube shorts for your brand. The idea behind this goes beyond delivering informative Content. It has the power to transform your brand and capture more leads with 60 seconds video.

Interestingly, your brand can make money by uploading YouTube shorts to the platform. Thanks to the change in consumption of your prospective customers. According to a marketing survey, video content consumption is increasing rapidly. That has positive implications for businesses if you know your way.

So, what can you do with this information? That is why you are reading this Content. You will discover how to upload YouTube shorts to grow your brand.


Key Takeaway

YouTube shorts are short vertical videos designed to entertain YouTubers. It creates an avenue for brands to influence the purchasing decision of your prospective customers. One advantage of YouTube shorts is it helps to build brand awareness and increase its customer base. Video content as short as 30 seconds uploaded on the platform boost a brand’s engagement with its prospects. It is presently in the test stage in several countries at the moment.


What is YouTube Shorts?

Changes occur on different social media platforms every time. The notable ones are Instagram Reels and TikTok short videos. Other video platforms deem it necessary to see the significant successes recorded with this latest idea.

YouTube Shorts allows people to create vertical videos in short forms using different features made available by YouTube. The maximum length for video content on the platform is 60 seconds. What differentiates YouTube shorts from other types is that they continuously remain on the platform.

What motivates YouTube to unveil Shorts is to enable creators to take advantage of the millions of users who visit the platform daily. So, if you have a business that requires recognition, you can leverage YouTube Shorts to reach many audiences. With your smartphone and the YouTube app, you can connect and engage different users.


Does My Brand Require YouTube Shorts?

Establishing a brand voice on YouTube is not easy. Most YouTube business channel owners can relate to this. The top influencers are getting more audience for their Content. Additionally, the market is saturating, and newcomers will find it challenging to break into the mix.

That won’t be the case anymore with the launch of YouTube Shorts. If you are new to the platform, you have the opportunity to grow your channel without the fear of being sidelined. Your video content can earn you massive engagement and create the needed awareness for your brand through the medium.

The good thing about YouTube Short is that you can reach a new audience without using complex marketing techniques. Being an innovation, YouTube does everything to create awareness for its newly launched idea. Because of this, they design the algorithm to boost creators’ organic reach with their short videos.

An ideal YouTube Shorts best practice is combining it with regular Content to increase your chances of positive results. It’s a rare opportunity to capitalize on mobile users’ interest in short-form videos.


What is the Ideal Content for YouTube Shorts?

As the name sounds, the Content is short, so it must be informative. Even though the platform allows for uploading different content types, you must be careful with what you create. Entertainment videos perform well, but it does not have to be about it all the time.

According to a video marketing strategist, your shorts must represent your brand to a considerable length. That means it considers the wants of YouTubers and the brand objective simultaneously. Another YouTube Shorts best practice is creating tutorial videos in series.

Other content types you can upload includes dance videos, funny pet, comedy skit, announcements, among others. The most important thing you must understand is that you are not uploading only for entertainment. You want to build your brand’s awareness through connection with a wider audience.

How to Upload YouTube Shorts

With the info we stated above, you should be curious about benefitting from the latest introduction by YouTube. Luckily, it’s something anyone with a smartphone can do. What’s more important is having the YouTube app on your device. You can make YouTube shorts by creating a new video or uploading an existing video with the app.

Supposing you already have Content created on another platform. In that case, you can bring it to get more views on YouTube.

For creators that would like to know how to create from scratch, follow the steps below:

  • Locate and open your YouTube app
  • Click on the plus (+) icon below the screen
  • Select create a Short. It will request permission if you are a new creator with no previous records. Click on allow to give access to the camera
  • Click on the red record button to start creating your video.
  • The default recording duration is 15 seconds, but you change it to a maximum length of 60 seconds. Click on the 15 directly above the record button to extend the time.
  • YouTube provides creators with many editing tools to ensure the Shorts come out well. You can access them by tapping on the menu on the screen.
  • If you are okay with the newly created Shorts, click on the white check icon to preview your Content and tap the Next button.
  • You can add a caption to your YouTube Shorts before clicking the upload button.



YouTube Shorts Best Practices

Now that you understand how to create YouTube Shorts let’s talk about how you can maximize it.


     Create Shorts Often

Since this is a new development, the chances are YouTube will give more attention to it. Content in this early stage will get more views, which will help establish your brand.


     Your Shorts Should be less than 50 Seconds

Considering the attention span of users, always try to make your Content as short as possible. That means you must make your creativity count in less than 50 seconds.


      Your Shorts must have Catchy Captions

Most times, users are curious to see a video because of the attention-catching captions. Even an uninterested person will see a video with a suspense-filled caption.


        Keep Vertical format in Mind

People are getting lazier with doing simple things. So, if you must create a YouTube Shorts, it should be in vertical format. It does not require turning the device horizontally to watch the video.


     Your Content must Passage a Message

While entertaining your audience, don’t forget to deliver relevant information with your Shorts. Let them know what you do, bring the latest industry news to their attention, and many more.


     The First 10 Seconds Capture Audience Attention

If you want people to get carried away with your Shorts, the first 10 seconds should win them over. You can even achieve that within the first four seconds. It is essential to make them watch till the end.


     YouTube Shorts monetization

Fortunately, you can get something from your creativity. YouTube set aside about $100 million funds for creators that upload video content on the platform. So, apart from getting recognition, you can earn from your skills.



If you are an upcoming brand, consider creating YouTube Shorts to help your business grow. By following the YouTube Shorts best practices, you stand a chance to earn and become relevant on the platform. Don’t sit back while your competitors are making the best out of the latest social media trends.


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