The best way to gain a quality audience, other than good content, is through ads. This works for all social media platforms and websites. You need the best YouTube ad targeting options to expand your reach.

However, you have to ensure that your ad reaches the desired audience. That way, your ad can be efficient. There are so many YouTube targeting options that business owners who use YouTube channels need to start using. These targeting options have nothing but positive effects on your business.


Key Takeaways

To broaden your ad reach on YouTube, you need to use certain YouTube ad targeting options.

Some of these targeting options are; search-based targeting, customer match, competitor channels, demographics, and interests.

These YouTube ad targeting options will help you reach a larger audience. Also, other than reaching a larger audience, your ads will be sure to pop up on suitable screens. This means your ads will reach the right audience as well.


Five YouTube Ad Targeting Options to Expand Your Reach

Best YouTube Ad Targeting Options to Expand Your Reach

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Below are five effective YouTube Targeting Options that will help you expand your reach. By using these methods, you are sure to cover a large audience.


     1. Search-Based Targeting:

It’s quite offensive when ads we can’t relate to suddenly appear on our screens. Therefore, you should randomly display your ads.

When you distribute ads in mass, and randomly, it is difficult to get the attention of your target audience.

With the help of search-based targeting, you can strategically display your ads on specific screens. This is done by taking a peep into a YouTube user’s search history.

For example, if your business deals with phones, your search-based ad targeting focuses on people who search for phones and gadgets.

Also, you can get your target audience by searching viewers of videos related to your line of business.

This target option can help you deliver relatable ads to your viewers. Also, the ads you provide can be a personalized experience for users. In addition, it is possible to use searches on Google to create more targeted ads on YouTube.

If you can search for the right audience anywhere, achieving your targeted reach becomes easy. When you can easily reach your target audience, getting customers for your business is not a problem.

With this, you can build a whole new perspective for your business, thereby having the upper hand against competitors.


     2. Customer match:

Many customers agree that the timing of a company’s message influences the perception that these customers have of that brand. Therefore, the timing of the brand’s ad is crucial.

With this comes the question, “Is it possible to reach the right audience at the right time?”

The customer match targeting option makes this possible. With the aid of Google ads, you can develop a more direct or targeted method. Such methods will help you reach certain goals in no time.

So, how does the customer match targeting option work?

Since Google ads permit businesses to upload files such as CSV, or Excel files which also contain e-mails, you can use these e-mails to aim at future customers. You can target prospective customers right from YouTube.

With this targeting option, your ads can be promoted to users who are most interested in your line of business. This will help your business gain more customers from your ad campaigns, e.g., new leads and customers.

Basically, that’s how the customer match targeting option works. You are matching your ads to the right customers at the right time for the best effect.


     3. Competitor channels:

This particular targeting option seems like a distant and impossible dream. However, it is possible.

Just imagine how great it would be if you could have your ads displayed on videos made by your business competitors. It would be one of the best strategies for making sure everyone has your company in mind whenever any video in your line of business comes up.

The competitor channel targeting option brings this dream to reality.

You’ll need to have a particular YouTube channel you’d like to target. Or, you can simply search for YouTube channels that show content related to your business. Then, create a list for these YouTube channels and pick out the ones you feel will have the best effect.

Now, you should know that you can’t place your ads on videos of YouTube channels that have monetized their channel.

With the competitor channel targeting option, you can only target channels identified as partner channels. Partner channels are channels that have gone through certain procedures to monetize their content. Also, if a YouTube channel is eligible for ads, you are free to display your ads on the YouTube channel’s videos.

This targeting option is one of the most effective. If you can use it efficiently, you can expand your reach and thus, get more customers.


     4. Demographics:

You can decide who receives your ads as a business entity. In detail, this helps you ensure that you are targeting the right audience and prospective customers.

Some demographics you can use for YouTube ads are:

  • Gender: Is your product gender-specific? If yes, you can target your ads to specific genders.

For a company that deals with pads and tampons, you know that your audience is strictly female. On the other hand, if your business involves facial hair shaving creams, you know that your audience is strictly male.

However, if your business is for both genders, you can create separate ads that approach males and females in different ways. That way, you are sure to capture your audience in the best way.

  • Age: If your brand appeals to a specific age grade, then you can select what age grade receives your ads. For example, if your brand deals with pads and tampons, you know your audience age ranges from early teens to late forties (12-50).

You can use several languages and marketing tactics to fit the age range of your audience.

  • Income: Knowing what kind of income your audience generates can help you know which viewers could be potential customers. If you sell costly goods or offer expensive services, you know that your audience will not be average-earning individuals.

You can use the estimated income of your audience to direct your channel’s ads to the correct group.

  • Location: For a company that delivers to all parts of the world, specifying the location of your audience isn’t necessary. But if your services are strictly for a particular region, then you should target your ads to users in that region.

For instance, if your ads are for your restaurant in New York, it doesn’t have any business with people living in Tokyo.

These demographics help you place your ads strategically, get the right audience, and expand your Youtube reach. It is one of the most efficient YouTube ad targeting options.


     5. Interests:

Ad targeting based on interest is another good way to expand YouTube’s reach. Also, this targeting option is popularly called psychographics.

The interest of the audience you need has to be related to what your ad is about. Knowing this can help you a lot.

When evaluating a target audience, the interests you need to examine are; attitudes, lifestyle, values, and hobbies.

The moment you launch your ads on YouTube, you can control who it is sent to based on the audience’s interests.



Knowing what YouTube ad Targeting options to expand your reach is significant in running a business with a YouTube channel. You need to use each option properly. With them, you can broaden the audience it reaches and thus gain more customers and generate more income.

Did you enjoy this informative article? I hope you learned something new? If you have any questions, please let us know in the comment section.


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