Animated movies like Toy Story or The Lion King have touched whole generations with their realistic images and fascinating characters. In fact, when you hear the word “animation”, your mind is most likely to wonder into a childhood realm with fond memories of your favorite cartoons. Am I right?

But 3D animations are not just used to portray cowboys and lions. For the past five years, clever marketers have been using them to demonstrate their client’s products. It turns out that animations can be a great asset in the business world, due to their near magical effect on viewers. Here are 5 reasons why we love product animations for marketing purposes.


1. The most photorealistic way to showcase products

When we are young, our parents teach us not to touch everything we see. But the truth is, we love putting our hands on new products before we buy them (or have you ever bought a couch without first sitting on it?). With a 3D animation you come as possible to the feeling of holding the product in your hands. That’s because an animated product can spin around, so you can see if from every angle, even inside. Not only that, but it can show you how the product open/unfolds or what its internal elements look like.


2. An attention-grabber and engagement tool

It takes a lot to stand out online these days. People’s attention span is shorter than a fish’s so you need something extraordinary to grab their attention and make they interact with your message. Animations fulfill this role admirably. Just think about your own experience online. You are much more likely to pay attention to an animation that plays automatically when you visit a website than you are to read a lengthy product description, right? The same principle applies for engagement. Users are more likely to like, comment and share video than other types of content.


3. They can demonstrate a lot in a few seconds

Animations are faster than video to display processes and assembly procedures. That is because you can show many small parts moving at the same time, while a video would normally require that you show every step of the process, one by one. Additionally, animations can show the product more clearly, as opposed to videos, which require human hands to operate the products.  On this post you can see a side-by-side comparison of video and animation showing a window hinge installation.


4. A hot trend for content marketing

Many companies are still struggling to produce relevant video material and the use of 3D animations is one step ahead of that. The tendency is that animations will become more and more popular this year and the next. Another way to look at it is as a valuable complement to your content marketing strategy. If no one or only a few people in your industry are using animations, you’ll get more visibility while displaying your content in an exciting new way.


5. Affordable for small and medium businesses

It used to be that only very large brands made use of animations in their marketing campaigns. But that’s no longer the case. There are companies specialized in producing animations for small and medium business, at an affordable price. With higher demand for 3D animations, the price of production is going down. That makes it accessible for virtually any business to get an animation they can use on their landing page or display on trade show exhibits.


Are you falling in love with animations too?

To sum up, we love 3D animations because they can perfectly demonstrate complex products, they attract attention, are faster than video, are an exciting trend and they’re affordable for businesses of any size. It is easy to order one and the return on investment is the higher of any kind of content.

If you’d like to know more about how 3D animations can help your marketing strategy, check out this link or leave us a comment. Thanks for reading!

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