Brand positioning is very critical to business success. It is the most foundational and important component of a brand-building process. So, what is positioning and why is it important? Positioning is the place that you want your brand to occupy in the mind of your target audience.

To achieve the spot you want, you must identify, explore, and redefine your brand uniqueness. This can be achieved through a proper brand positioning strategy. So, what is the importance of positioning? In this post, we will look at five important reasons why you should take brand positioning seriously.


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Importance of Brand Positioning

  1. Positioning Creates Differentiation
  2. Brand Positioning Gives You a Voice
  3. It Makes it Easier for Your Target to Connect with You and Buy from You
  4. Brand Positioning Allows Your Business to Compete on Value
  5. It Validates Your Pricing Strategy


1. Positioning Creates Differentiation

There is a high chance that your business is selling the same product that hundreds of other businesses are selling. So, what makes your business different? This is where positioning comes in.

You can create a unique experience or an added service that will be distinctive to your business. When you create this unique positioning, you also need to articulate it to make your positioning statement.


2. It Gives You a Voice

The world of marketing and sales is very messy and loud. Without proper positioning, it becomes difficult for your business to find a voice in the clutter. However, a clear positioning makes it possible to effectively and efficiently reach and communicate with your target audience amid the clutter of noise. If you want to break the clutter and speak directly to your target audience, you are better off having a strong positioning.


3. It Makes it Easier for Your Target to Connect with You and Buy from You

Consumer’s buying decision can be tedious with numerous brands vying for attention. Consumers are not interested in screening through thirty different options of the same products to make a choice. All they want is to quickly and easily choose a brand that they trust.

Most of the time, this trust is premised on emotional connection and when your brand connects to consumers on an emotional level, there is a high chance that they will choose your brand when they come across multiple options. Your brand positioning gives this emotional connection between your brand and your target audience.


4. It Allows Your Business to Compete on Value

No doubt, most consumers are price-driven. However, when they see products that they perceive to deliver more value, they would not mind paying extra for the value. The positioning gives you this edge and clarity of value. Brands that compete on value and not price, stand out of the clutter and customers appreciate them for it.

Your business value has to do with your brand offerings and the level of satisfaction that customers derive from using them. It does not matter whether your product or service is targeted at the mass consumers or if it is a luxury item; you can compete favorably in the place of value than price.


5. It Validates Your Pricing Strategy

When you compete on value and not price, it is easier to justify why your price is higher than your competitors. Having a clear positioning lets you articulate your unique value proposition clearly and concisely and you can build your price strategy on this. When your price is higher than the competition, you can justify it because you offer a specific value that the competition is not offering.



These are the top five reasons why you should consider developing a positioning for your brand. Beyond these five, many other reasons and benefits come with brand positioning. A business without a positioning is likely to struggle in the market. Although the process can be rigorous and painstaking, the reward is worth every time and energy invested into it.


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