With the many social media apps on board these days, people have found ways to benefit from them. For example, WhatsApp is the most popular social media messaging app worldwide. As such, it’s a fast way to disseminate information and reach a global audience. It is only natural for marketers to take advantage of the app to create brand awareness, draw customers and make sales. Thus, WhatsApp marketing refers to activities that promote brands and businesses via the app.

Key Takeaways

Since its inception in 2009, WhatsApp has grown to have an active population of over 2billion monthly users. WhatsApp business meant solely for marketing has 18 million global users with a daily interactive statistics of 175 million. Interestingly, all you need to capture this massive audience is a mobile device, the app, and a good strategy.

Since consumers love this messaging app, explore all its features in your marketing plan. Your business will enjoy exponential growth and immense benefits if you do all this rightly. Thus, it is visible that the WhatsApp marketing tool is a productive one.

How to Market Your Business Using WhatsApp

The focal points of WhatsApp marketing are business-consumer communication, delivery, and retention. Now that you understand the concept of WhatsApp marketing let’s skip the chase and dive into the next agenda.

Without an ideal marketing strategy, you can’t excel in WhatsApp marketing. So, before you begin, you need to focus on building a strategy based on what you want to achieve.

Your first action should be defining your goals, aims, and objectives. After outlining them, you should set your Key Performance Indicators. KPIs help you measure the success of your goals. With this, you will be able to pinpoint the key areas to channel your energy.

Focusing on your goals and KPIs will help you identify the loopholes in your marketing funnel. Download the WhatsApp business app and get familiar with its features whenever you’re ready. Create your business profile, logo, catalog, and automated replies.

Begin to personalize your business account with traits of your brand. First, create a relatable personality for your customers to work with comfortably. Then, infuse the account with the essence of your brand.

After this, your next action should be to identify your target audience. Who are the specific people out of the billions of users your product is for?

Do you want to sell to mothers, teenagers, millennials, or workers? Identifying this will help in structuring your manner of approach. You can even employ a data-driven marketing strategy based on insight about your target audience.

A business account without potential customers won’t lead you anywhere. Therefore, you must employ all possible measures to get a reliable contact list. Brainstorm ways to make your target audience contact you.

Whatsapp Marketing Strategies

You could place your WhatsApp business number on sites and social media pages and invest in ads and compelling CTAs. Other options include spreading the link to your WhatsApp catalog & using subscription forms.

Engage your customers with a mix of business offers, discounts, promos, tips, and educational & entertaining messages. Send occasional pictures and videos but do not choke your contacts with excess messages.

Be courteous to your customers, give them excellent service, and ensure they’re satisfied and entertained. Next, create a strategy that helps you achieve all the points discussed. Then sit back and wait for your numbers and sales to multiply.

Remember, customers always go where they feel at ease and are satisfied. So make your business account home for your customers, and they’ll keep returning!

Tips For WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp Marketing

As in every endeavor, they are certain actions that could enhance your success in WhatsApp marketing. In this case, it is mostly your judicious use of the app’s features. So let’s explore some of them.

  • When using WhatsApp for marketing, use the status feature to share offers, promos, pictures, and your product/ service details to your contact list. In addition, you can share your status on other social media platforms. Each status post lasts for a day.
  • Set up group chats, add your customers, share information, and hold meaningful conversations. It fosters engagement and makes customers feel at ease.
  • Create a WhatsApp catalog for your customers to surf through and view your products. You can also share your catalog link online.
  • Create broadcast lists that you can use to promote campaigns, special offers, and discount sales.

These tips enable you to reap all the benefits of using WhatsApp for marketing.

Benefits of WhatsApp Marketing

Having read to this point, you should already know that the benefits of WhatsApp marketing are extensive. I mean, why wouldn’t it be? First, the app had the potential to link you up with millions of potential global markets and clients.

So, sit back and picture all the mind-blowing benefits of WhatsApp marketing as you read.

     Affordable Method of Marketing

The cost of marketing on this platform is very low. I doubt that there’s a more affordable social media app for marketing. Due to this, it is easy for start-ups to invest in WhatsApp strategies since all that is required is the application and an active internet bundle.

     Bountiful Sales of Products/ Services

It boosts sales as it allows you to connect with more customers. You won’t just be the one seeking them; they will also reach out to you. Brands that add their WhatsApp contact to their sites and other social media accounts have blissful testimonies to share.

People tend to patronize WhatsApp businesses more because it makes them feel closer to the dealer. The reason is that they can send messages and get prompt replies. Also, most dealers utilize their status to share reviews of successful orders, thus instilling the confidence to buy in more people.

     Stable Sales Relationship

Communicating with a customer adds a personal touch and a bond of trust. For example, a website is impersonal as it doesn’t divulge its owner’s personal information- just strictly business. However, clients have your number on WhatsApp, a personal detail.

Knowing they can track you with your number if things go south increases their confidence level. And then, after the purchase, they can come back to you for post-sales service. If they love your trade and post-sales relationship, retainment isn’t easy.

Also, due to the trust built, customers are inclined to refer their friends and family to patronize you. Thus, one good relationship can expand your customer base talk more of thousands.

The relationship can be even better when you show care by sending welcome messages via a bulk WhatsApp sender. You can also offer WhatsApp promotions and send birthday & holiday wishes. These are ways to leave a good impression and maintain friendliness.

     High Rate of Conversion

Due to the personalization WhatsApp offers, there is a high conversion rate. That is to say; most potential customers become customers as they do business with you. In the end, this helps you meet your set goals with more ease and speed.

     Engaging Digital Channel

Businesses can conduct practical surveys on WhatsApp and get feedback ASAP. They can also ask to learn what their customers prefer. In turn, these findings help businesses restructure their strategy to a more futile one.

Also, customer service and support boost engagement. For example, brands can manually reply to all queries and give assistance or have chatbots to handle that.

Other benefits of WhatsApp marketing include privacy and security, a large audience, and bulk WhatsApp marketing. The exciting part is that all its features enable you to benefit from an increase in sales.


A survey shows that most individuals and customers are more comfortable buying from a messaging app. This fact is because they have the liberty to reach the vendor at almost anytime, as WhatsApp users are prone to visit the app daily.

Whatsapp marketing indeed yields tremendous results. However, this is only possible with the right WhatsApp marketing strategy. So, having read this guide, map out a marketing strategy, download WhatsApp business and begin to advertise.

WhatsApp marketing is quite the bomb. When you try it out, please share your success story with us in the comment section below.

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