What not to do on Instagram

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Today we wanted to talk to you about Instagram habits and especially about.. What not to do on Instagram when delivering your story to the world. Seriously if you make a habit out of these bad tendencies people will start to get annoyed or in the worst case un-follow you. We’ll keep it short. Check out the list below where we zoom in on what not to do on Instagram while promoting your brand.

1) Overdose of hashtags

Using hashtags is very popular amongst Instagram users and can be very useful for getting potential customers to like your posts. The thing is, nothing looks less professional than spamming your own pictures with a ton of hashtags. It makes you look desperate and dilutes your message. For example.. Look at the people with tons of followers. Do you see them using hastags? Don’t get this the wrong way though.. Do use them.. but use a few and let them be relevant.

TIP: Don’t put your hashtags in your photo description. Just comment on your own pictures and leave it there. After a few comments nobody will see the hashtags and it will look like there are none. This way you could use more hashtags, without suffering the consequences.

2) Too much commerce

Don’t make your Instagram too commercial. Not every picture you post should be one, asking your audience to buy something from you. People will feel like you’re using them. Let’s do it like this.. for every 8 posts.. one of them should be a commercial message.

3) Posting too little

If you are posting like 1 time a day.. it’s simply not frequently enough. Keep your posting average high.. around the 2-3 posts a day. This way your audience will connect with you way faster and your posts have a higher chance of reaching the explore page.

4) Posting too much

Don’t overdo it. This can be seen as spammy by your followers. Also never ever posts sporadic outbursts of posts in a short period of time. Keep them well spaced out and check out your best posting times. A great service for getting these insights is Iconosquare.
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5) Ghosting your audience

Engage with your followers. You are there to interact with them. Let them know you’re a real person that actually cares about them. Share other people’s content on your page and off course I’m not saying you should react on every comment, but at least try to respond to their questions.

Well, there you have it.. When mastering these little tricks becoming an Instagram influencer isn’t that big of a deal. Want more free value regarding building your brand using Instagram? Download our free Instagram Mastery PDF

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