Virtually everyone in this 21st Century has internet access and must have thus come across or heard about Metaverse. As one of the latest technological innovations in which companies and elites invest, it’s a topic of interest. As a result, many have asked, “ what is Metaverse?”

However, the majority lack an in-depth understanding of the concept. Indeed, it is a broad concept but easy as well. So I’ll be walking you through this term.


Key Takeaways

 The Metaverse extends reality into the virtual world. It helps simulate the physical world through advanced technology. It is a blend of two major subs: virtual reality and Augmented reality. There are multiple access points to the metaverse. They include Personal computers, smartphones, virtual and augmented reality headsets alongside other virtual devices.

Furthermore, one can participate in the metaverse via conventional avatars or real videos. An exploration of the metaverse development has proven it to be a beneficial development. This is why it has attracted Microsoft, Facebook, and other large corporations as investors. The metaverse space holds so many possibilities and maybe even the future.


What is Metaverse?

The term Metaverse was coined by Neal Stephenson, who wrote a sci-fi novel in 1992 titled Snow Crash. Meta is a Greek word meaning “beyond,” while the verse is an abridged version of the word “universe.” When put together, this gives a literal meaning of something beyond the universe.

That is a pretty good explanation in layman terms, but the metaverse is a lot more than that. Simply put, it is another world, a digital world, accessible via the internet.

Additionally, the metaverse is a place where the real world bonds with the virtual world to achieve a degree of ecstasy and freedom. In some cases, the metaverse is powered by blockchain tokens. In such a scenario, a user’s avatar carries along with their wallet address as a form of identification. The user can then use coins or tokens in their possession to make purchases in the metaverse.


What’s More?

Furthermore, the metaverse is a simulation of life and real-time activities. As a result, users can work, play games, visit exotic locations, etc. An easy way to grasp the concept is to think of it as a virtual reality game (e.g., Second Life, Minecraft). In such games, you feel as though you were right in the game, but in reality, you’re probably sitting in a chair. That’s what the metaverse is like, only that it’s a lot bigger.

Although we have access to certain features of the metaverse, it is still evolving. However, Mark Zuckerberg gave an estimated time of five to ten years for the major features of metaverse to become conventional. He believes that metaverse could be a more immersive internet replacement in no distant time.

A concise definition of the metaverse is simply a digital world. As a result, it is accessed through the internet and inhabited by virtual representations of humans and structures. It’s a new postulated and immersive version of the internet that enhances reality. The metaverse 3D virtual world is an interactive environment where users can work, socialize, and relax. Also, metaverse combines virtual reality, Augmented reality, and Mixed or Extended reality ( VR, AR, and XR).


Virtual Reality (VR)

what is metaverse

Virtual reality is a computer-generated simulated environment where you can explore and participate actively. However, you’ll be immersed in an artificial 3D replica world. The simulation is possible through the use of interactive devices like goggles, headsets, gloves, etc., with the goggles. Therefore, a user can inhabit and view animated images of the sensory environment.

Virtual reality on metaverse gives the sensation of interacting with an artificial world as though it were real. This is possible by using multi-projected environments or Virtual reality devices built with motion sensors. These sensors give the feeling of telepresence by replacing your sight and experience. In a simulated environment, your viewpoints are related to your steps and turns.

Every VR device has a technology powering it. Embedded in the gloves are force feedback gadgets that mimic the touch sensation to hold items in the virtual world. The headset uses haptic technology to change the visual environment to a hypothetical one.

VR blends auditory, visual, and sensory responses. It uses kinaesthetic and other technologies to enable one to interact smoothly with the virtual world. Forms of virtual reality include; metaverse avatars, driving simulators, projector-based virtual reality, and desktop-based VR.

That said, virtual reality serves many purposes. It is applicable in business, entertainment, education, and so much more. Also, it produces positive results in each area it is applied in and is an advanced technology used for enhancement.

Perhaps, we’re familiar with the saying “ all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” right? VR combines smart work and fun to make us bright, happy, and enlightened.


Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality is a style of virtual reality technology; hence it is a bit similar to virtual reality. The differentiating factor is that virtual reality transports you to a digital space different from your real physical environment. On the other hand, AR is the blend of both worlds.

Through its devices and technologies, augmented reality integrates your physical environment into the digital content of the virtual world. By doing so, there is a bit of semblance. Hence, you can thus explore an animated version of your physical surroundings.

Augmented reality is a simulated reality that allows information to pass into AR devices over a live camera feed. This rapidly occurring action empowers the user to view 3D digital images blended into real surroundings.

Furthermore, AR is an advanced VR technology processed through a camera device. It simplifies and improves reality through the provision of solutions and enhanced experiences.


Extended Reality (XR)

Extended reality combines and integrates the real world, VR, AR, and Mixed reality. It supports the creation of a visual world where physical and digital content co-habit and socialize. XR uses sound, vision, sensory stimuli, and digital content to improve technological experiences and create multidimensional opportunities.

For this reason, Microsoft has invested in Extended reality to be fully utilized come 2022. We were wowed by AR and VR. Let’s see what XR holds.


Benefits of Metaverse

Having adeptly skimmed through the answer to the question “what is the metaverse,” it is obvious that there are endless opportunities within. The metaverse is an encompassing digital space which is the proposed expansion of the internet. Being a place where the future lies, let’s examine its essentialism.

The metaverse is an element that will usher in the next generation. Although it is still in its evolutionary phase, it has features that support life and activity. Little wonder why big brands are already making smart speedy moves by investing. For example, Microsoft, Facebook, Oculus, and Co are all part of the next big thing.

Given that the metaverse is an interactive digital space that supports trade, some people have begun purchasing lands there. The present advancement of the metaverse seeks to breach all technological limitations in both VR and AR. Therefore, I believe that the dynamic course of the future lies within the metaverse.

The positive impacts of metaverse are visible in these areas:



Learning has become easier. As a result, one can attend classes without stress.



Doctors can use this technology to carry out MRI scans and practice delicate surgeries to attain perfection.



The likes of Ariana Grande and Travis Scott have held concerts on the metaverse. Also, avatars have tuned in to metaverse movie trailers.



The US military is already using metaverse in training their soldiers.



With the COVID social distancing measure, virtual meetings and conferences can hold on metaverse. Therefore, it’s an efficient marketing tool.



In a nutshell, the metaverse has broken barriers and limitations to physical life and brought freedom beyond convenience. Indeed, technology has teleported us beyond the universe, and we haven’t even seen all of it yet.

Therefore, when next someone asks, “what is metaverse?” just say, it’s the cutting edge technology that breaks all limitations.

We trust that we’ve enlightened you. If you would like to get more detailed information on the metaverse as it progresses, please leave a comment below.


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