How can top-notch content transform your company’s marketing efforts from blah to awesome? The great news is that the approach is more science than art, so it’s best to just get started as soon as possible in order to reach your advertising/sales goals. If you’re not a writing wizard, no sweat. Simply outsource the job to an expert. In the end, the cost to hire a writer shouldn’t cost more than the value of the time you would have spent creating the articles on your own. Just remember to shop carefully, ask for samples, and stick with a quality creator once you locate one. Here are some of what great content can do for any entrepreneur’s company.

1. Builds Your Brand 

Content is the single best brand-building factor among many choices available to company leaders. You can buy all the billboards and TV ads you want, but content lives forever when it’s well-crafted, targeted, and written in a way that’s timeless. These evergreen articles, reports, e-books, and media releases can help describe and construct an organization’s entire brand identity in a detailed and precise way. Some companies use well-placed articles as the sole method for enhancing brand awareness in the public’s mind.

2. Boosts Revenue

When you focus on SEO in a special way, it’s possible to boost revenue in the short term. How? By examining a factor called intent SEO, marketers can turn more visitors into buyers, and more buyers into long-term customers. Search engine optimization is a wonderful, effective tool that helps drive traffic to a website. The only problem is that once the visitors arrive, they often leave after a minute or two because they don’t see what they’re looking for. When sales professionals concentrate on intent SEO strategies, they are able to drive relevant, categorized traffic to your site. They do it by studying the intentions behind online searches. The fact is that people search for all sorts of reasons and to find information, to locate products, to identify websites that offer useful information, and more. Once SEO pros like decipher intentions, new visitors more readily translate into customers who purchase your goods and services.

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3. Adds to Your Email List 

Have you ever done a brief guest post for someone else’s blog and received a ton of responses? Most advertising managers have at least one story about an item that hit a home run in terms of site visits, sales, and interest. In many cases, guest posts bring opt-in email traffic and add considerably to your precious list of potential or current customers. It’s a fact that people read and do research online when they want to find out about products or services they intend to buy. That’s just human nature at work. But when they click on your postings and get something of value by reading them, you’re likely to gain a name for your opt-in list.

4. Drives Long-Term Traffic

As noted above, evergreen articles and reports on a topic closely associated with your product can last forever, and if not forever, then at least for a couple of decades. Consider for a moment the power of the advertising dollars spent on such a piece of writing. Say your business shelled out $50 to a writer to come up with a timeless report or in-depth review. Once the item goes live and people begin to read it, they respond by visiting your website. A certain percentage of them become clients. That once payment of $50 will continue to bring in business for years to come. By any measure, it’s money well spent.

5. Makes You a Go-To Information Resource

There’s a specific genre of writing that’s meant to build an author’s reputation as a go-to source on a particular topic. Say, for example, that you offer resume writing services to new college grads, your target market. If you regularly post on blogs, including your own, about all the fine points of job hunting, using resumes effectively, and knowing how to find the right expert to create a resume, then you automatically set yourself up as a specialist. Readers who seek out information on the subject will begin to make the connection between your name and reliable resources. Eventually, maybe after a year or so of regular posting, you’ll be considered an authority on the topic.

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6. Attracts Guest Post Opportunities

It’s tough to break into the guest posting game. If you do it right by building a reputation, as noted above, many blog owners will contact you and ask if you would be so kind as to contribute an article or two to their websites. Of course, you accept the offer and follow up by delivering some of the best stuff you’ve ever written. Guest post gigs are an effective way to bring high-quality traffic to your own website. Always remember to add a byline and direct hyperlink at the bottom or top of your contribution. It’s all about getting that tag in there. Otherwise, you lose the potential publicity the piece might have brought to you, your company, and your website.

7. Helps Retain Current Customers

Those who already love your services and products expect much. They don’t stick around just because they had one positive experience. The old saying “what have you done for me lately?” applies. If you haven’t made any efforts to retain loyal customers, consider offering regular content on your blog. Buyers often return to a site they respect and look around, hoping to see relevant articles, new products, special offers, and more. Fresh additions to the blog section of your site is one way to keep them interested.

8. Gets Social Media Buzz

Interesting reports, useful product reviews, coherent editorials, and other pieces of writing can start a social media fire that brings in thousands of potential clients. This is a tricky maneuver and takes some practice, but it consists of two elements: a magnetic headline and a short, topical piece. Spend time crafting the headline and focus on topics that are in the news.


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