Viral Instagram Reels seem to have become the new TikTok, and now is the time to easily go viral on Instagram. In this article, we will provide you with step-by-step- a guide on how to go viral on Instagram Reels. Therefore, if you are looking for Instagram reel strategies to go viral, this article is for you.

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Key Takeaway

Instagram reels allow Instagram users who are interested in popularity to go viral and earn more followers. In addition, it helps in attracting likes, views, and followers. To get viral Instagram reels, ensure you know your audience, post what they love, and be creative with your content. Eventually, Instagram reels will help you get that popularity and engagement you desire.


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Let’s begin

There are many people out there constantly seeking out ways to go viral on Instagram Reels. You don’t have to worry because we have got your back on this one. So, relax and follow us every step of the way. We will provide you with essential insights on viral Instagram Reels.

By the end of this article, you should have everything you need to own a viral Instagram reel account.

Before we delve into this topic, there are certain things you need to understand about viral Instagram reel account:

  • You must be willing to put in the work, especially the Instagram reel tips to go viral.
  • Always remember that some people will try to bully you, and it often comes to light when you are hitting your mark. Pay no attention to such people.
  • Be careful to understand what your followers care about and then go ahead to promote it for them.
  • You can’t enjoy a viral Instagram reel account if you don’t have happy followers.

Now that we have made these clarifications, it is time to go further and explain how to gain viral Instagram Reels. 

Strategies To Gain Viral Instagram Reels

If you are searching for Instagram Reels strategies to go viral, check out our list below:

1. Ensure that your Instagram profile is charming and alluring 

You must have heard of the familiar quote that “first impression matters.” The truth is that it is very true. What does the person that visits your profile think, and how does he or she feel in that split moment? The way you structure your Instagram username, profile picture, leaves a powerful impression on people that visits your profile. Usernames that are difficult to remember will not aid in your quest to go viral on Instagram Reels.

If you want to thrive and go viral on Instagram Reels, you must use unique and catchy usernames. You must ensure that the username is short and easy to remember. If you are already an influencer on other platforms like Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook, it is advisable to use the same username. Since your profile is the first point of interaction which your followers, you need to leverage that opportunity effectively.

2. You need to be very active on Instagram Reels

Many people are seeking to go viral on Instagram Reels. Therefore, you need to be hyperactive if you want to have a viral Instagram reel account. People who are hyperactive on Instagram Reels tend to be more liked than those who keep a low-profile. You will greatly increase the likelihood of having viral Instagram Reels when you are hyperactive. Increased content production provides you with a higher chance of going viral on Instagram Reels.

Your voice needs to be heard if you must go viral on Instagram Reels,


3. You should join forces with Instagram Influencers

When you collaborate with these influencers, it increases your chances of getting noticed by the audience of other users. One of the easiest and fastest ways to gain viral Instagram Reels is to duet with famous Instagram influencers. When you create unique content with an Instagram influencer, your account will be seen by an enormous fan base.

Collaborating with these influencers has been one of the most efficient strategies to go viral on Instagram Reels. Although it can be difficult to reach an Influencer, there will always be a way.

viral instagram reels

4. You have to be very creative & unique with your contents

If you want to go viral on Instagram Reels, you need to be innovative and create your own unique style. Show up with something different and entertaining, and people will follow you for it. Although many people indulge in content copying, if you want to carve a niche for yourself, you must be unique.

Take a look at some of the big influencers. For instance, Zach King is a huge content creator & influencer that has built his massive community with his ability to create unique & creative content. Find out what makes you different and accentuate that.


5. Take part in the viral Instagram Reels challenge

We don’t have to emphasize the importance of participating in a viral Instagram Reels challenge. Some of the viral challenges can be singing, dancing, etc. Many people love to watch these trending videos on Instagram Reels. Therefore, you should always be ready to make the most of these trending Instagram Reels challenge videos.

Most times, these challenge videos are sponsored by brands, thereby allowing you to be noticed by the Instagram business community. Therefore, you should seize the opportunity created by these trending Instagram challenges to build a viral Instagram reel account.

instagram reels hashtags

6. Always make use of trending or viral Instagram Reels hashtags

Like every other social media platform, hashtags are easy ways to go viral on Instagram Reels. If you are not leveraging strong Instagram Reels hashtags for your growth and exposure, then you are missing out.

Instagram hashtags provide a perfect way to maximize your exposure, by exposing your content to accounts that are related or have used the hashtag before. Hashtags provide organic reach & viral juice to help your content gain more exposure.


7. You must become an entertaining and fun content creator

You don’t have to be a comedian before you can make a story fun and entertaining. However, lots of people will not watch your videos on Instagram Reels if it doesn’t keep them entertained. Therefore, you need to find ways to incorporate things that will captivate your viewers and followers. You can try experimenting with story-telling and new captivating ideas.

Although there is no clear guideline to successful content on Instagram Reels, it is good to keep them entertaining. Everyone wants to be entertained, and that includes you and me.


8. Use the right video size

Instagram reels have an optimal video size of 1080 x 1920 pixels, allowing users to view videos with maximum resolution. This enables visual attraction and allows you to add all the features you want. Always record your videos vertically for perfect results.


9. Add text in your video

Some Instagram users watch videos without sound, and it doesn’t matter whether it is a story video or reels. Instead, they prefer to watch the videos silently and enjoy only the visual presentation.


This is why it is vital to include text or caption in the video. It will allow the viewers to understand the content even without audio. It is best practice to consider the ear impaired people on Instagram and love seeing the reels.


10. Post your reels at the right times

You can check your last engaging reels along with the time of the day you posted them. You can use this to determine the perfect time your audiences are available and willing to see your video.


Understanding your audience and the age range they fall within will help determine the right posting times.


Some Major Brands Leveraging Instagram Reels To Grow Their Businesses

Major brands using Instagram Reels to grow their audience. It tells you that the popularity of Instagram Reels is growing by the day. Now please tell me what you are waiting for before you start building your Instagram Reel account. Some of these brands include Louis Vuitton, Red Bull France, Oliver Wong, Balmain, FastandFood, etc.



We believe that you have gained great insight into how to achieve viral Instagram Reels. What is left is for you to put these guides into action and watch your Instagram Reels account go viral.

For your questions, contributions, and suggestions, kindly make use of the comment box provided below.



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