Non-fungible tokens are becoming a trending topic around the world. And crypto enthusiasts are showing great interest in this platform and are developing plans to invest in it. In addition to crypto enthusiasts, she has also made a big impression in the hearts of many top companies ready to create their NFT market in the coming days. Let’s walk you through some of the top NFT platforms in 2022. Read on.


What is NFT?

A non-fungible token is a digital asset on the blockchain. Each NFT may stand for exclusive and unique digital objects, which are not interchangeable. Typically, they are a variety of digital assets, including artwork, images, audio, video, memes, GIFs, video game elements, and other innovative files.


Definition of the NFT market

The NFT Marketplace is an exchange platform where people from different walks of life can buy and sell such tokens. The emergence of this market has generated a lot of interest among people, and many celebrities and other well-known authors have already started selling their unique creations, including music tracks, images, etc. At the same time, various new projects related to this topic regularly appear on the platforms. Thus, we’ll walk you through some of the top NFT platforms in 2022.


How the NFT phenomenon repeats on TikTok

In the age of information technology and the development of social media, the consolidation of NFT in the market seems more than real. The world is changing and if earlier the whole life of people was on Instagram, in 2020 on TikTok, now the whole future lies with tokens. Of course, as always, trend directions have many skeptics. For example, we all remember how many people hated the short music video format. Many said it was crazy to download such apps, so bloggers there can only buy TikTok followers to create the illusion of popularity.

However, it is already the norm that almost every person has an account on this social network, and many even publish content there. It didn’t take long for everyone to realize the phenomenon of this trend and implement it into their lives.

As for short videos, today it is one of the main types of information on social networks. In 2022, bloggers manually buy followers on TikTok only at the very beginning of their careers, and in the future they easily achieve success due to the good work of algorithms and the great popularity of the platform.

The same goes for the NFT market. Now you can often find articles that this is just a temporary game that people associated with IT and blockchain want to play. Many say that it is not serious and stupid to invest in some pictures. We can only wait for the moment when this also becomes something normal.

Top NFT Platforms


Is digitalization of art right or wrong?

The way art is perceived and disseminated does not change it. A painting continues to be a painting, and a sculpture is a sculpture. It’s just that society gets another channel of interaction with the art world, this time through tokens. And the rapid growth in the popularity of this technology only means that interest in art objects in society is still very high, but in recent years the distance between people and the art world has become too large, also due to the constant desire of sculptors and artists to emphasize their exclusivity and elitism.

The digitization of art and the development of the digital economy have made it possible to quickly reduce this distance, making art objects equally accessible for connoisseurs and experienced collectors, as well as for young crypto enthusiasts who are just taking their first steps in collecting.

Digitization has multiplied the number of art objects that can be covered by the Copyright Law, and tokenization has really helped to solve the problem of fixing the transfer of ownership of these objects. Non-fungible tokens and blockchain technology provide absolute verification and tracking of the chronology of the transfer of ownership of these works and also create an easy and effective tool for buying and selling.


Prospects in the field of financial consulting

It is best for any financial advisor to understand this market. In the past, asset valuation was a problem if a client had investments in art or baseball cards. In addition, the ability to liquidate investments quickly and easily meant that they were rarely included in the financial plan. With on-chain valuation and 24/7 NFT markets, advisors can consider the token a stable financial asset. For example, if a client needs funds for a car, home renovation, or college tuition, and the rest of the portfolio has been depleted, it makes sense to look for money in highly valued NFTs.


Top NFT Platforms in 2022


1. Tech Mahindra

This is an Indian multinational IT company that will launch its NFT marketplace soon to monetize its progress in blockchain capabilities. Rajesh Dhuddu, Head of Global Blockchain Practice at Tech Mahindra, told in an interview that this will be a marketplace where creators and celebrities can monetize their unique digital art.


2. Kraken

Next on the list is Kraken, which is set to launch an NFT market in 2022 and aims to create the ability for users to arrange loans using these tokens as collateral. In addition, the market will provide custody and the firm will determine the liquidation value of the NFTs so that they can use them as collateral for loans or credits.


  3. GameStop

The enduring glory of the new token has fired up the minds of many top-notch gaming companies with the idea of integrating it as essential in-game item. GameStop is one of the biggest gaming monsters in the field. It will also join the queue and launch its own NFT marketplace. Using this platform, users will be able to search and buy game tokens, which they can sell on leading marketplaces.


4. Fractal

Another platform based on games is Fractal. The launch initiative was spearheaded by Justin Kahn, co-founder of Twitter, along with other co-founders. The main goal of Fractal is to create a commercial center focused on gaming-related NFTs. And with a focus on the security and transparency provided by the blockchain to verify unique and amazing digital assets.

We hope we have been able to dish out some of the top NFT platforms in 2022. Go ahead and take advantage. Also, check out upcoming NFT Jobs.


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