TikTok is one of the fastest-rising social media platforms there is right now. This is also because this particular social media platform is only for videos.

Over time, videos have proven easier to get audiences’ engagement and attention than to write posts. Despite this, some people on TikTok do not have good engagement. Their lack of engagement is mainly because of poor TikTok video ideas.

This article will enlighten you on how to make good videos for good TikTok engagement.


Key Takeaways

In 2022, the TikTok algorithm has changed a lot. Due to this, it is almost impossible to get engagements using your old TikTok video ideas.

The best way to begin getting TikTok video engagements is by doing a few major things like:

  • Update the hashtags you use for your video.
  • Watch out for your posting time.
  • Find trends and post on trends.
  • Create videos with good lighting and enticing background.
  • Add calls to action at the end of your videos.

These are the few TikTok video ideas that can boost your engagements on TikTok.


TikTok Video Ideas to Help Increase Engagement

To boost engagements on TikTok, here are a few TikTok video ideas you should try out.


     Give Short Tutorials

You can create short tutorials on doing certain things people find difficult. For example, you can make a short tutorial video on inserting names faster into your excel sheet. And so many other things like that.


     Try to go Into Trying Out Food Recipes Posted by Big Accounts.

When big cook accounts put out recipes, try to imitate them and tag them on the videos. It doesn’t matter if it’s an epic fail or a massive win. Trying something everyone is anxious to see from someone else will boost your engagement.


     Make Videos to Prove if Viral TikTok Hacks are True.

On TikTok, we see many life hack videos, and some people doubt these things. Therefore, you can decide to make videos trying them out. It could be makeup hacks or even dress hacks.

Whichever it is, include that hack in the first 3 seconds of your video before you begin to try it. Putting that viral hack video first will give whoever is watching an idea of what you’re trying to do and keep them glued. You can also tag the original content owner to the post and see if they share it.

Furthermore, you should go slower and clearer when trying hacks than the original content. This is, so people understand that you’re doing it for real.


     Partner With TikTok Content Creators and Influencers

Another one of the  TikTok video ideas to increase your engagement is partnering with other content creators. Check for the ones around you that whom you can create content with.

The most common TikTok partnership videos that go viral are dance videos and sing-alongs. You can also decide to create content with influencer chefs on TikTok.


     Show Off Products in Action.

Every day, a lot of products are advertised on TikTok. It’ll bring you massive video engagements if you buy these products and test them out on video.

Hence, go for unique products that look too good to be true and try them out. Doing this will keep people glued to your video, and they will even begin to ask questions in the comments. Some will ask how you made a certain feature work or got the product.

Always engage these people, and tell them to watch out for your next video if the questions become plenty. In addition, you can make a video that answers all their questions and tag as many of them as possible. You can even make the video to reply to one of the questions in the comments.


     Try Out Lip-syncing Videos.

Lip sync videos are one of TikTok’s amazing trends that don’t go old. Making lip sync videos to trending or hard songs will bring you video engagements. You can decide to do something alongside the lip-sync to make it more interesting. It can be you lip-syncing a viral sound trend in a funny way or transitions that correlate.


     Join TikTok Challenges

When you join trending challenges, people see your videos easily on their “for you pages.” Whatever challenge you join, try to make a very good video that will be soothing to the eyes. You can enter these challenges with posts that seem like you’re challenging another content creator. That will draw more attention to you and your account.

Also, try to be as good as you can be and also very creative.


     Host TikTok Live Streams

Live stream videos are another banging TikTok idea that can boost your engagement. Find something really interesting to host the live stream videos on. To keep people glued, you can include a giveaway and state that you will do it at the end of the Livestream.

This giveaway should be with something that has importance and value. Examples are money, gift cards, designer products, etcetera.


     Duet Popular TikTok Videos

There are many videos on TikTok that you can make a duet for. Pick trending videos, and you can create your duet content with them. It could be you giving answers to what the other person is asking in their video. This will attract more engagement to your videos and can fetch you, followers.


     Create Playful and Funny Videos

Everyone likes a relaxing video that makes them happy. Therefore, if you can, create funny videos or playful ones. You can put your pets in these videos to make the audience more lively. If you make 100 people laugh, you can get up to 40 new followers and a lot of engagement on the videos.


     Create Educational and Intriguing Content

Make videos telling people common facts they don’t know. They’ll find you intriguing while they learn from it. For instance, you can make “do you know” videos where you tell people things they didn’t know. A good example is: Did you know pigs cannot look up to the sky?

If that is at the beginning of your video, it’ll keep people glued to watching you and engage the videos. Plus, you can use Doodle Video creation software for your TikTok videos to create fast, effective, animated explainer content.


      Share Quick Tips and DIY

You can make your life hack videos and share them on TikTok. It could be makeup hacks or dressing tips. Ensure to make it quick and interesting enough for people to want to try.


     Use the Trending TikTok Sounds

Adding trending sounds to your videos will make them attract more engagement. Moreover, people watch everything under that sound when searching for certain trending sounds.


     Make TikTok Videos to Support a Movement.

TikTok Video Ideas for Epic Engagement

(Image source: pexels).

Another way to earn engagements on TikTok is by making videos of you supporting trending movements. It could be movements like the LGBTQ+ campaigns or climate improvement movements.


     Create Your Own Sponsored Hashtag

TikTok now has a feature for you to create your hashtag that TikTok will sponsor. This hashtag will help you stay on-trend, and other people can begin to use it too. This will direct a lot of traffic to your account.


After putting all of these TikTok video ideas into practice, you’ll undoubtedly have a lot of engagements.



Having a good social media audience can help you in so many ways. After building a good audience through good post engagements, you can now use this audience how you wish. If you have good engagements on your TikTok videos, you’ll attract some brand deals.

Put all these TikTok video ideas into use, and each of your TikTok accounts will grow numbers!

Do you find these ideas helpful? Do you have any addition that can help others? Please drop a comment below.


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