Have you heard of the infamous TikTok Shadowban or do you know a user that has been TikTok Shadowbanned?

Ever since the beginning of social media, Shadowbans, also known as ghost bans or stealth bans, have been around. The concept of shadowbans on social media occurs when content has been blocked or partially blocked. 

The term has recently been linked with the famous and ever-growing social media app – TikTok. If you’ve been on TikTok for a while now, the chances are that you’ve heard the word shadowban – typically characterized by a sharp and sudden drop in engagements (like comments, likes) on videos

As the number of active users on TikTok continues to increase, there are now more reports of TikTok accounts getting shadowbanned. Sadly, when your TikTok account is shadowbanned, it’ll negatively affect your reach and halt your growth. 

We understand that this can be very frustrating because when your account is shadowbanned, you’ll spend a lot of time creating viral TikTok videos only to discover that you don’t get as many views, likes, or engagement as you used to get.  

While social media has become an essential part of human life, the idea of shadowbanning is a matter that’s worth talking about. 

In this article, we’ll discuss what TikTok shadowban entails and also talk more on how to remove and prevent TikTok shadowban.

Without any further ado, let’s get started.

Content Table

  1. What is TikTok Shadowban?
  2. How do you know if your TikTok Account has been shadowbanned?
  3. Why Do You Get Shadowbanned? 
  4. How to Remove & Prevent TikTok Shadowban?
  5. How Long Does TikTok Shadowbanning Last?

tiktok shadowban

What is TikTok Shadow Ban?

In simple terms, the word “shadowban” is relatively self-explanatory. Essentially, it means that your account has been banned. However, the shadow part of the phrase means that you won’t know that the ban has happened.

TikTok shadowban is a ban or restriction that prevents your videos from showing up on hashtag results or the For You Page. It’s a form a restriction in which your entire account (or a specific aspect of it) isn’t allowed for public viewing. 

Your Charisma defines shadowbanning as blocking a user’s content on social media, in a way that the user is unaware of what’s going on. 

The act of shadowbanning a TikTok account is an automatic process done by TikTok’s algorithm to protect against copyright issues, spam content, and adult content.  

tiktok shadowban

How Do You Know if Your TikTok Account is Shadowbanned?

If your TikTok account is shadowbanned, you can still react to others’ videos, post videos, or even do whatever you were able to do before the account was shadowbanned. However, you’re just a shadow, and only a few people (typically only your current followers) can see your videos on TikTok. 

TikTok doesn’t usually notify a user that his account has been shadowbanned. Hence, the surest way to confirm if you’re shadowbanned or not is to closely monitor the stats of new videos you upload on TikTok.  

If you were getting a good number of engagements (in terms of likes, comments, views, e.t.c) previously, and suddenly, you get no views (or negligible views) on your newly posted videos, then know that you’re shadowbanned.

Another Key Indicator is when your videos don’t show up on TikTok hashtags or it never gets featured on the For You Page. 

It’s also good to note that even verified TikTok accounts that don’t correctly follow the guidelines on TikTok stand the chance of being shadowbanned. 

When your account is shadowbanned, your followers can still view your videos, though it depends on the type of restriction you received. For instance, if your account was shadowbanned because you posted a nude content on TikTok, your post can only be viewed by users above 18 years. 

tiktok shadowban

Why Do You Get Shadowbanned on TikTok?

Essentially, your TikTok account can be shadowbanned for several reasons. However, the good thing is that the rules for shadowbanning on TikTok are quite visible. 

If you strictly follow the guidelines on TikTok and you don’t post anything illegal, you won’t have any problem on the platform. Below are some possible causes of TikTok shadowban:

1. Dangerous or Violent behaviors:

This might not seem like a huge deal, but many TikTok users don’t tolerate dangerous or violent acts. Hence, they tend to flag an account or report to TikTok whenever they notice such practices. It’s always good to note that TikTok is a social media platform, and you can never determine how far your content might go. 

2. Nudity:

This is a severe and apparent reason that has caused people to get banned on many social media platforms. No company wants nudity on its platform – TikTok particularly emphasizes this because it’s a platform that’s mostly dominated by Gen-Z. One way to prevent your account from getting banned is by keeping your videos clean and legitimate. 

3. Bot Followers:

Fake followers are strictly prohibited on TikTok. So, it’s illegal to gain views, likes, or followers without using organic metrics. Always remember that bot followers are fake, and they don’t interact with your content on TikTok, and with time, fake followers will be noticed. A simple scenario is when you have 2,000 followers but your content has no comments or likes. Social media marketing is all about quantity and not quality. One of the best ways to get the best out of your social media efforts is to build an authentic and dedicated audience that’s engaged and interested in the kind of content you post. It’s a strategy that works well. 

4. Lying about your age:

Before you can be a user on TikTok, it’s assumed that you’re over 14 years. If you don’t meet that criteria and your account are being identified, then there are higher chances that your account would be banned. 

tiktok shadowban

How to Remove & Prevent TikTok Shadowban?

It’s always easier to avoid shadowbanning than trying to remove it, which is usually not easy. Here are some strategies to try out to remove and prevent TikTok Shadowban:

1. Switch Up Your Content:

Only post engaging and legal content. Avoid posting content that defiles the guidelines and rules of operation on TikTok. 

2. Delete All TikTok Videos Suspect of Banning:

Given that you can’t precisely know the video that violated the rule, your surest bet is to do away with all the content posted since that time. 

Navigate to the TikTok analytics to locate the videos that got the most attention. This could be a great potential to look out for. You can always go through the comments on such high-engaging videos to get a more clear view of what went wrong with your content. 

If all these strategies don’t work then, the best way to fix TikTok shadowban is by creating a new account on TikTok. But, ensure to use an IP address that’s different from the one you were using when your account got shadowbanned. It’s possible that TikTok also banned your IP address. 

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How Long Does a Shadowban last?

Some reports have it that a shadowban on TikTok lasts for approximately 14 days. After which you’ll begin to notice a sudden drop in engagements. However, this is applicable when the offensive video is taken down. On the other hand, if you know the video that caused your account to be shadowbanned, then it’s best to take it down. 

Other creators on the platform also report that their TikTok account has been shadowbanned for months. This points to the fact that there’s no clarity regarding how long a shadowban should last. 



That’s all for now. We’re hopeful that this article came in handy, and it helps you to understand what shadowbanning entails, what causes it, and how to prevent TikTok shadowban. Remember to always post original content, and also keep your content legal and safe. 

Perhaps your TikTok account is shadowbanned, you can apply the principles outlined in this article, trust the recovery process, and use it as a time for content improvement. In no distant time, you’ll rise again with a more encouraging and genuine engagement. 

If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out by dropping them in the comments section below.

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