For a small business to grow faster, it must leverage the press. Your business needs that recognition to boost sales and guarantee its survival. If you are going to achieve this, press release distribution links you and the reporters.

Reporters understand what it takes to distribute your press release to the public. The goal is to have wider coverage for your business. So, if you really want people to know about your business, press release distribution offers you efficient content dissemination.

We have simplified the things you need to know about press releases in this guide. Keeping reading to discover how you can get coverage for your business.


Key Takeaway

Media recognition remains an indispensable component of gaining coverage for a business. To achieve this, every business needs to understand the influence of press release distribution and its use.



What is Press Release Distribution?

Press release distribution deals with distributing or handing out a business press release to the press members and journalists for publication. Seeding out press releases is designed to gain brand awareness in the media.

The member of the press publicizes your story in the newspapers, radio, podcasts, bulletins, and blogs. These channels make it possible for small businesses to find their way to the center stage in public.

At this point, you need to make your release to be engaging such that it generate social signals and organic traffic.


Why Use a Press Release Distribution?

Until people know about your business, you may not achieve your business objectives. Creating awareness allows people to get accustomed to your brand. This is what press release distribution does for a business.

It takes your brand from a position of unfamiliarity to being famous and the talked-about brand across different locations. You create a press release to distribute and get it to the people who need to see it.

Press release distribution is the ideal way to get into the public forum, thereby building the needed awareness for your business. It doesn’t stop at brand awareness as your business begins to gain coverage far and wide.

How do You Distribute a Press Release Online?

You cannot underestimate the power of press releases when developing your business. After writing a compelling release, the next thing is to make it available to the world.

So how do you distribute a press release?

The job of journalists includes writing many stories in a day. But how do you get your press release to be part of them? With the simple guidelines below, you will know what it entails to distribute a press release.


1. Search for Interested Journalists

The first rule of distributing press releases is never to give your story to a journalist who doesn’t seem interested. It isn’t about sending your press release to every journalist but finding those that are willing.


Accordingly, it would be best if you were sure of the set of people you want to have your pitches. This is where your researching skills should come in. Find journalists that have experience with your industry and content type.


2. Search for the Journalists’ Contact Info

After discovering the interested ones, what comes next is getting their contact. You can do this by finding the details in their bio through the publicized articles. It sounds easy, but it’s tricky.


In most cases, it takes a lot of research to get the details. You may need to be conversant with Google search to get this done. Social media is another avenue to get journalists’ contact details.


3. Write a Compelling Pitch

Online press release distribution is best done using email. In fact, it is the most effective way to get the attention of journalists. But before then, your pitch comes first, which needs to be brief and catchy.

People get bored easily with long and less attractive content. Go straight to the point rather than doing an introduction. Their major concern is your story and why it should be considered.


4. Your Subject must be a Call to Action.

The first thing the journalist notice is your email’s subject matter. If it lacks irresistible properties, the journalist may not open the mail.

So make it specific and unique such that they can’t resist it. Put yourself in the position of the journalists. Then ask yourself, “Is my subject catchy to induce the action?”

Press Release Distribution Services

Collaboration with online press release distribution companies can help you to generate effective results for your business. They use their expertise to connect the dot for your business growth.

Press release distribution companies design press releases based on the kind of coverage you seek. In other cases, they create your story based on your industry and the audience you are targeting.

While doing this, they provide reports about the success of your campaigns. Below are the best press release distribution services you can consider;

  1. EIN Presswire
  3. PR Web
  4. eReleases
  5. PR Underground
  6. Pressat
  7. Send2Press



Press releases are a convenient way of gaining coverage for a business regardless of the size. Find out the press release distribution services that suit your business and begin to take the necessary steps for a quick turnaround. List out the relevant things your business needs, see what options would work better, and you should never stop trying.


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