To be a successful speaker on clubhouse requires you to know the art of public speaking and have confidence in yourself. The hardest part of public speaking is always that little voice in your head, saying you will mess up. This inner critic is never a cheerleader.

The clubhouse is a public platform that requires you to be on top of your game as a speaker. In this post, you will learn essential clubhouse etiquette that will make you a better and successful speaker. To improve speaking on clubhouse requires that you understand the clubhouse etiquette.

Now, let’s look at some essential tips for clubhouse speakers. These tips will help you become a great speaker and an outstanding clubhouse moderator.

6 Tips to Become A Better Speaker on Clubhouse

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1. Have a Good Understanding of What You’re Going to Say

As a speaker on clubhouse, your confidence will be high when you know what you are going to say. People are giving you the gift of their time and attention by listening to you speak. Therefore, the least you can do is know what you want to say. As a public speaker, you want to leave your audience happy and grateful that they listened to you. You have to impact them with your speech.

No one will be happy to spend his/her time listening to someone that doesn’t know what to say or how to say it. It is one thing to know what to say, and another thing to know how to pass the information across to your listeners.

You need to prepare ahead of time and thoroughly examine what you want to pass across to your audience. What expertise or experience can you share with your audience? Do you have any personal stories to build a stronger connection? What is the best way to deliver the information to be received in the best way?

Answering all the questions above will help you become a good speaker on clubhouse.

2. Create Time to Practice What You Want to Say

Now that you already know what to say, it is time to practice how to deliver it to your audience on clubhouse. You can practice in front of others or by yourself. The most important thing is that you make time to rehearse what you want to share with your audience. The goal is not for you to become robotic rather, it helps you master what you want to speak about.

Doing this will give you the mental space to pay attention to your audience on clubhouse and have fun talking to them. Practice can also involve you getting on stage as often as possible. The more you practice, the more you feel comfortable speaking to a group of people.

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3. Leverage the Power of Visualization

When you want to speak to a public group, there is always this feeling of anxiety. The feeling is always because of the unknown. We tend to unconsciously develop negative anticipation of the future event, thus creating a feeling of anxiety.

By leveraging the power of visualization, you can remedy and diminish this experience of anxiety. Instead of running away from the fear, you should lean into it and confront it.

You can close your eyes and visualize any of these scenarios:

  • Visualize the audience and all their eyes on you, eager to hear what you have to say.
  • You can visualize the dead-drop silence in the room before you start.
  • Visualize yourself feeling nervous and ease into the emotion of anxiety.
  • You can also visualize yourself breathing and feeling confident irrespective of the anxiety.
  • Visualize yourself as a great speaker on clubhouse and having fun while at it.


The ‘visualize strategy’ is great because chances are that you may become very anxious while speaking. The goal is to ensure that you don’t allow the anxiety to destabilize you onstage.

4. Know that NO ONE is Judging Your Every Move

It is natural for public speakers to think that everyone in the audience is watching their every move. On the contrary, the only voice that is judging you is the one inside your head. Most people in the audience are there to gain knowledge and insight from what you have to say.

To improve speaking on clubhouse, you have to stop thinking your listeners are there to judge you. Many of them don’t even know what you want to say, and won’t know when you “mess up.”

Do you doubt this? Think about the number of times that you were in an audience and judging the speaker. Probably not very much. Your inner critic is always louder than any in the audience. Concern yourself with delivering a great speech as a speaker on clubhouse; every other thing is not too important.

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5. Watch Your Favorite Personalities Speak

An excellent way to improve speaking on clubhouse and become a better speaker is to watch your favorite speakers. You can start watching interviews and YouTube videos of celebrities and speakers that resonate with you. With time, you start to absorb their charisma and their style, and how they articulate their opinion. You can try to embody that confidence as a speaker on clubhouse.

6. Don’t Assume You’re Talking to Experts

Most times, clubhouse speakers make the mistake of thinking they are speaking to only experts. Many of those listening to you might be hearing the topic for the first time. So, you might want to keep it simple so for your audience to get a clear message.



Being a speaker on clubhouse comes with its challenges, but you shouldn’t let it ruin your show. Even the greatest of speakers get anxious at some point. The tips outlined in this article will help you become a successful speaker on clubhouse.

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