Social verification is every social media user’s dream and the goal of the majority of social media users. Being bonafide on a social media platform is indeed a big deal. Therefore, having that blue tick on your page as an individual or as a brand has many advantages.

Some years ago, social media verification was only common among celebrities. However, in recent times brands have been able to acquire this feature. As a brand, having a blue tick proves the authenticity of your services. Before a blue tick is acquired, the social media company agents carry out many investigations and due process. As a result, for a brand or individual to come out successful, then the verification is genuinely deserved.

Social media verification was also made accessible by brands to help users identify authentic brands. Unfortunately, many fake accounts pose as specific people or brands that could differently harm unsuspecting social media users. Therefore, having that blue tick enables a user to know which account is real and which is fake.


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Social media verification is crucial if you have big dreams for your social life or your business. However, only authentic people with complete, accurate profiles with a consistent online presence can access the social media verification services. The primary factor for verification is wide coverage, and you can only get it through a social media verification agency.


What is Social Media Verification?

When searching for a celebrity on social media, you must have observed a blue tick beside the profile. That blue tick is known as a verification badge. It means they have verified you on social media.

Social verification implies that you, the owner of the verified account, have many followers. It could also mean that you are popular among a group of people. Furthermore, the services rendered by these accounts are authentic and legal. Therefore, owners can monetize accounts that are verified.

Social media verification 2021 and in subsequent years will become easier to gain. The reason is that a large percentage of social media users are working hard to reach the requirements for verification. In addition, there are increasing numbers of social influencers every day. When their accounts grow, they will definitely apply for the blue tick.


How to Get Verified on any Social Media Platform

The social media verification process is not an easy one. Therefore, it would be best if you had reached certain levels before requesting verification.

So, what does it take to get verified on social media? To be verified on any social media platform, you have to meet all the following requirements on your account.


     1.  Authenticity:

Before requesting your social media account verification, you must first have proof that your account is authentic and not fake. Therefore, you’ll have to fill in certain documents or forms to prove the authenticity of your account.


     2. Complete profile:

For any platform to verify your social account, you must complete your profile. These are the necessary profile details to be filled on any social media platform:

  • A profile photo
  • A cover photo
  • An existing name that follows the guidelines of the platform
  • A suitable bio


     3. Accurate information on your profile:

All information on your profile must be correct and must correspond to all your social media platforms.


     4. Consistent online presence:

To be verified on social media, you need to be active on the platform very often. Moreover, being active also helps you get more followers, which boosts your chances of getting verified.

Furthermore, constant online presence somehow proves that your account is genuine and not just a fake existing one.


     5. Celebrity-like environment:

You need to have the social environment and influence of a celebrity to be verified. This statement means that your account needs to have a lot of followers and social media influence.

In addition to the criteria for attaining social verification, you must follow the guidelines of the platform. Avoid breaking specific rules. Make sure that your social environment is safe, clean, and healthy.

The verification process varies on different social media platforms. Here are some steps for specific platforms.


How to get verified on Facebook

  1. Locate the Facebook ‘request a blue verification badge’ page.
  2. Choose the type of verification you want. For example, you can select between page or profile.
  3. Select your country of origin.
  4. Upload your picture.
  5. Explain why you think the social media company should verify your account and what the verification will do for you.
  6. Send/Apply.

You will be requested to upload certain documents depending on the request made (for a person or an organization). For example, they may request your phone number or your brand’s phone number. For organizations, the verification service may request tax documents. In addition, to hasten the process and ensure a positive result, you must fill in and submit all requested documents.

After your request is submitted, Facebook will begin its evaluation. If it is successful, your blue tick will automatically appear on your profile. If the result is negative, you will be contacted by the Facebook team. In addition, they will give you another chance to try again after 30 days.

Check out this comprehensive guide on Facebook verification.


How to get verified on Instagram

  1. Click on the icon representing ‘menu’ located at the top right angle on your profile page.
  2. Open settings.
  3. Click on Account.
  4. Select ‘Request verification’.
  5. Complete the ‘Request verification’ form correctly.
  6. Send/Apply.

Instagram often replies to the request after 30 days. If they verify your account, then they will add the blue tick to your profile. If not, you will have to wait for another 30 days to request verification again.

There are a few similarities in the procedure for requesting verification on Facebook and Instagram, as can be seen. Nonetheless, it would be best if you met each distinctive criterion.

Check out this comprehensive guide on Instagram Verification

There are several social media platforms you can get verified on, but Facebook and Instagram are definitely the most popular. Therefore, in this guide, we have selected these two social media platforms.


Social Media verification service

Certain ‘in-between’ media agencies help social media users get the blue tick. Such an agency is called a social media verification service provider.

A significant factor for getting verified on social media is high media coverage. However, it is sometimes hard to meet the mark. Therefore, social media verification agencies specialize in the area. They either help you with your media coverage or go through another process to get your verification.

These legal agencies help you get your blue tick in no time. All you need to do is submit some authentic documents to them and pay a fee. This fee usually varies depending on the kind of request and the media agency.

Above all, it’s easier to get your social media account verified when you go through a social media verification agency.



Getting social verification has a lot of benefits, especially for businesses. Your account automatically has a lot of audiences sharing similar interests. Furthermore, your followers trust your products and services because they believe the account is authentic. This trust brings about high patronage. Also, you can generate a lot of income when you monetize your account.

If you have a brand or hope to be a celebrity someday, you should start setting your account for verification.

What are your thoughts? Do you think you need to request a social media verification? What do you think about The Ultimate Guide to Social verification? Was it helpful to you? We’d be happy to hear from you; please share your thoughts in the comment below.


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