Are you stuck in writer’s block? Or maybe simply looking for various ideas to boost your brand on social media? Today, we will share 8 Creative Social Media Content Ideas for Your Brand, which you can use right away and increase the engagement for which you’re aiming.

It’s pretty challenging to find new social media post ideas when you have several social media accounts to handle and update them regularly.

But it is crucial in this age and time to keep your content fresh and ready for your viewers and followers. If you want to boost engagements on your social media content, you need to keep people excited. And we have just the right recipe for that.

     1. Infographics

Visual infographics are great for quickly sharing a lot of information with charts and text.  For instance, you can share your sales data or market research with your followers.

Furthermore, Infographics are generally vertical in nature, making them very valuable on Pinterest, which uses vertical images. Also, always edit your infographics and make them horizontal. It helps for easy visuality on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. exclusively uses infographics to share statistics about almost everything.

Social Media Content Ideas

Bonus Tip: Infographics are great for detail-oriented information. Brands focused on data can benefit a lot from them.

Also, make your infographics even more engaging by comparing them with your competition. Don’t be too rash or brutal, though.


     2. Videos

Videos drive over 90% of traffic online.

It is a fact and not an exaggeration.

That is to say, – it simply means if you’re not creating and sharing videos, you’re cutting out 90% of people who could have followed you.

There are many platforms where you can post videos and reach a wider audience. Millennials use Facebook and Instagram, while younger audience likes to stick with TikTok and Snapchat. So, use whichever platform reflects your brand more appropriately.

And it is not against the law to use every platform you can!

There are many options on the table.  From Youtube to IGTV and Facebook video, there are millions of people waiting for your brand content.

And you can even use the “Live Video” feature of most platforms to stream live in front of your followers. Let them feel included in your brand, answer their queries or collaborate with other brands or influencers to serve your users more openly.

Bonus Tip: Different brands have different content formats. Find yours and stick to it. You can choose Whiteboard animations, explainer videos, vlogs, products, and even reviews. Experiment with them if you are not sure.

Another Bonus Tip: And, it’s better to hire a reputable agency to create and edit those videos for you and focus more on content and less on zipping and clipping the footage.


     3. Animations

It is a branch of creative videos that deserves its own space in this article.

Animation (dofollow link) is a combination of social media appeal of both GIFs and videos. Many brands don’t even consider making live-action videos involving real people.

Remember, you don’t need to have Pixar-level resources to create animated videos. Just use free tools like Animaker or Videoscribe to create your animations. Or hire someone who can put together the pieces while you pull your creative strings.

Animated videos are unique in their own way and can captivate viewers indefinitely if made right. They are fun to watch, easy to follow, and are sharable.

Bonus Tip: If you don’t know how to animate, don’t give up hopes yet. Hire someone else to make animations for you. It can be a great marketing decision for your brand.

We’ve talked about a “fun” content idea. Let’s move on to a funnier one.


     4. Memes

Memes can make your brand appear fun and interactive. It is one of the best sources of social media content ideas.

Garner more cultural conversations on your posts with funny and informative memes. Brands like Grammarly does it, and people love that!


Not only do memes encourage sharing, but their widespread use (as with GIFs) can also generate a lot of interactions on your posts.

For some, memes can work wonders.

Social Media Content Ideas

But for others, they might make your brand look unprofessional.

We will not lie. Some brands failed miserably with an attempt to “meme,” but don’t let that stop you in your creativity.

Unilever faced a well-deserved heat back in 2017 with its attempt to create a fun meme. Be careful, and don’t be insensitive just to prove your brand can be fun.

Bonus Tip: Try to create funny yet humble memes. Make sure they follow your brand’s ideas and principles. It’s easy to get carried away and catch controversies when you’re posting memes as a brand.


     5. Contests and Giveaways

One of the best ways to gain new followers is to reward existing ones.

Contests and giveaways are terrific to boost engagement and promote a new product or event.

You can give away coupons to your latest product or service, a ticket to an event you are hosting, or even cash price for referrals and engagements.

Many brands use contests to reel viewers in, ask them to participate, set some conditions like inviting their friends or commenting on the original posts, and share the happy faces of their winning viewers on their social media platforms.

Bonus Tip: beware of laws and regulations in your locality or serving area.


     6. Previews and Teasers

It works best if you’re an influencer already or have people waiting for your content. Brands like Apple and Samsung use these types of posts to increase anticipation among their viewers, which hikes their pre-sales and boosts their ROI.


Let your viewers get a feeling of how your brand looks from the inside. Screens.

Sneak peeks of your upcoming products or content.

Tease your viewers with a few details about an upcoming event.

Bonus Tip: But be careful about what you share; you don’t want to give away the spoilers before pre-launch, but share enough to create curiosity among your fanbase.


     7. Tips and Tricks

Suppose your brand offers services or products which has a bit of a learning curve. In that case, you can share your advice or tutorials in the form of videos or infographics on your social media page.

Lakme uses its social media pages to tell its viewers about its new products. They also revise their old classics and share their influencers’ or customers’ videos to let their audience learn about those products and increasing their sales eventually.

You can use social platforms to hook your customers and let them know that your brand solves their problems. Engaging the audience with our services or products is the sole reason social media for brands is available in the first place, isn’t it?

Bonus Tip: Your videos or graphical posts should be easy to understand and follow. Try to make your content as clean and easy to follow as possible. Make sure you (or your agency) follow your brand’s guidelines.

     8. Stories

Snapchat introduced it, Instagram perfected it, and others just stole it. Stories are one of the best ways to communicate with a more extensive audience base than any other method.

Several apps like Mojo can help you get creative with stories with various filters, stickers, text, and GIFs. Moreover, you can even post articles in your Instagram stories (if you have over 10,000 followers on the platform).

You can even share your or anyone else’s Instagram post as a story and catch some light.

With more than 500 million stories being posted every single day, it gets the cherry on our cake of creative social media content ideas for your brand.

Bonus Tip: You can save your popular stories as a “highlight” and showcase them on your profile. This feature improves your brand presence.

social media content ideas

What works?

What works for others might not work for you. But the content ideas we shared with you are just the tip of an iceberg. The best thing you can do today is to take action and try to implement at least one of these ideas. You know your brand better than anyone.

It is you who gets to decide what type of audience you want.

Best brands mix it up.

These were some ideas of Social Media Content for Your Brand. Don’t forget to comment if you’ve got ideas of your own.


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