There is no better way to commend creativity than compensating the creator of original videos on Snapchat Spotlight. If you’re an avid Snapchat user, the new Spotlight feature shouldn’t be strange to you.

The payment of $1 million per day is Snapchat’s way of promoting the latest feature to the social platform. Snapchat Spotlight is a swift response to TikTok’s strategy to pay content creators.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to show you all you need to know in order for you to maximize the latest feature of Snapchat.


Key Takeaway

Snapchat Spotlight is a new feature that allows users to create short but entertaining videos. You stand a chance to earn on Snapchat when you submit original content to Spotlight. Earning is based on a proprietary formula that considers the number of unique views on content submitted per day. A Snapchatter can create a video of 60 seconds using tools like captions, original sound recordings, GIFs, licensed music, hashtags, and Augmented Reality filters (Lenses).


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What’s Snapchat Spotlight?

The Snapchat Spotlight is a dedicated place on the app where Snapchatters can view engaging videos uploaded by creative users irrespective of their followers. However, not all videos make it to the Spotlight. And it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a public profile; your content can be among the highlighted videos.

What this implies is that Snapchat offers every user an equal chance to feature on Spotlight. The most important thing is sharing entertaining snaps for the community to enjoy. To inspire users to utilize Snapchat Spotlight, the best content creators get paid some percent of $1 million per day.

The goal is to pull more Snapchat users to ignite their creativity to make Spotlight an engaging place for entertaining videos. Additionally, Snapchat made this move to prevent users from churning to its competitors. This move has seen Spotlight grow to over 110 million active users per month.

As it stands today, Snapchatters with entertaining content have already claimed over $120 million through Spotlight. One of the beneficiaries is Evan Alberto, who has been consistent with submitting top-notch content. Evan has a few contents away from becoming a millionaire.


How does Snapchat Spotlight work?

Are you excited about the opportunity to earn through Snapchat Spotlight already? It can only become a reality by understanding how Spotlight works. It begins with creating engaging snaps the usual way.

After creating your snaps, select the new Spotlight option on top of the “Send To” screen. Clicking on the send button submits your content to Spotlight. Snapchat gives you the option to include topics to your Snap before hitting on the submit button.

Topics inclusion enables Snapchat to filter and recommend your content to users based on their preferences. Through the section dedicated to Spotlight videos, your submitted content will get featured.

Snapchat’s algorithm to curate content includes; likes, shares, watch time, and bounce rate. However, you need to know that no content will surface in Spotlight without proper review by Spotlight moderators. The idea behind this is to make sure surfaced videos are appropriate.

Note: Content creators can only post a video every five minutes.

Is Snapchat Paying People $1 Million Per Day to Use Their New App?

There is no doubt that you will be earning after submitting your content to Spotlight. However, your chances to earn depends on meeting criteria of selection. Snapchat employs a proprietary formula that considers the authentic views your content can generate in 24 hours.

For transparency and prevention of fraud, Snapchats actively monitors view counts. This is because some users may try to manipulate the system to inflate their content views.

Snapchatters get paid daily after proper examination of the user’s activities. A notification will be sent to qualified users through direct message. Based on our knowledge about Snapchat Spotlight, no limitation to the number of times the same user can earn.

So, if you are good with your act, you can continue to earn throughout the month if you keep submitting entertaining content. Snapchat has been consistently paying $1 million daily since 2020, and it doesn’t look like it’s stopping anytime soon.

It’s your chance to become a potential earner on Snapchat. When your creativity meets millions of views, you are riding on the path to becoming a millionaire. Snapchat Spotlight offers users the opportunity to showcase what they have got in exchange for dollars.

You can post over 50 videos per day to maximize this opportunity. Just ensure that your content is entertaining and unique.



Snapchat Spotlight is offering content creators to work full-time submitting engaging videos. We understand how cool it sounds, but you must meet the criteria for submission. Lastly, the key to earning on Spotlight is originality and consistency. By understanding that creating content is a business on its own, you should put more effort into maximizing the opportunity.


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