We understand the struggle you might go through while trying to drive your Instagram followers to your website with only one clickable link option provided by Instagram. But there is a way out now, creating a clickable and Shoppable Instagram Feed

What is shoppable Instagram feed? 

Instagram has been trying to incorporate many features to boost its user-experience, like the addition of cross-posting. Cross-posting allows Instagram and Facebook to share their posts with each other as well. In simple words, you can share your Instagram posts on Facebook directly and vice-versa.

Recently Instagram added another feature that allowed the business profiles to tag their products and product links in images and videos they post on Instagram. Talking about business profiles, they post pictures with models and classic backgrounds that don’t give you the look of the product when in use.instagram shoppable feed

Similarly, Shoppable Instagram posts are a way to integrate UGC (User Generated Content) with social commerce. You can use UGC and tag their images with your products and use them on your website. Many brands have already started utilizing Instagram Shoppable feed, their profiles work as digital catalog for their customers. These shoppable posts help the customers to shop the products in a quicker and easier manner.


instagram shoppable feed

Why use Shoppable Instagram Feed?

We agree that using Instagram for driving traffic to your website gets you results but what happens after they reach your website? That is when Shoppable Instagram Feed can give them a final push to buy the product. 

There are 3 main reasons Shoppable Instagram Feed is the best platform for e-commerce selling:

  1. It is a Visual Commerce Platform

It holds a visual format. This format is the greatest for brands as they can easily display their products and services through it. It allows you to post videos as well, which can hugely compliment the images. Visuals have immense power to drive people’s decisions to shop.


instagram shoppable feed


  1. User-Generated Content (UGC)

Shoppable Instagram Feed displays UGC. UGC is content generated by the customers and users of the brand while using their product in real life.

When people encounter images and videos of the product in real life and being used by other customers, they feel like buying the product. This also shows their loyalty towards the brand. Once you start using UGC for your brand, you will see drastic business growth in a very short period of time.

instagram shoppable feed

  1. High Conversion Rate

Keeping in mind all the points above, it is quite evident. The use of Shoppable Instagram posts on your website can get you a higher conversion rate. UGC and visuals integrated correctly will definitely hike up the sales resulting in a higher conversion rate.

 The Difference You Need to Know!

 Instagram is trying really hard to be a more shoppable platform by adding updates like adding the “BUY NOW” button. The main problem businesses face is that Instagram allows only one clickable link in one account and that too in the bio. People have found ways to get around that by providing the link in bio or the caption itself. 

instagram shoppable feed

When we look at Instagram business profiles, it is filled with professional pictures with models and amazing backgrounds. It is necessary for brand value and customer attraction but with those images a user can never know how the product looks in real life and when in use.

For example, I look at a shirt on Zara’s Instagram profile and really like it but it is worn by a model with a plain white background on Instagram. Before buying it I want to know how would it look on a regular person like me when I am going to the mall or somewhere out. 

instagram shoppable feed

Keeping in mind the above example, Instagram Shoppable Feed can help you with that. It works with UGC which means those pictures can help you see that shirt on a regular person with a regular background. People want to look at pictures that are relatable to them for making purchasing decisions. Looking at the product in action can make a huge difference. It is also a part of search engine marketing strategies that help retain traffic on your website.

How Shoppable Instagram Feed on Ecommerce affects Customer Loyalty?

We agree that Instagram can direct the traffic to your website once but what after the users reach your website?

If they find your website like some other regular website, there are chances they will just exit and never come back. This is an opportunity for you to stop those users by using Instagram Shoppable Posts. It will make your website more engaging and attractive as well as give those users a taste of how your products look in action.

Every time your users reach your website, they will be able to see some new and dynamic content from different users. 


instagram shoppable feed

 You can tag each product and add a link of the product on the image itself with Shoppable Instagram Feed. Customers will be directly redirected to the product pages on the website making it easier for them to buy them.

You can also generate content with the help of hashtags or accounts. 

With Instagram shoppable feed you can also manage to turn your website to a digital catalog for your products. If correctly integrated with UGC these shoppable images can work wonders for your brand trust and brand value.

You can easily create these shoppable posts with the help of tools like TaggShop. It will help you tag the products and embed them on your website as well.

You can make your website more attractive and engaging for the users. 


Wrap Up

Shoppable Instagram Feeds can be the best way to boost up your sales. It can help you with other aspects like user acquisition, building brand trust, enhancing user-engagement also. It can take your social selling game to the next level.

So you can start putting this digital catalog together and in no time your sales will be

reaching new heights.

Grow traffic, convert more, and run complete marketing campaigns at scale.