It’s that time of year again the holiday season is already upon us! Instagram is going to make it even easier for brand/businesses to sell their products straight to consumers. Major commercial holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday means consumers are in a full-on purchasing panic! Just below we are going to give you an update on Instagram’s New Shoppable Feed Features.

Instagram Introduces Shoppable Feeds

In early September, Instagram released a new feature that turned their massive social networking site into a social marketplace. Now your favorite Instagram Influencer, brand or business can host their products directly on their Instagram Account Feed or Story.

Instagram is making their platform more business and brand-friendly. The majority of revenue generated for Instagram is done through digital advertising. Who spends money on digital ads you may ask? Business and brands of course! This integration of shoppable feeds on Instagram is aimed to attract more brands/businesses to the platform. In order to increase the overall revenue generated from Instagram. However, this feature is not only good for businesses or brands it’s also perfect for you!

Now, with shoppable feeds on Instagram and Product Tagging in Instagram Stories, you have even more avenues to attract new customers to your business. Check out the Instagram Shopping Updates down below.

3 New Ways to Shop on Instagram!

Instagram just announced that they made some changes to their Shopping feature. They just released 3 new ways to shop on Instagram. Just in time for the Holiday Season! Read about it below.

Shopping Collection

One of the best features Instagram added to their platform was the ability to save content and create collections. I cannot tell you how many collections I have created for different areas of interest. It makes it easy to do research that you can revisit later. Well, Instagram is bringing this same user-friendly functionality to their shopping features.

instagram shoppable feed

Now Instagram users can save a product in Instagram Feeds or Instagram Stories to revisit later. Shopping Collections work the same as Content Collections, you can access your shopping collection directly from your Instagram account. To save a product to your collection simply:

  1. Tap on the product from the Instagram Story or Feed.
  2. Hit the Save Icon

It’s that easy! Instagram it easy for their users to keep their wish list up to date for the Holiday Season. Make sure to check out the new Shopping Collection Feature.

Shop on Business Profiles

Instagram is testing a new design for their Shop Button on Instagram Business Profiles. This redesign will allow users to quickly find all the products posted on the Instagram account. Instagram users will be able to see the product, price and the published post all in one place. Making it easier for consumers to find the product they saw in your most recent post.

instagram shoppable feed

Shopping in Feed Videos

You can now shop products in your favorite brand’s video. Instagram is introducing the shoppable feed feature to video. When viewing a video tap the Shopping Icon in the bottom left-hand corner to see all the products showcased in the video. Click on each one to learn more details.

instagram shoppable feed

Expect More Big Brands

With all these new Instagram Shopping Features hitting the platform, you can expect an overwhelming amount of big brands stepping into the ring. Instagram is making it easier for brands to create promotional content to showcase on their platform. Prior to this brands and businesses were using promotional content to drive traffic off of Instagram to landing pages, sales pages, etc.

It’s clear Instagram see the potential their platform has to become a full-on social marketplace. As we have seen with the development of Facebook and their Messenger Bots that allow purchases to be made right inside messenger. It is not out of the realm of possibility that we could see Instagram integrate a payment system directly into the platform. This will allow them to make small transactional fees on all the products sold on their platform which could net billions more in revenue.


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