With the growing inclination of people towards online shopping, it’s no wonder that digital products are covering a huge fraction of the market. In fact, one of the best ways to monetize your blog is to sell digital products.

You shall be amazed at how much money you can earn by simply selling digital products on your blog. However, the question that crosses and gets stuck in your mind is how to sell digital products from your blog?

Well, as easy as it sounds, it can be quite challenging as you need a lot of planning and the right execution. Additionally, you need to be patient enough as the results never come overnight. Sometimes, it may take even months for you to make your first sales. Nonetheless, consistently following the right strategies will get you there, and just so you can achieve your goals, here we are sharing some full-proof tips and strategies on how to sell digital products from your blog.


3 Best Platforms to Sell Digital Products

When you’re selling digital products, you need to make sure that you are selling them on the right platforms. Here are the three best platforms that will serve your purpose well.



One of the most robust shopping cart software, ThriveCart, can help you make phenomenal profits with boosted sales. It has highly intuitive features and functionalities that help you create popup carts, sales funnels, bump offers, etc., which are all great strategies to increase your sales.

Moreover, ThriveCart also has a robust analytics and tracking dashboard that gives you insights into all your customer activities and behaviors, thereby helping you plan for your digital products and enhancing your sales in the future.



SamCart is a great shopping cart software that helps you build singular product pages for your digital products without any coding or programming. You can simply use the drag and drop editor of the software and quickly build a customized product page showcasing your digital products.

Additionally, you can create and plan marketing and selling strategies on this software and even boost sales using tricks like bump offers, upsells, cross-sells, etc. Also, tracking and analyzing customer behavior and activity is easy through a robust system that gives you all the necessary insights over a single dashboard.

Here is a ThriveCart vs SamCart comparison guide that gives you a clear understanding of the two products with real-life use cases. With that, SamCart serves as a great platform to help you sell digital products from your blog.



WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that serves as a great platform for the creation of an end-to-end digital marketplace and e-commerce stores. Since it is a plugin from WordPress, you can easily integrate it with your blog and instantly start selling your digital products over it.

What makes it better is its ability to seamlessly integrate with other third-party applications, tools, and software. Moreover, the platform has many built-in plugins and extensions to further extend the functionalities of your online marketplace selling your digital products.


How to Sell Digital Products from Your Blog?

As much fun, interesting, and lucrative as selling digital products from your blog sounds, you need to have the knowledge to do it right. Here are some things that will get you started on selling digital products from your blog.


     Plan Your Digital Products

Planning is the first stage of beginning anything. Before you can start selling your digital products, you need to know exactly what products you shall be selling. You can sell almost anything, including ebooks, courses, counseling, digital services, online designs, graphics, and videos, and the list goes on.

However, to make sure that these products sell, you need to plan on creating them in a way that delivers value to your audience and buyers. When planning your products, you need to ask yourself what is it that your audience seeks and then work on providing them with the same.


     Write About Your Product on Your Blog

Once you have planned and created your digital product, you need to let your audiences know about the same. The best way to do that is to write about it on your blog.

When writing about your digital product, you must make sure that you are adding value to your reader with it. It must be something that the readers want rather than being something that you want to sell. The best way would be to touch on the pain points of your readers and tell them that your digital product is a viable and, in fact, the best solution to their problems.

When you make people aware of a product that can solve their problems, they shall be instantly interested, and your product would book more sales.


     Invest in Email Marketing

Email marketing, if done right, can do wonders for your business. Emails are the best forms of personal business communication. When you reach out to your audiences in their inboxes, it makes them feel more connected, and they are intrigued to check out what you have to offer.

All you need to do is write up an appealing email that will play around the interest of your audiences and help them know what good your digital product can do for them. Once they get the gist of it, they shall automatically buy your products and become your customers.


     Build Your Online Community

When you are a part of a community, you are halfway through the path of growth and success. An online community can make your business a brand, and it really goes out of its way to support your products, initiatives, and other activities.

If you build an online community on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc., you can have great potential to promote your products, and every person in the community will promote those products further. It will be like a chain, and you will easily be able to make sales.

So, these are some ways to sell your digital products. However, when you are selling digital products from your blog, you also need to make sure that you are providing the users with the right interface that allows them to quickly make a purchase. So, integrating shopping cart software so that you have an intuitive platform to sell your digital products from your blog also becomes important. However, what platforms can you use to sell your digital products? Well, here are some of the best of them!


Final Words

Digital Products are extremely trending in today’s time, and if you leverage them well, you can earn extremely high profits by selling digital products from your blog. We hope that this article gave you the necessary insights and you now know how to sell digital products from your blog along with the platforms you can use to sell the same. Additionally, you can create a shopping app to sell digital products, the most popular – to run a blog.

Happy Selling and Making Money!


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