TikTok is a social media platform for creating, sharing, and discovering short videos. Over time, this app has served as a means of leisure and business promotion for many individuals and organizations. Recently, a new feature that helps users to schedule TikTok videos has been introduced.

The TikTok video scheduler helps you auto-post TikTok videos while you are busy with other things. This way, you cannot forget that you have content that needs to be put up. Furthermore, the feature allows you to schedule your videos ahead from fifteen minutes to 10 days! Amazing right? Well, let’s learn more about it!


Key Takeaway

Many people enjoy making TikTok videos. Businesses also use it for promoting their goods. The steps to scheduling videos are very easy, though it’s available only for creators and businesses accounts. Affordable Apps like loomly and social pilot have also been developed to make scheduling more convenient. With the scheduling feature, your daily activities are not affected, and you need not worry about forgetting to post.


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Why TikTok?

As aforementioned, TikTok is a social media platform that is based on videos. This business strategy is based on the fact that many people are no longer interested in anything that comes in writing. Instead, people are more interested in watching videos and having processes acted out or displayed in pictorial forms.

If you have a business or you are a creator, then this is the app for you. Imagine putting up a video about your products with referral hashtags and captions. Sometimes, you can even add any captivating music of your choice to it. Before you know it, you will have many people watching what your business is all about and giving it all the publicity and customers, it needs.


How to Schedule a Video on TikTok

There are various steps involved in scheduling videos on TikTok, but before we list them, note that only creators and business accounts can use the feature.

However, if your TikTok account is not a business or creator’s account, there is nothing to worry about. You can go to your settings, tap on “accounts,” and change your account type.

That being done, you can now follow these few steps to schedule videos on TikTok:

  • Log into your account and click on the cloud icon at the top right-hand corner of your feed.
  • You will be directed to the “upload video” page, where you can upload videos, add captions, hashtags, music, and tag someone.
  • After uploading and editing, toggle the schedule button on your post. The time zone will automatically default to your device setting.
  • Click “schedule” to schedule your post. You can also see your scheduled posts alongside drafts in a profile view.

Note: As with regular posting, you won’t be able to edit the video, captions, or schedule time after scheduling the post. If you need to change what you’ve prepared, you can unschedule the post and re-upload after editing. When a scheduled video is uploaded, you will receive a notification that your post is live.


Best TikTok Scheduling Tools

This new scheduling feature on TikTok is so important that other agencies and tech organizations have developed software/apps to help schedule TikTok videos.

These apps are well designed and are very affordable to use. You can find them on your device store (Apple store/ Google Play store).  Some of them include:


     – Loomly:

This is a social media posting and scheduling tool that helps you manage your social media content, including organic posts and ads from a single platform. It gives ideas for your next post based on your social media practices. Loomly pricing begins at $25 per month.


     – Social pilot:

It is a comprehensive social media marketing tool that helps professionals, teams, and businesses automate their social media management. It was the first social media app to offer TikTok reminder scheduling. Pricing beings at about $30 per month and subsequently drops to $25.


     – TikTok schedule:

This is the social media tool made specifically to schedule TikTok videos. You can post and manage already posted TikTok content right through the app, and it’s absolutely free.


Advantages of the Video Scheduler

The new video scheduling feature has many advantages attached to it. Below are some of them:

  • Many businesses, professionals, agencies, and creators are usually much occupied and busy. Due to this, they have had to pay people to manage their social media accounts. These scheduling tools will reduce the need for that and save you more money.
  • With these video schedulers, you don’t have to worry about forgetting important things you need to upload on your social media pages.
  • They can also serve as reminders for activities you have lined up on your TikTok accounts.
  • Since only business and creators accounts are allowed to schedule videos on TikTok, the feature will help you monetize your account while having all the fun you can have.


Important Things to Note about the TikTok Scheduler (When Using the Later Web)

Later is the all-in-one social marketing platform for the top social networks. Plan, analyze, and publish your content in a few clicks – so you can save time and grow your business.

  • TikTok scheduling is only available on new pricing plans. That is free, starter, growth, and advanced.
  • You can schedule TikTok through “later” on the web and Later’s iOS and Android apps.
  • Also, you can see, edit or delete scheduled TikTok posts, though later on, the weans Later’s iOS and Android apps.
  • You can only schedule one video to a TikTok post at this time.
  • Scheduling photos on TikTok at this time is not yet supported.
  • Videos can be trimmed and cropped when scrolling.
  • You need the Later Mobile App to publish TikTok posts.

Note: these are only needed if you are scheduling with the Later web. 

Also, note that:

  • Your TikTok avatar can’t be pulled in, so you won’t see it when adding your profile.
  • If you change your name on TikTok, you should update it in Later to match. If you are having difficulties in changing your name on Later, follow these few steps. In social sets and access groups, go to the access guide with the TikTok profile and click edit next to your TikTok profile. There, select username and click on it to change your username.



Having to pay attention to your social media while going on with your daily life isn’t convenient for many. People have had to miss out on opportunities simply for forgetting to make certain posts.

The new feature that helps you to schedule TikTok videos will save users from many adversities. Therefore, it’s something to look out for in 2021!

What are your thoughts? Do you think the TikTok video scheduler will be very helpful to users? What do you think about this piece? Was it helpful? We’ll love to hear your thoughts; please share them with us in the comment below.


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