Dealing with negative news can be overwhelming at times. No company or business prefers negative news over positive reviews and feedback. But negative is not always bad, as it can become a way to improving your lapses. Read on to find out how best to respond to negative news in a positive way.

Deciding whether to respond to negative news can be challenging. You need to be careful when responding not to worsen the situation but rather improve it.


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There are different approaches to managing bad news to prevent unwanted reputation from the public. It begins with thorough analysis and seeking assistance from the ideal bodies. Also, it includes correcting the wrong claim by either providing accurate information or amending your mistakes.


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How to Handle Negative News

The first thing to do when handling negative news is to observe and analyze the situation at hand. Understanding how terrible the problem is is the first approach to solving the issue. This will tell you whether you should respond to a negative press or not.

Analyze the impact of the news on you. This will guide you in solving and responding to the negative news. Below are a few steps to follow when handling negative news. It answers the question, “how do celebrities deal with bad press?”:

  • Speak about it early: You need to identify the issue that can cause a negative problem for you and your business. After realizing this, tackle it early before it expands and goes out of control. Take proper measures in protecting your reputation or brand’s prestige on social media by observing discussion forums.


  • Be prepared: Preparing ahead for a crisis is crucial to every organization. Having your strategies on the ground in dealing with negative news beforehand is a must-have. This will allow you to respond to negative news or press swiftly and calmly. When this plan is made in advance, it will give you a clear head while responding to negative publicity.


  • Correct false claims: When wrong information is spread about your brand, it is better to respond as soon as possible. There is no better way to clear the air about the issue than early response. But before you do so, it is vital to have gathered your facts and be sure you respond truthfully. Responding with a false statement will only create a bad image for you or your business.


  • Don’t appear defensive: Human being tends to be defensive when faced with critics. However, doing so is not a good approach when managing bad press, especially on social media. It can cause you or your business harm because it will give you a bad image. Instead, learn to apologize and handle it with humor focusing on making amends. This will give the public the idea that you are only human and human makes mistakes.


  • Own up to your errors: It is possible to get negative publicity because you or your business make a mistake. It could even be that you did something wrong. To respond to negative news, you must admit your faults, apologize and propose a plan to solve them. Denying these errors will only fuel up the issue and make it drag longer than it should.

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Here’s How Not to Handle Bad Press

Your approach to problem-solving will determine the outcome of the difficulty you face. Problems arise from a lousy newspaper publication or bad press on social media. You have to decide on the best way to solve it.

Below are few things to avoid when handling a PR crisis and negative press:

  • Hide: Some people respond to the bad press by running away from the problem. Hiding will not in any way make things better but rather complicate matters. This is why facing it by planning how to fix it is better for you or your company’s reputation.


  • Refusing to communicate with the press: Creating good public exposure for yourself as a celebrity or brand is essential. If you want a good reputation and growth, you cannot avoid it. Allow the press to interview you. Let them know you have nothing to hide by showing up and being transparent.


  • Prepare an insensible rash cover story: Trying to cover up a pressing issue with an incredible and unjustified story is not advisable. The issue will not go away without facing it. Doing this will compound the issue, and you will eventually need to face it properly.


  • Attacking the reporter or publisher: This is not the best way to respond to negative news. Doing this will make you appear defensive. It will be easy for everyone to think you are only trying to cover your wrong. By attacking those criticizing your brand, you are destroying your reputation.



Responding to negative news well-prepared and calm is the best way to handle the negative press. Once you are a public figure or your business is doing well, you have to be ready for negative critics. How best to respond to negative news is what helps you to maintain your business stance.


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