Have you ever been a victim of negative news? If you can relate to this, all you could ever wish for is how you can remove negative news before it damages your reputation. It is not impossible to do if you understand the process.

Although the processes may be complex, you only need to follow these step-by-step methods to remove negative news articles. The long-run effect can be damaging to one’s personal, professional life.

It can be a limiting factor to increase your business customer base. If you fall into this category or want to know how to get rid of bad press on the internet, this article is for you.


Key Takeaway

Neglecting the damaging impact of negative news could leave you or your business in jeopardy. To avoid this from happening, you need to understand the processes involved in removing negative news from Google search.




Will Negative News Eventually Be Automatically Removed?

Basically, when news gets published online, nothing can take it away from search engines. It doesn’t matter if it is already more than a decade that it got to the internet. If anyone searches keywords related to the news, it pops up again.

So whether negative or positive, when publications validate the news’s existence it’s online till eternity. However, when you attempt, the chances are you will be able to remove negative news from google search.

Now you know why you must make a move to clear your image from the bad press on google. Let’s discuss how search results affect your online reputation.

The Implication of Search Results to Your Reputation

Most search engine users open 8 out of 10 results on the first page on their screen, which is about 80% clicks in total. Another thing you should know is that negative news ranks higher than its positive counterpart.

So there is a higher probability that people will read negative content when it ranks in their top 10 search results. Does it have any implication on your online reputation? Yes, it does. Your credibility is at stake if a bad PR article about you gets indexed on a search engine.

It could bring about loss of business relationships, growth opportunities, and an organization’s abrupt end (even if it’s fake news!). This is because damage to corporate reputation affects sales and revenue negatively.

Therefore, your online reputation should be properly handled.


Try to Never Allow Negative News Online

It would be best if you do everything to remove negative news linked to your personal or business profile. Search engines are famous for displaying both positive and negative news when you search for a particular name.

But when it does return the following negative news, be ready to contact the necessary authority to get rid of it;

  • Personal Details (Confidential)
  • Negative articles, especially those associated with one’s life
  • Negative articles associated with business
  • Bad reviews from known and unknown people

How to Get Rid of Bad Press on the Internet?

As we said earlier, removing negative search results doesn’t come easy, but it’s possible. There are key factors that must be taken care of if you want to start building a good reputation online. Just below, we have highlighted the processes to follow to remove negative news articles from the internet.


1. Contact Sites for Removal of Negative Articles

The first step to take to remove negative news is to contact the administrator of the news websites. Since the news came from the site, they are in the right position to get rid of it. You might experience difficulty finding the administrator or convincing them to remove negative news articles.

So, you might not get the desired result until you make a legal removal request. You can do this by consulting an attorney to let them know the news’s defamatory status is affecting your business. This is also applicable if the copyright agreement has been infringed, particularly plagiarism.

Alternatively, you can use online reputation management companies to remove negative news articles. This is a proven method to remove bad press from the internet.

2. Search Engine Suppression

This method of clearing negative newspaper articles from the web is known as Search Engine Suppression. These strategies work perfectly to push down unfavorable content online.

ORM companies publish high authority positive press in order to push down negative posts on the internet. These organizations ensure that negative news doesn’t get online visibility, especially on Google search by overloading it with strong positive stories.

Based on analytics, it is understandable that people hardly go beyond the first page of search results. So online reputation management strategies are sufficient to patch up a tarnished online reputation with strong SEO keywords & positive messaging.

You can learn more about Search Engine Suppression or reversed SEO to repair your online reputation when the situation arises.


There are many reasons why you may choose to remove negative news from the web. It could be because of copyright, defamation, or obsolete information. For any reason it could be, you must contact the right bodies, consult a lawyer or seek assistance from ORM companies.

You can begin to protect yourself from attack today.

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