Social media marketing has created lots of opportunities in the job market. From graphic designing to analyzing marketing performance are all well-paying jobs. A good aspect of social media marketing jobs is that they can be done remotely. So both businesses and job seekers can work with international teams without going to another country. The question is how brands can choose the best candidate for a specific role. Fortunately, there is are testing tools for everything these days, and recruiting procedure is no exception. Hence, the need to reveal the best testing tools to choose the right marketers for your campaigns.

Assessing job seekers is now easier than ever, thanks to advancements in pre-employment testing platforms.

This article will introduce some of the best pre-employment testing tools to help social media marketing agencies test and systematically compare candidates.


1. WeTest

This is one of the newest and, of course, best pre-employment assessment testing tools out there. They allegedly assist you in finding the best workers for free. As a result, you may presume to enhance your recruitment approach in order to discover the most appropriate candidates for every role.

Key features of this platform are:

  • Simplifying the hiring procedure
  • No unconscious bias
  • Saving time in hiring the best employee
  • User-friend

2. Harver

Harver testing tools

Second on our list of the best pre-employment testing tools is Harver. Harver is a bias-free pre-employment assessment system that aims to recruit the best candidate without prejudice. This software helps identify prospective employees by analyzing their work on a wide range of factors and creating customized ratings.

Features: Multitasking Test, Cognitive Ability Testing, VideoPitch, Virtual Interview, Cultural Fit Assessment, Language Proficiency, Personality Questionnaire.


3. Testlify

Small businesses choose the best people for hire with the help of Testlify, which has expertise in assisting startups and tiny firms.

Professionals build a customized question bank for each candidate, and each exam judges the quality of a candidate’s performance based on their job abilities. They enable all qualified candidates to proceed to the interview stage by providing standard scores for various exams.


4. Mercer Mettl

Mercer Mettl has a solid reputation in the employment market as an online testing platform. Recruiters can use this comprehensive tool to assess a candidate’s most important skills.

The screening testing tools for evaluating applicants’ abilities and identifying essential traits on this internet platform are sophisticated.

Specialty talent tests, coding talent tests, personality traits tests, behavioral habits tests, communications talent tests, cognitive skill tests, and problem-solving skill exams may all be prepared with this comprehensive tool. This online testing platform offers a variety of tests as well, making it one of the most useful testing tools.


5. Koru

Koru offers employers a 20-minute online test to evaluate applicants’ ranking in seven important soft skills: ownership, interest, bravery, polish, teamwork, impact, and difficulty. Candidates respond to questions about their past experience, work style, and job environments in various ways.

Following that, algorithms are used to compare the scores of all candidates. For the next interview stage, employers or recruiters can pick out exceptional candidates.


6. eSkill

eskill testing tools

eSkill helps your business hire the best candidate through a pre-employment assessment test and video interviewing solutions. As a result, if you may easily define a customizable employment exam and provide your person with the exact position and standards for the best job validity, it might be beneficial to you.

Features: Perfect match, Integration option, Full compliance


7. iMocha

iMocha is an online assessment platform that assesses over 2000 talents in less than a minute. iMocha has made it easier to outsource hiring. With more than 20 coding language tests, 500+ IT skills tests, 20+ domain skills, 50+ next-get skills, and 20+ cognitive skills, it has the most comprehensive skill library.

This software is one of the outstanding testing tools as it assesses all company’s demands quickly with the help of customized skill assessment tests. It provides live interviews to assess candidates’ programming, analytical, and verbal abilities. Al-powered insight and dependable skills proficiency reports are also available via iMocha.


8. OutMatch

Through the selection of a great candidate, OutMatch is an HR software that provides talent intelligence. They integrate into Taleo Business Edition using Pre-Recorded Interviews. As a result, telephone interviews are used to perform jobs and aid us in screening even more candidates.

Features: Talent Assessment, Video Interview, ReferenceChecking, Culture Analytics, Leadership Assessment.


9. ThriveMap

For high-volume hiring, ThriveMap develops individualized, realistic work simulation evaluations. Candidates are led through a digital “day in the life” of a specific job inside a firm, with assessments that consider how desirable behaviors and skills communicate themselves within your distinct corporate culture and working circumstances.

Here are some features that makes it one of the best testing tools: 12+ Immersive question types, ATS integration, fully bespoke assessment design, and data analysis.


10. Kandio

You’ll find tests from the best experts in various technologies at Kandio. You may pick from evaluations created by the JavaScripters central team or LinkedIn’s notable entrepreneurs. There are countless other fields and specialties. Experts may publish their assessment tests on Kandio, which is a fully organized marketplace.


11. Test Invite

test invite testing tools

With full-screen lockdown browser technology and a video interviewing feature, Test Invite offers automated pre-employment testing software. Recruiters also generate custom coding, programming, or video interview questions.

Features: Online Exam System Question Bank, Question Bank, and Exam Editor Integration Ask Open-Ended Questions.



Employing remote social media marketers can be a bit tricky. Many businesses might doubt their skills and wonder how they can be sure they’re recruiting the right candidate without seeing them. The platforms and testing tools we introduced in this article are the best way to ensure you’re assessing the candidates correctly. So try them to see the results and grow your team.


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