If you don’t know what Influencer Marketing is by now, you are already behind. With the massive surge in the popularity of social media, the attention of the end consumer has shifted away from celebrities. The eyes of the world are now heavily focused on social influencers and with all this attention, social media marketers everywhere are diving into Influencer Marketing.

When you think of a social influencer you’re probably picturing a Youtube or Instagram Influencer with millions of subscribers/followers. Well, when it comes to social media influencers there are two different classifications. There are Macro & Micro Influencers. You may be asking yourself, “what’s a macro or micro influencer?” Don’t worry we are about to tell you!

Just below we are going to cover What are Micro Influencers & How Can You Use Them to Scale Your Business! 


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Classifications of Influencers?

There are two types of Influencers, Macro & Micro.

Macro Influencers:

Are more like the celebrities of social platforms that have massive followings. However, unlike celebrities, influencers come from almost any background and any niche. Macro Influencers are incredibly powerful for commercial viral ability due to their immense reach on a particular social media platform. While there are no specific set of guidelines for a classification of a macro influencer. We generally say that Macro Influencers’ followings start upwards of 500k.

Examples of Macro Influencers & Their Niche

micro influencer

A Swedish Youtuber by the name of Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, aka Pewdiepie, has an enormous following on Youtube. His following is about to hit 83 million at the time of this blog post. Pewdiepie was able to cultivate his following originally through the creation of funny video game commentary. His major target audience was young gamers, primarily 21 & under. He now generates around 8-15 million views per Youtube Video. Making him one of the most powerful Youtubers on the platform.


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Lele Pons

micro influencer

 Lele Pons is a serious Instagram Influencer that has generated here 32.6 million following through short comedy skits. She has gained incredible fame through her social media and continues to be an Instagram powerhouse. Her average engagement rate on Instagram is around 7-9% which is incredible for an account of that size.

Micro Influencers

Are accounts that have significantly smaller followings. However, Micro Influencers typically have much higher engagement rates on their social feeds. This is due to the fact that micro influencers take the time to communicate and build relationships with almost all of their followers. This kind of one to one connection that is built between their Micro Influencers and their followings is incredibly powerful! Again, there is no specific classification for Micro Influencers but we generally say Micro Influencers have a following less than 500k.


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Examples of Micro Influencers & Their Niche
Eric Whiteback

micro influencer

In a particular sub-niche of fashion is high-end streetwear. This is where brands like Supreme, Bape, Off–White and other major clothing companies have built their following. Individuals that are collectors in this area are called “Hypebeast”. Of these “hypebeast” many have gained serious influence from their daily content of Hype Streetwear Items.

One Micro Influencer specifically has been able to cultivate an incredibly loyal following. Eric Whiteback a famed Hypebeast on Instagram has over 179,000 followers with an average Engagement rate of 9%. One thing that Eric does incredibly well is producing unique and creative content. Not to mention, that Eric is constantly active in his comments and DM’s responding to all of his followers. Which only strengthens the relationship between him and his following.

Genny Ongaro

micro influencerAn Intalian girl with a passion for riding motorcycles, @noisy_rose on Instagram has been able to build a substantial following through her biker content. She almost has 28k followers; but her engagement rate is incredibly sitting at an average of 9-11%!

She has worked with a couple of brands in the past including Leather Face. However, her main purpose of the page was to be a personal blog for her adventures on her motorcycle. Her biker style and cool motorcycle caught the attention of many and is growing every single day.





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Why Use Micro Influencers?

Micro Influencers offer a very more niche approach to your target audience. The problem with Macro Influencers is that they have so much social reach, that their following is not always as niche specific as one may like.

Micro Influencers are constantly building strong relationships with their following by replying to comments and DM’s. However, Macro Influencers simply get way too many requests to have time to respond to all of them.

You can pay less and get more with Micro Influencers. The reason being that Micro Influencers simply don’t have enough experience to properly value their following. Not to mention in comparison to other Influencers their following is a fraction of the size. This allows social media marketers and brands to pay a fraction of a dollar less when it comes to Influencer Rates.

Using a team of micro-influencers to promote your product or brand, instead of one macro influencer, could generate significantly higher ROI for your business. Not to mention that you will gain higher quality leads from these influencers because they have been nurtured constantly by the Influencers.

micro influencers

What’s Next…

So you know understand that Micro Influencers are an incredibly powerful asset when it comes to scaling or growing your business online. Influencers on platforms like Youtube and Instagram are everywhere. Start collecting a list of Influencers that best represent your ideal customer and start to monitor their feeds. Pay attention to what they post, how/when they post and if they respond to their following. As you start to monitor these influencers reach out to the ones that you would most like to work with to get a price estimate.


Join the #1 Influencer Marketplace Online (Free Access) – Your Influence: Where Brands Meet Influencers


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