Tired of spending countless hours monitoring your social feeds and websites, answering common questions or concerns? The introduction of the Internet did more than simply the spread of ideas or information globally. In addition, it allowed online stores to become 24-hours 7 days a week. What did this do to marketers/business owners? It forced marketers to spend numerous hours monitoring their online shops to be available when a potential customer had a question. However, there is an easier more efficient way to do this. The answer is Chat Messenger Bots! Customer service will never be the same as the introduction of Chatbots. These messenger bots act as front-line customer service reps for your business. Just below we are going to dive into all the details!


What is a Chatbot?

Without going into great detail about the backend programming and coding aspects. A ChatBot is a program that engages with website visitors to help answer common questions, recommend products, suggest articles and create a better purchasing experience for visitors.

Chatbots aim to help business/brands become more efficient in day to day tasks such as customer service. Messenger bots can be set up with preloaded phrases that you can write yourself, creating a more personable program for your visitors to engage with. With over 100,000 chatbots on Facebook Messenger, the time for automated customer service is well upon us.

Why Should I Use Chatbots?

It doesn’t generally make a difference what you’re selling — your Instagram profile is loaded up with visual substance. Spending all your resources on content creation means losing the opportunity to set up a dialogue with customers to build up your customer base.

On the off chance that you utilize a business profile, you can screen remarks, reactions, and even messages with the assistance of the connected Facebook account, yet even this doesn’t give you full command over the circumstance. Delays in responding to Direct Messages can cause you to miss out on leads, potential clients, and sales.

Also, the underlying Instagram message probably won’t achieve the goal by any stretch of the imagination: before the client understands it, it gets into the informing demands (i.e. how much, where can I buy, etc.), where it can remain for a delayed for some time. You can associate the reaction speed to your workers’ KPI and even boost the reaction speed by checking Direct each hour. However, that is truly insufficient. An item buy can frequently be indiscreet. ‘See — want — price?’ How to respond to such inquiries swiftly and not lose the lead?

What Type of Customer Service Chatbots Should I Use?

The number of Chatbot software that is out there is growing exponentially. One thing businesses want is an employee that will work 24/7 with no breaks or pay, the Chatbot aims to do just that!

There is a variety of Messenger Bots to choose from, starting at the basic bots that use preloaded responses in order to best find an answer to the query. These chatbots are great for a business that is just starting out looking for help to filter through some of the FAQs that customers are asking all the time. However, these bots are limited to the responses you give them. For example, if a customer asks a question that your bot doesn’t have the answer to it couldn’t produce a proper response because of the reply limitations. Don’t worry some smart developers are way ahead of this!

AI Messenger Bots utilize machine learning in order to become smarter and faster over time. These bots learn how to answer ambiguous questions from visitors and will reply with responses they create themselves. This puts a serious personal touch on your messenger bot, giving it more human qualities will help increase conversions. Most individuals want to speak to a person rather than a robot because a human can infer, think and answer almost any question. With the implementation of an AI Chatbot, the same qualities can start to be applied.

Here is a List of the Top 6 Chatbots:

  1. ManyChat
  2. Liveperson
  3. LiveChat
  4. Amazon Lex
  5. Dialogflow
  6. IBM Watson

ChatBot Best Practices

For those digital marketers that take the initiative to nurture their leads and increase conversions, just below is a list of Chatbot best practices.

  1. Place Your Chatbot on the Platform with the Biggest Community: If you want to nurture your leads and increase conversions then placing your customer service bot where the customers are is imperative! For example, if your community is built entirely around Facebook, then place your bot there so it can start to learn and engage with your community.
  2. Make the Bot as Human as Possible: Messenger Bots are future technology. That being said, many older consumers nowadays detest speaking to a robot because they feel it cannot answer their questions or concerns properly. Try to fill your chatbot up with replies and language that make it feel real to the user. This will prove to be extremely helpful for increasing conversions and leads.
  3. Write Converting Copy: The goal of this chatbot is to help convert leads with questions into consumers with reviews. You should try to create sequences in your chatbot that allow for upselling and downselling. This will increase the average order value of your customers and therefore increase the Life Time Value of every lead you have!


4 Most Important Chatbot Metrics

When building up a chatbot, your work is never done. Discharging it into the wild is just the initial step; from that point, you’ll have to give close consideration to the discussions your clients have with it so as to repeat upon and improve the bot. Much the same as when discharging an application or site, you have to comprehend what’s working and so forth. The distinction: the measurements you should follow.

In addition to the fact that this allows you to make your chatbot all the more captivating, however, it likewise causes you to find startling or new examples in client and bot conduct too.

Measurements to Track 1: Average Session Length

Your normal session length is a significant measurement for deciding how much time individuals spend conversing with your bot. What it implies for your bot will rely upon what reason that bot serves.

Client administration chatbots should go for a shorter session length; a long one recommends that an excessive amount of time is taken to touch base at an answer that resolves their issue, demonstrating a conceivably baffling background. An excitement situated chatbot, in the interim, will go for a high session length to demonstrate that its clients are profoundly connected with and don’t have any desire to quit talking.

Measurements to Track 2: Sentiment Score

The conclusion is significant for two reasons: from one perspective, enthusiastic comprehension enables your bot to react suitably to a client’s frame of mind. On the other, you can rapidly decide minutes and cooperations that prompted client dissatisfaction or enjoyment.

In either case, your notion score causes you to see how clients feel progressively all through a discussion, which you can use to make your bot all the more captivating and genuinely clever.

Measurements to Track 3: Most Active Hours

The pinnacle times that individuals are conversing with your bot is fundamental for substance system. On the off chance that you know when clients are dynamic, you realize when to more readily target them with pop-up messages for expanded commitment or snap through to different sources, similar to another blog entry or video. This one is enormous for every one of the advertisers among us!

Champ Bot gives close consideration to most dynamic hours since two of its most significant highlights are time-sensitive: game wagering and keeping clients refreshed on their preferred players and groups. Since wagering is revolved around live diversions, crest movement during amusements makes it simpler to urge clients to take an interest and wager on the game they’re watching right now.

Measurements to Track 4: Retention

Maybe the most significant measurement of all is maintenance or the rate of clients who keep utilizing your bot at a given point in time since their first association. Normal measurements are 1 day, 7 days, and 30 Day maintenance. By giving close consideration to the measurements recorded above and making upgrades, you’ll likely expand standard for dependability, as well. It’s most critical to evaluate maintenance when your bot first dispatches and when you roll out significant improvements to it, yet it’s constantly worth looking at.

Chatbots Coming to Instagram?

Since Facebook is the parent company of Instagram it should come to no surprise that automated messaging systems will reach Instagram Direct Messages. In some of the most recent Instagram Updates in 2018, we have seen a new feature hit IG DMs, prewritten replies.

In an effort to increase the efficiency of messaging, Instagram now allows users to create common prewritten replies for their IG DMs. This is especially useful for businesses, brands or influencers that answer thousands of DMs a day. Most messages are simply the same questions from different users. Regardless, Instagram & Facebook aren’t generally keen on the usage of bots. However, there are organizations that are eager to take care of the issue.

This prewritten reply system is the first step to automated messaging systems on Instagram. As we have seen, Instagram is becoming more and more of a social marketplace; the shoppable Instagram account feeds, product tagging in IG Stories and soon an entire tab on the Explore Page dedicated to shopping! All of these new features are going to be driving a significant amount of businesses and brands to the platform. As Facebook has already proven business and brands love Messenger Chatbots! Meaning the introduction of smart AI chatbots on Instagram is not out of the realm of possibility.

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