There are a lot of companies handling translations online but not all of them are a good fit for the needs. If you need help to translate your marketing content then you have to pick a translation agency with experience in marketing and advertising. To do that, you need to go through several companies so you can be sure about the service you will be getting.


Picking the Best Translation Agency for Marketing

Translation is a vast practice. There are all kinds of content that has to be translated. Some companies will specialize in translating certain types of content and documents only. Not all translation agencies can handle translating marketing and advertisement files. Here are ten of the top translation agencies with that kind of experience:

Two names in the translation industry stand out when it comes to marketing and advertising projects and those are Tomedes and Translation LLC.


     1. Tomedes

A leading name in the industry, Tomedes is a translation agency that was founded in 2007. In that short period, the company has managed to become an authority when it comes to language services. It has worked with companies and businesses seeking to expand their reach into new markets. Tomedes is an excellent choice for those seeking to have marketing and ads content translated because the company deals with sector-specific translators. So, for translating marketing content, they will be tapping language experts who have knowledge of that field, making their outputs more relevant.


     2. Translation LLC

One of the first things that you will notice when you visit the Translation LLC website is the striking design that seems to belong to a fashion website. The stunning graphics is just one sign that it is focused on advertising and marketing. But the company is more than just a great-looking website.

The company states on their homepage that they’re “PUSHING CULTURE FORWARD” which is an indication of its commitment to pushing marketing ideas that are bold and progressive through translation. On top of the edgy branding, Translation LLC also provides quality outputs for its translations.



     3. Stepes

Digital marketing requires a lot of content because of the numerous platforms that are available on it. For those businesses with multilingual audiences, they would require help when it comes to getting their content translated. Stepes provides fast and accurate translations that can be used by businesses and organizations all over the world. This company allows potential clients to upload their projects on their site which makes it convenient for users.


     4. Morningtrans

Morningtrans provides end-to-end language solutions that can help businesses and organizations that want to expand their reach. Their language expertise allows organizations seeking to gain global exposure to expand and reach new markets. While not entirely focused on marketing and ads, Morningtrans has the backing of a large pool of experienced translators who can handle different types of translation projects.


     5. Acclaro

When translating marketing and advertisements, it’s not just about transferring the information from one language to another. The words and ideas have to be adapted to fit the new target audience. This is where working with a company like Acclaro can come in handy. Acclaro is a large company that handles the translation and the adaptation of content of other companies. It’s a highly specialized skill that not all translators can do. They have to be exposed to the culture to be able to do that.


     6. Hogarth

Hogarth does more than just translations. It actually produces content that other companies can use for their marketing. They can work on content creation, digital production, strategic innovation, and language services. Hogarth is the best option if you don’t have existing marketing materials and you are building from scratch. They can create a multilingual strategy for your marketing efforts. No doubt, Hogarth is a top translation agency.


     7. Transperfect

Founded in 1992, Transperfect is a company that offers language and tech solutions. The aim of the company is to provide language services to the leading businesses of the world. The company has over 100 offices around the world which allows it to better serve the needs of its clients. That makes it easy for the company to serve the language needs of its clients because they can find the right translators.


     8. Acolad

 Acolad is a company that delivers tailored language services to its clients. The tailored services ensure that it fits their needs. While Acolad is not solely focused on marketing and ads translation, it has worked with many companies seeking to expand to other markets.


     9. Welocalize Inc.

Welocalize is more of a tech-driven company than the others in this list. This does not mean they cannot handle translating marketing and ads for their customers. As its name suggests, Welocalize specializes in taking content and making it ideal for the new location and area. That would include all kinds of marketing materials and the data needed for further expanding a business.


     10. Semantix

Semantix promises their clients that they will shine under any language. The company offers both translation and interpreting services and is a leader in the field of language services. Like many companies offering translation today, Semantix offers instant quotes online so their clients would have an idea of how much the translation project would cost.

   11. Capital Linguist

Capital Linguists is known to be the best of their services in translation and interpreting. Their elite translation and interpreting agency force draws on the highest-level interpreters. This exclusive pool of language specialists has brought their expertise to bear in the most sophisticated arenas: at bilateral summits, highly important negotiations, and at international conferences. Their translators have an exquisite understanding of tone and register in any language they translate.


Create an Effective Marketing Strategy with Translation Agencies

Before you have your marketing materials and ads translated, you need to be sure that you have an effective marketing strategy in the first place. Ideally, your marketing strategy should be created with multilingual markets in mind already. There’s a major difference when the marketing plan is just geared towards a single language/ market and when it’s intended to be adapted for other markets.

When you’re formulating a marketing plan, it is a good idea to work with a reputable translation agency from the list. They can tell you what ideas would work for a local area and what would not. That’s because these companies are not just focused on translation but are also knowledgeable about the culture and practices of the countries where the target languages are used.

These are the best translation agencies that you can work with when you want to have your marketing and advertisements translated professionally. With 20% of the American population speaking another language at home and other countries gaining more economic clout, going multilingual is fast becoming a necessity.


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