Wondering why so many brands, businesses, and influencers are joining Instagram Giveaways? Did you know there are a variety of types of Giveaways? One most notably used by many is the Loop Instagram Giveaways.

Loop Giveaways on Instagram drastically increase the followings of the hosts in very short time periods. Sometimes in just a day or less, accounts can see 2x or 3x their current following.

Loop Instagram Giveaways have become so popular, there used by a wide variety of brands, businesses, & influencers. Not only to generate more followers, but also as a marketing strategy to sell to others.

Loop giveaways of all kinds are used, ranging from expensive clothing and accessories to electronic gadgets, cars, etc. Typically, the bigger the prize the greater the results.

Just below, we’re going to break down everything you need to know about Loop Giveaways on Instagram.


What are Loop Instagram Giveaways?

Loop Giveaways on Instagram involve a series of accounts and steps taken for contestants to enter, in order to drastically increase the followings of hosts accounts. The goal is to get enough hosts to enter to help promote the giveaway & increase followings. In order for contestants to enter, they must do a series of actions on each host’s account, one after the other; typically these actions are following, liking, & commenting on each account.

loop instagram giveaway

The number of accounts involved differs from one giveaway to another. A particular giveaway might have up to four participant accounts. In comparison, another giveaway might have up to six or more accounts depending on the reward attached to the giveaway.

You can categorize Instagram loop giveaway into two types. This categorization is based on the popularity and follower strength of the accounts involved in the giveaway contest:

  • Big brand loop giveaways: giveaways like these are organized with Instagram accounts that have huge followers ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of followers. Prizes offered are valuable enough to attract thousands of followers almost immediately.
  • Standard loop giveaway: a smaller number of participating brands come together to make a giveaway. Prizes to be won are mentioned with each brand tagged to the created post.

kylie jenner loop instagram giveaway

How Do Loop Instagram Giveaways Work?

Getting familiar with how loop giveaway contests are done can give a head start understanding how it works out successfully.

An Instagram loop giveaway requires that all participating brands or influencers post the same giveaway image created for the contest on Instagram simultaneously. The post must be tagging one another in the loop. There is detailed information attached to the image as instruction for prospective contestants that would like to join the giveaway.

To stand a chance to be a contestant, you must carry out all the instructions, including liking and following all associated accounts and those tagged to the post under each account. All participants have to repeat the step by liking and following every account until they complete the loop and find themselves back on the account they started with. The winner is announced at the end of the giveaway period.


How to Set-Up a Successful Instagram Loop Giveaway 

There are a few guidelines or steps to follow before hosting an Instagram loop giveaway.

1. Get Familiar with How They Work

Before attempting to set up your own Instagram loop giveaway contest, the first thing to do is to know how it works by joining one or two contests to get familiar with it.

You can also visit Instagram pages of influencers who host loop giveaway often to see how it’s being run.

2. Select a Theme for the Giveaway

Decide the theme of your giveaway and who you would prefer to be your partner. A giveaway can have any interesting theme and idea that depends on the purpose, and what you aim to achieve through the giveaway. This will help you identify the instructions to give and the rewards of your giveaway.

3. Contact & Connect with Your Partners

What differentiates a loop giveaway from other giveaway contests held on Instagram is the number of several brands and accounts that come together to have a single giveaway contest.

Normally, two to 10 other brands or accounts should partner with you, but it can be done successfully, ranging between two partners to as large as 20, 30, 40, or more. The smaller the loop, the easier it will be for you to manage, especially if it is your first time organizing it.

Do away with competing brands when choosing your partners. Rather you should associate yourself with brands who share the same value as you.

loop instagram giveaway

For example, suppose your theme is Valentine’s gift, and you sell confectioneries and baked goods. In that case, you might want to partner with brands that sell women’s accessories or flowers for your giveaway because their products will complement yours as a valentine’s gift.

Once you have recognized who to partner with on the contest, start reaching out to them by either messaging them or creating an invitation post on your account. You need to state the categories of brands that can participate and let them know the contest’s benefits and aim.

Send messages to as many brands as you can. You should be open-minded not to limit your messages to your prospective partners during the contest. If you intend to get ten partners, you may need to send messages to more than 50 brands.

Once you attained the number of participating brands, create a group to start a conversation. In this group, you will exchange ideas on how to go about the instructions to give, images to use, the prizes etc.

4. Select the Prizes for the Giveaway Contest

When selecting the prizes to offer in your Loop Giveaway on Instagram you have to consider your theme, the products you sell, and the number of winners you want.

Your prizes have to be attractive and valuable enough to interest your target audiences. This will help in achieving desirable results of growing more followers and future customers for your businesses.

Each brand contributes gifts shipped to the winner(s) at the end of the contest period.

5. Create an Eye-Catching Giveaway Image & Caption

The image to use has to pass the right information to the audience; it usually features the prizes to be won and the instruction to follow to join the contest.

loop instagram giveaways

Following are the important details that should be made known to generate engagement:
  • The giveaway should be announced
  • The theme
  • The participating brands
  • The period of the contest
  • The prizes and their value
  • Instructions the contestants have to follow
  • The date to announce the winner(s)
  • How to deliver the prizes to the winner(s)
  • Any geographical limitations (e.g. the United States only)
  • Relevant hashtags


6. Send the Details to all Participating Brands

Announcing followers’ giveaway requires all participating brands to post the image and caption for even dissemination of information.

It is important to ensure that all the participating brands have all the information they need. This will allow them to know what to do, the time the giveaway starts and finishes, and who needs to be tagged.

The loops get disconnected along the way if the contestants don’t follow the guidelines as given. The entrants to the giveaway may mix things up, become confused, and lose interest. To avoid this, you should provide a detailed explanation of each step to the participating brands.

7. Post, Promote, and Follow-Up

Usually, before the start date of a Loop Instagram Giveaway, you might create a post to create awareness to your followers. This prepares them for the upcoming contest and the prizes they can win in your giveaway.

Once the contest time is due, you and your participating brand should post the contest image and caption.

Promotions allow posts on Instagram and other social media accounts to reach the target audience and population easily. This will help you reach a larger audience who might enter the contest.

Continue to follow up your post by inviting people from other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to check out the post by providing the link to your page.

8. Announce the End of the Contest & Choose a Winner

winner loop giveaway on instagram

It’s extremely important that you announce the winners in a transparent & public way. One way is to have participating brands select winners at random and announce them at the end of the contest on a live stream. Another great idea is to create a public feed or story post announcing the winner to all and giving them 24hrs to claim their prize.

You can also highlight the names and Instagram profile of the winner(s) on your page and all the participating brands’ pages. This is to make sure that the winners are properly communicated.

Once the winner has been announced, ensure you edit the post that announced the contest’s opening and add a caption like “Giveaway Closed” or “Contest Over.”

Then, contact your winner(s) and get their prizes across to them.

9. Review & Reach Out After Your Giveaway

Thank the participating brands for joining you in the loop giveaway contest. You can ask them what they think about it, and any important omission made, and how it can be corrected in the future.

Give your shootouts to your audiences for their cooperation during the contest.

While reviewing your giveaway contest, some things to note might come to mind which include:
  • How much time it took to organize the contest
  • Amount spent on the giveaway
  • What was the response rate from the audience and participating brands?
  • How many followers were gained?
  • Was the entry procedures clear enough?
  • What are the observations pointed out in the feedback?

This should give you an idea of what your future giveaways should look like to get the right responses and success.



Many people wonder whether Instagram loop giveaway is legit and ideal to do. Nowadays, many smart brands worldwide resort to doing Instagram loop giveaway to give their businesses awareness, attract more audience, and grow their followers.

It’s a win-win thing for both the winners of the prizes and the participating brands involved. Thus, the Instagram loop giveaway is legit, and no illegal activities are involved.


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