Having an official LinkedIn company page is very good for businesses. It gives your business a platform to promote the business and get quality clients. LinkedIn page optimization helps you build the perfect LinkedIn page for your company.

Additionally, LinkedIn gives companies a standard approach to SEO. With that, LinkedIn company pages have good quality and a high rank on Google searches.


Key Takeaways

LinkedIn released new LinkedIn company page optimization features. These features are to help businesses build a good and eye-catching profile for the page.

Some of these features are; logo images, company headlines, CTA button, location, hashtags, company updates, keywords, URL, company description, and specialties.

Furthermore, you need to update your LinkedIn company page to the new options. This will help your page look authentic and thus pull more traffic.


How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page 2021

In 2021, there are new updates on how to customize your LinkedIn company page and make it outstanding. Below are a few LinkedIn page optimization options for 2021.


     1. Logo Images:

Using your company logo as the profile picture of your LinkedIn page shows that the page is authentic. This is because when clients see the logo, they recognize it and know that they are in the right place.

Statistics show that companies with their logos as their profile picture get more traffic on their page than companies that don’t.

The official image size, as stated by LinkedIn, is 1200×200 pixels. Makes sure you use this size correctly to have a good image representation.

Also, you can have a banner or flier on the page to promote your company or for advertisement. Similarly, you might want to optimize your LinkedIn profile with your headshot as you don’t want to entirely reply on your LinkedIn page to promote your business


     2. Company Headline:

This optimization feature is also called a company tagline. The company headline is the first thing a client will read when viewing your company’s LinkedIn page.

A company headline summarizes what your company is about, what you do, and how you do it.

However, don’t be too wordy. Keep it simple but creative. Also, keep the headline short.

Be sure to use keywords that are related to your line of business. Using keywords helps your company page get found easily.

If you would like to add more to the headlines, you can add it to the page description.


     3. CTA button:

CTA stands for Call To Action. You need to have a targeted Call To Action. Also, makes sure you have the right link in your Call To Action button.

Currently, LinkedIn has provided five options for LinkedIn users to choose from. You can use any of those options and add a link for registration or “visit website.” It’s a quick way to get customers to easily access your products or services.

In addition, you can edit your Call To Action Button. To do this, simply go to the “edit page.” Beneath the header, click on the “buttons” section.


     4. Location:

A LinkedIn page optimization is not finished without adding a location. It is compulsory to add the live location of your business, preferably the headquarters. If your business has smaller branches, you can add all the locations of all the branches.

Also, if your business has international locations, it’s advisable to add them to the page. This enables your page not to be limited to people only in one location, thus, giving you more customers.

Also, having an international location attached to your page attracts potential international partners.

LinkedIn Page Optimization: How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page for 2021 and Beyond


     5. Hashtags:

You should note that hashtags used as part of the page setup are different from hashtags used in your feed. They serve different purposes.

Hashtags on the company page have to be related to your line of business. You can only have up to three of these hashtags.

For hashtags in your feed, you need them to help you get trending posts that you can relate to. Additionally, these hashtags help you rank in the LinkedIn algorithm.

When creating content on LinkedIn, make it interesting, valuable, and of good quality. After making this content, use hashtags that users are most likely to get involved with. This will get you added to the algorithm.


     6. Company updates:

Always post new company products and news. However, don’t end up turning your LinkedIn company page into a direct sales platform. Just stick to news and information.

Let customers and potential customers know the latest news about your company when you have a new product for sale when there’s a new service you’re offering. Always make sure there’s something new on your page. This makes your page constantly busy, with customers coming in to check for the latest news.

Furthermore, you can post useful tips and links related to your business to help customers.


     7. Keywords:

Similar to blogs and websites, you should also use keywords on your official LinkedIn page.

When you use specific keywords on your page, it improves your search results. Also, it enables your page to rank high in search results when such keywords are searched for.

If you’re finding it difficult to find out what keywords to use, you can use the same keywords you used on your website. Precisely the one you used to get found.


     8. URL:

To boost your presence on LinkedIn, you should customize your URL. A URL that is easy to read and is new helps LinkedIn users easily find your page.

Changing your URL doesn’t reduce your traffic in any way. Also, creating a new URL doesn’t automatically.

The perfect URLs are short and easily stick to our memories. URLs like that are easy to share, especially for your followers.

In addition, it makes the page URL SEO optimized. With that, you can get more visibility on search result pages.

Creating a custom URL for your company’s LinkedIn page is quite easy. All you need to do is go to the admin tools section. Click on ‘edit public URL.’

Type in your new URL in the empty box and save your changes.


     9. Company description:

Make sure that your company description has current information. Using outdated information for your description may give customers wrong or outdated information about your brand.

Let people know how qualified your company is. That’s where you can add awards or special certificates your company has earned. People need to know where your company stands in a particular business world now.

That’s why you need your company’s description updated. It needs to have your latest achievements as a company.

Commonly, LinkedIn company pages add their keywords and important links to the company description. This helps a lot since the LinkedIn company page is very search engine friendly.


     10. Specialties:

Basically, specialties are like keywords for your company page. They relate to the services and products your company offers.

These specialties help people easily find your business.

You can have up to 20 specialties. The more specialties you add, the more keywords are on your page, and the easier it is to find your page.

LinkedIn page optimization is good for LinkedIn company pages. Ensure that your company page is complete and constantly updated. Having a complete profile gives customers quality information about your company.

Some other LinkedIn page optimization options are:

  • Post frequently
  • Link your employees to your page
  • Use “Content feature.”
  • Showcase pages
  • New page admin roles



LinkedIn is a great platform for businesses. There are so many options to help boost your company, especially with the new optimization features.

LinkedIn page optimization is a great way for companies on LinkedIn to create a beautiful profile for their page. A good profile attracts more traffic. By using the new company page features, you stand to gain more customers for your business.

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