Instagram has very smoothly taken over the digital market. There exist thousands of brands in the online market, and each one is working aggressively to make their presence count. Leveraging Instagram feeds to make your business grow is the wisest thing one can do in such situations. This article focuses on the top 5 Instagram for Travel & Hospitality Marketing in 2021

Instagram was initially launched as a photo-sharing app, but now it has outgrown that image and has taught people the art of making money by posting beautiful and meaningful pictures. Numerous people from distinct places post numberless feeds on Instagram each day, this has made Instagram the most favored social media platform.

Travel and hospitality brands have mastered the art of posting breathtaking photos on Instagram that will bring you to a halt while scrolling through your Instagram feed.

Instagram and its feeds have become an important asset for tourism and hospitality brands as Instagram feed help these brands gaining a lot of public attention in a minimum time.

Best usage of Instagram for Travel and Hospitality marketing in 2021!

#1 Post feeds with high resolution:

Instagram feed with high resolution always has higher chances of getting more attention, as they are very attractive and give a crystal clear view of the place. Posting captivating and interesting Instagram stories on your Instagram feed is the best way to sow the seed of tourism in the users’ mind by triggering their interest.

It is not necessary to post the picture in square cut, the shape of the image has got nothing to do with the engagement, though it has been a topic of concern.

The degree of appeal that your Instagram feed gives is the best portrayal of the establishment of your business and builds an impressive image of your brand in the public eye. This thereby helps you in increasing your conversion rates and sales.

#2 Consistency in Image/ layout design:

Consistency is one of the most underestimated or overestimated when using Instagram for travel & hospitality marketing. Maintaining a consistent Instagram feed theme helps in making lasting impressions on visitors. However, you’ll want to avoid overusing templates/styles to reduce design burnout in your audience. Posting the same exact style of content gives an Instagram Feed a systematic look.

Every image you post should be of consistent theme design but offer slight variations to keep the audience engaged. There are a variety of image editing tools out there, find one that best fits your needs & devices.

You can achieve this consistency by editing your pictures in a specific manner and using a particular color scheme. Thus, this makes your brand style stand out by showing its fantastic orchestration strategy.

#3 Post engaging stories:

Instagram stories are the simplest and the most enthralling way of displaying any hotel, restaurant or a tourist destination. It gives the quick glance of those places in a very creative manner that instantly comes to your users’ attention.

Instagram stories are consequently taking over the world with their amazing editing and displaying features. They have now become the most popular part of Instagram as they are displayed on the top of your screen that reduces its chance of getting ignored.

You can ask your consumers to post the videos from their trip and mention your brand on them so that they can be used to influence other users too and increase your customer base incredibly.

#4 Best use of hashtags:

Hashtags have the power to make or break your brand name. Hashtags play an essential role in increasing your reach to a great number of users. When people search for a particular hashtag, your page appears on the top, thereby increasing your brand visibility. It also helps you in recognizing your target followers and also what are they searching for.

Instagram allows you to use a maximum of 30 hashtags per feed, but it is recommended to use only 5 to 6 of them. Using irrelevant hashtags restricts the good traffic to your brand and makes your page spammy with blocks. This, therefore, helps you in gaining potential customers for your brand and make good profits from it.

#5 Collaborating with right influencers:

The number of followers of an influencer does not make it the best, average or the bad one. Choosing the best influencer can be a tough job, as they have the capability of bringing a good amount of users to your page.

While choosing an influencer for your brand, there are few things that you must keep in your mind; the influencer should outnumber your followers in some aspect. The influencer that you collaborate with should be well respected in its field with sound knowledge of it. And the most important thing is, there should exist a level of synchronization between you and the influencer.

Bonus Tip – Embed Instagram feed on your Travel and Hospitality website!

This is turning out to be a very impactful strategy to make your business boom in the online market. Owning tourism, travel and hospitality business is not an easy task, thus it requires a lot of marketing and advertising to make your brand stand out.

Embed Instagram feed on your website will conveniently display your brand authentically and win the faith of your visitors. You can use images, reviews, posts shared by your customers on your website. Displaying the reviews of your customers is very important in attracting new visitors’ attention.

Not only this, customers can post Instagram feeds based on their experience and mention/ tag you in them, this increases your reach in the double rate and makes your brand extremely popular. This will help to boost faith in your brand which subsequently increases visitors and conversions for your business.


Instagram serves as the best social media platform for the travel and hospitality businesses. It owns the power to manipulate users’ minds with its alluring feeds and creative edits.

Posting astounding pictures on Instagram and then using them on your e-commerce website gives you the opportunity to attract customers by giving them a visual treat of travel & tourism and stay experiences.

Instagram is the best way to share experiences for avid travelers and can influence other users to plan a travel vacation. Finding intriguing and amazing pictures of the destinations allows you to lure your users to make decisions about their trip, be it the stay or the mode of travel.

Therefore, Instagram is a gold mine for tourism, travel, and hospitality marketing, bringing huge traffic to their brand in a very short span of time and making their business bloom magnificently. Just check and use the above-mentioned tips of Instagram for travel & hospitality marketing and achieve your business goals.

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