Instagram says on its blog that it is testing paid “fan subscriptions” with a few content providers. Subscribers will have access to exclusive content, such as Instagram live streams and stories, which will not be shown to those who are not subscribers to the account – Instagram subscriptions feature.

Instagram will become partly paid – would you pay €100 a month to follow your favorites?

Currently, ten American publishers allow the Instagram subscriptions feature. With this social network you can take a certain list of services, like edit my paper, and follow the people who provide these services. Are there any conditions under which you get more? When subscribing, subscribers are marked with a special token when, for example, they comment on photos and videos in the account.

Instagram does not take, at least for now, part of the money earned by content creators on the platform. Instagram said that this decision will be valid at least until 2023 and will also apply to new subscription activity.

When you sign up for an account that allows Instagram subscriptions feature, you will see a special “Follow” button under your account details. After clicking it, Instagram will tell you how much the subscription costs per month. The content creator decides how much to charge – from 0.99 to 99.99 euros.

Instagram is experimenting with paid content (Instagram subscriptions), and it could be just the beginning.

Instagram is currently experimenting with a paywall for influencer content in the US. Some typer essay influencers believe that social media paywalls are the future.

This is no joke: Instagram is testing a feature that will charge users $99 a month.

Instagram is letting a select few content creators test or essay auto typer a feature that will allow them to monetize the platform in a more straightforward way. The Instagram subscriptions feature model allows them to sell content to their fans for a monthly fee.

Instagram subscriptions program allows content creators to offer paid content to their followers, which could mean story updates or live events, auto essay typer special service for paying fans only. However, the feature is presumably still taking shape.

There are eight different monthly fees, ranging from $0.99 to $99.

  • In addition to the extra content, the money will give the user a special tag for their nickname so that the paying fan’s comments stand out from those of regular followers under that person’s posts.

Instagram does not plan to take any cut, at least not yet this year, and content creators who participate in the test will get to keep all the proceeds.

So far, the Instagram subscriptions feature is only available to ten US-based Instagram celebrities and their US followers.

More statistics

Among services, Facebook is by far the most popular for news consumption and rewrite essay typer, while the use of news on WhatsApp and Instagram is growing. You don’t usually look for news on social media, but you will find it there. Reasons for using YouTube, Snapchat, and TikTok for news were cited as fun and entertaining. The added value of Twitter was the freshness of news, discussions, and comments.

  • Free online media such as Yle, MTV, and Ilta-Sanomat are gaining popularity the fastest online. The increase in demand caused by the coronavirus pandemic also seems to have benefited MTV and Yle online the most. The popularity of these services has increased, especially among those who do not pay for online news.


  • Paying for online news is slowly growing. This year, one-fifth of national respondents paid for Verkkuutis, which is one percentage point more than in the previous year. Almost half of those who paid said they ordered Helsingin Sanomat, and almost a third the provincial newspaper. Verkkuutis is more likely to be paid for by men, young, wealthy, highly educated, interested in politics, and tied to the local community.


  • Very few, i.e., only one-fifth, of respondents who paid for online news say that they pay for at least two different news services. The most typical is to order a national and local edition simultaneously. Some said they also subscribe to the newspaper of their current and former place of residence online or to an additional and detailed news service in addition to the daily news offering.


  • Respondents stand out among others for getting their news online directly from news sites and apps, and this trait has only increased. Already, more than 70 percent of respondents are looking for a way directly to media services for free essay typer. Of the other countries compared, only Norwegians resemble the respondents in this respect. In other countries, finding news through other channels, such as social networks with essay typer unblocked services or search engines, is more typical. Overall, the position of traditional media in online news is extremely strong. Of the newsletters in the online news collection, 10 percent of people are said to find it for easy essay typer.


  • Is supporting private media with public funds of essay typer bot service type opposed? However, many respondents could not answer the question on the topic.


  • Respondents believe that the news fairly and adequately represents their reference group. The most common perception was the feeling of injustice due to the visibility and interpretation of their own political views in the news or argumentative essay typer service subscribe. This was especially true for those who invested in right-wing political forces, but most felt that the reporting was fair even among them. People with low incomes were also more dissatisfied with news about their own social and material class with essay typer cases than people with high incomes.


So, we hope you’ve learned a thing or two about the new Instagram subscriptions feature. Got any questions? Do let us know.


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