Instagram is one of the social apps with the most creators. The metaverse company keeps tuning the app regularly, optimizing it every day for the better to make your experience with the app as uncanny as possible. Instagram has introduced the new Instagram subscription feature for creators. This feature enables creators to have a better experience with creating content.


Key Takeaways

Instagram is a whole different world on its own. Creators of different genres and millions of users in one space. Everybody deserves a beautiful time on the app.

With that, Meta came up with a new way to make users enjoy the best content and make content creators gain the profits of their quality content. The new Instagram subscription feature for creators enables Instagram users to subscribe to their favourite creators. Through their subscription, they are eligible for the best content from that creator.

Also, they get some exclusive features such as subscriber live, subscriber stories, and subscriber badges. These features narrow down to ensure that the user enjoys VIP treatment and quality content.


The New Instagram Subscription Feature for Creators

The Metaverse company has been working on this feature for a while, and they first tried it out with Facebook in 2020. In 2020, they introduced Facebook subscriptions for creators.

The feature has turned out a success. It’s helped creators build sustainable businesses powered by the support of their communities. Due to the positive feedback, the Metaverse company decided to take this business model to creators on the Instagram app.

This new feature means that content creators on Instagram will be able to earn a monthly income. Of course, this income depends on how much content they create and how many engagements it gets. Also, if you want to get into the online content-creating business, you can make good money.

You don’t need to rely solely on a YouTube channel anymore. Instead, creators can develop deeper connections with their most engaged fans with the new Instagram subscription features for creators. Also, creators can grow their recurring monthly income by giving subscribers access to exclusive content and benefits.

A few weeks ago, Instagram started testing the new subscription feature with a handful of creators. They could set a monthly price of their choice and unlock a “subscribe button” on their profile. You may notice this if you’ve joined the Instagram app’s beta program and followed some of the creators the feature is being tested on.

Needless to say, subscribed fans will get more exclusive and high-quality content compared to unsubscribed fans.


Exclusive Features of the New Instagram Subscription Feature for Creators

Here’s a peek at some of the exclusive content you’ll be getting access to once you subscribe to your favourite creator’s page.


     1. Subscriber lives

Instagram content creators will be able to broadcast their entire lives to their subscribed audience. This gives them free space to engage and connect more deeply. In detail, they can ask questions, make suggestions, etc.


     2. Subscriber stories

Instagram content creators will be able to create stories just for you and all their other subscribers. Also, they will be able to share exclusive story content with their fans and use interactive story stickers with only their most engaged audience.


     3. Subscriber badges

Instagram content creators will be able to see a subscriber badge next to your profile in messages and comments. This will surely make your questions and suggestions a priority to them. Unfortunately, the feature is still in its testing phase and is only available to many U.S Instagram content creators.

There is no specific data that all creators will make these features available. However, the Meta company plans to expand access to more and more creators as positive feedback inevitably starts coming in.

You can be sure that before the year is through if you’re a devoted fan, you’ll be able to support your favourite Instagram content creators through subscriptions. And, if you’re an Instagram content creator, you can be sure you’ll be able to set your own Instagram subscription prices.

You have to keep making quality content to motivate your fans to subscribe to your channel.


Reviews From the Content Creators

Now, aside from what the Metaverse company has announced, you may be wondering what people’s opinions are about this feature. Three had something to say among the 10 U.S Instagram content creators given access to the quality.

Basketball player Sedona Prince, model Kelsey Cook, and digital creator Lonnie IIV have said they like the feature. They said it’s a better way to engage and connect even more with their most devoted audience.

Nevertheless, these content creators already had a large audience, large base and were probably monetizing elsewhere. So it’s the smaller fish in the sea that most people are thrilled about.

Usually, content creators need to be verified with the blue badge to get paid by Instagram. Even with that, not all of them got paid as it depends on many things and it varies. But with this new feature, all Instagram content creators, however low, can receive payment for their following.

They need to unlock the purple badge themselves, set their prices, and start getting paid without ever worrying about getting the blue verification badge first.


Effects of the New Instagram Subscription Feature for Creators

As attractive and wholesome as this new feature is, it has some downsides. As content creators start flocking to Instagram and Facebook, they’ll leave YouTube dry. Thus, some fans may feel they’re being sidelined or ignored.

Knowing human nature, it’s easy to predict that some Instagram content creators will surely misuse this new subscription feature. They’ll use it consistently and deprive their unsubscribed fans of their wholesome content. This negates the goal of the part.

If some Instagram content creators use only the subscription feature to make their content, unsubscribed fans may feel sidelined and ignored. This makes them feel unmotivated to ever subscribe in the foreseeable future.

Another thing is that this is a breakthrough in the social media industry. All social media apps are free and monetized through ads. Content creators get money from their fans through merch sales, other forms of sales, or fans’ support.

It’s understandable why creators want to take advantage of the subscription feature to the fullest.

Besides, in 2021, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of the Metaverse company, hinted that someday Facebook might not be free anymore. He said this while his company was under fire for misusing user information before sharing it.

People laughed at this, and they made lots of jokes about how no person in their right mind could pay to use the Facebook app. But, what if this new subscription feature being introduced on both apps is a step in that direction? Even though people will be paying their favourite content creators, a percentage will be going through the Metaverse company’s apps first. It’d be unwise to make any allegations or develop any theories right now, but these are possible facts.

Despite the effects, this new Instagram subscription feature is excellent. It’s a step in the right direction towards letting audiences support their favourite content creators directly. Even with its downsides, most Instagram users will be satisfied in one way or another.



The new Instagram subscription feature for creators is the most recent upgrade to the Instagram app. The Metaverse team has worked tirelessly to make all their social apps comfortable and give users the best experience.

With the new Instagram subscription feature for creators, we can enjoy high-quality content, and the creators can enjoy high-quality pay.

What are your thoughts on the new Instagram subscription feature for creators? Please let us know in the comments below.


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