Video marketing, slowly but steadily, is becoming integral to impressive social media marketing. And, there is an underline story in most videos. In fact, vertical videos transversely social media associated with brands are thriving to craft more engaging and fascinating content. Similarly, the popularity and acceptance of YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram stories is showcasing this global trend. Instagram is a massive platform with 500 million Instagrammers accessing their profile every day, so no other forum is close to this digital media. This is the reason why you may use this platform as influencer marketing for your brand. Specifically, this article will show you how to use Instagram stories for influencer marketing.


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5 ways to Use Instagram Stories for Influencer Marketing:

  1. Go for Fleeting presentation
  2. Leverage your story
  3. Making it more engaging through polls and Q&A sessions
  4. Showcase the current products
  5. Partner with Micro and Nano influencers



Effect of influencer Marketing on Instagram

A solo effort may not be enough to bring the desired effect to your brand. Influencer marketing is another feasible option to promote your brand. But For that, you have to find the right influencer who can promote the brand on Instagram to the target audience in a fascinating fashion. To motivate the influencer, you need to give incentives in cash or kind. The statistic shows influencer marketing on Instagram does impact the audience. It is indeed worth investing both time and money in influencer marketing. Here are some facts about influencer marketing:


  • 80% of marketers admit influencer marketing is useful, and 89% say it is standard.
  • 49% of consumers pay heeds to influencer recommendations, and 60% get influenced by it.
  • The main aims of influencer marketing are to increase brand awareness (85%), creating a new audience (71%), and generating sales and conversion (64%).


There are 5 ways to Use Instagram Stories for Influencer Marketing:


1.    Go for Fleeting presentation

Contrasting other social media posts, Instagram stories remain on the profile just for a day, and this feature makes it unique and dissimilar. Therefore, you have to craft an Instagram story that will not be a mere tool for a promotional video. In fact, Instagram is a beautiful platform to start campaigning for the product. 1/3rd of the posted Instagram stories come from a business house. In truth, one out of five stories gets direct communication from viewers.


2.    Leverage your story

Instagram story is a tool to express innovative ideas and aspirations; Also, it opens the horizon of creativity. Add a dash of color, and spice up the story by inserting emojis, GIFs, location tags, and other features. In addition, you can use Instagram video editor to make the visuals more appealing and engaging.


3.    Making it more engaging through polls and Q&A sessions

Make it more interactive, engaging with question-answer sessions and polls. Furthermore, you can track the influencer marketing campaign using different analytical tools. The swipe uplinks (for profiles with more than ten thousand followers) allow interacting with viewers through a direct call to action. This barometer helps you measure the impact of influencer marketing on the audience. If you opt to use Instagram stories for influencer marketing promotion, you must leverage and create Instagram story videos through various themes and templates available on InVideo.


Make your target audience feel at home and engage through the Instagram poll sticker. Besides, asking a few very questions through the influencer to the audience makes them feel they are a part of the brand and campaign. Instagram stories and polls are a great tool to introduce a new brand in the market. When BMW launched a new electric model, BMWi3, it invited influencers for a test drive. Before the launch, there was social gossip about the new model; word of mouth significantly impacted the target audience. In pools, the company asked if they availed the test drive and how the experience was. The audience answered in stories, which were a magnificent experience.


4.    Showcase the current products

 Before you launch a new product in the market, exhibit it in the domain of influencer stories to create fanfare in social media. Influencers create awareness, utility, functionality about the product through their captivating stories. You can create a separate URL or promo code for each influencer; through this, you can gauge how the campaign is peaking up. Make an influencer part of the gala promotional event. Whether it is a small gathering or buzzing party, influencers make a noticeable difference. The influencer tells the story about the party on social media in the most beautiful and charismatic way keeping the audience on their edges.


5.    Partner with Micro and Nano influencers

To reap the utmost benefit collaborates with influencers. Instagram stories with Instagram influencers are deadly permutation. Influencer marketing is gaining popularity and foothold in Instagram advertisements. The trend is growing as many more entrepreneurs see the advantage of partnering with influencers who have a decent following. Almost 33% of the Instagram channels are more micro-influencers. Mega influencers who have almost 5 million followers, only constitute 1% of influencers.


Micro and nano influencers do not have celebrity attitudes tending to be more truthful and dependable. Their acceptance in the audience is more as they are like regular citizens and customers. When a micro-influencer vouches for a product, it seems more like a close friend or family member’s recommendation than a stunning expensive celebrity endorsement. This makes a difference when you try to launch new products or to explore uncharted audiences.



Influencer marketing increases brand awareness and equity attracts organic traffic to your website and conveys the brand’s idea and aspirations to the audience. These content creators promote the vision and brand to a suitable audience through various social media, including the most popular Instagram. An influence is more like social proof than an advertising tool. Word of mouth marketing and social proof has become an integral part of a modern marketing strategy. People are more willing to trust friends, peers, and people with integrity than companies with traditional advertisements or celebrity endorsements. Finally, we hope you’ve learnt some things on how to use Instagram stories for influencer marketing. Check below for other interesting reads.


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