Instagram shop tab ads are ads that are seen on the shop tab on Instagram. Instagram recently introduced this feature. When you hear about IG shop tab ads, don’t think it’s the same as ads on Instagram shop. Ads on IG shop have been available for a long time now. Also, it’s an entirely different feature.


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If there is any social media app constantly bringing in new features, it is Instagram. The new IG shop tab ads are a form of ads displayed in tiles in the shop tab. With enough details being displayed, IG users can easily make a choice and shop from the ads. The IG shop tab ads is an excellent addition for Instagram business owners.


What is Instagram Shop Tab Ads?

With this addition, the ads involved will appear as tiles on the homepage of the Instagram shop tab. Furthermore, when you click on the ad in that space, it will take you to another page. This page is called the Product Details page. Instagram shop tab ads are the newest addition to the Instagram shop tab feature. Specifically, this feature works best for Instagram business owners. In August, Instagram Business Team released an update concerning the new feature.

In more detail, the Product Details Page is a place where you get to learn more. Besides, what you are learning on that page involves everything about the item being sold.

You can also view additional imagery. In addition to that, you can browse other products that belong to the brand. There is also an option for the Instagram user to save the particular product to a wishlist.

Also, you can share the ads with Instagram friends. If you find the ad offensive or disturbing, you may wish to hide or report it. This prevents you from seeing the ad again.


What’s More?

Even though Instagram has announced the addition of the IG shop tab ads feature, it is not yet fully out. This means the feature is still undergoing tests.

However, IG has selected a few big brands to partner with. These brands are fully involved in the testing of the IG shop tab ads. Some of them are Away, Clare Paint, and Fenty beauty. The brands listed are top-rated brands that sell different products.

Since the shop tab ads are not yet available for all Instagram users, it is hard to say what the feature will become. Consequently, what to expect other than what we have been told is still blurry.

Despite that, credible information has been put together. In summary, the main idea of the tab ads is simple. While you’re scrolling through the shop tab, ads pop up on the feed with items that are for sale.

The tiles will contain the item of interest. Then there will be detailed descriptions of each item. These descriptions involve the price, the size, the type, and whatever is necessary.

IG users can add the item of their choice to a cart (the wish list mentioned earlier). Also, the user may choose to buy the object now (select buy now) or scroll down to select some other items. It’s a lovely feature.


How Does Instagram Shop Tab Ads Affect Instagram Business?

Instagram Shop Tab Ads

Core followers of Instagram, who have constantly been updating themselves with the latest Instagram-related information, know this answer.

Over the past few years, Instagram has been making a lot of effort. These efforts are primarily focused on trying to be more than a picture or video uploading social app. Instagram has been making business efforts to help brands on the platform.

The ads are one of the newest efforts Instagram has made for Instagram business owners. This feature is of great benefit to businesses on the platform.

With what the Instagram business team stated, the ad feature helps give products more visibility and gain more audience. Eventually, the audience becomes customers.

Business owners or brand owners on IG should leverage it for their products. Both big and small businesses.

With how many Instagram users are on the platform, Instagram shopping has become more rampant. The chances of your products being viewed and shopped are very high, especially with how the feature is presented. The shop tab ads affect Instagram businesses positively and stand to get a lot of support from IG fans.

When more details about this new feature are out, how to get an Instagram shop tab ad will be explained. Just like we have been updating you on any information we get, we will keep you posted once the information is ready.


Slowly but steadily, Instagram is getting a name as a good business and social media platform. With the new Instagram shop tab ads feature, businesses stand to gain a lot. Thus, Instagram also stands to gain a lot.

I hope you had a fantastic cruise browsing along with this page, or you learned something new? What are your thoughts? Please, share with us. We would be delighted to hear from you.


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