Instagram has taken the initiative to come up with novel features to motivate and encourage people to stay inside & in their homes to flatten the curve of the Coronavirus pandemic

As per CNN, an increasing number of states have already ordered all their residents to stay locked down at their homes. Since the entire United States is grappling with the impact of the rapidly spreading COVID-19 pandemic, the entire health care system in a precarious situation. Even though it has been advised by the White House to keep practicing social distancing, even now the coronavirus cases are on the rise. Hence, governors are compelled to take stricter action by issuing stern orders of staying at home. 

The best way for people to keep themselves occupied and entertained is to interact on their various social media accounts. Instagram has responded to the current scenario by coming up with certain novel and useful features; to help you glide through gloomy days and tackle times of depression with courage and a positive spirit.

Instagram’s ‘Stay Home’ Feature

Instagrammers are now having the option of adding a novel feature Stay Home sticker to their Instagram Stories. Showing others the way they are enjoying and spending their time fruitfully while maintaining social distancing. The users who start using the sticker would be having their stories incorporated into a shared story. This allows other Instagrammers to view all stories that are associated with this novel feature called the ‘Stay Home’. This sticker is presently available for everybody for use on either Android or iOS.

instagram stay at home

Tips to Use Stay Home Sticker by Instagram

Let us explore some ideas to use the amazing new sticker on Instagram.


You could share with your ardent followers on the platform some effective work-from-home tricks and tips for maximizing efficiency and productivity and adapting seamlessly to a whole new work environment.


You could demonstrate effective ways you have managed to adapt to the idea of having your children locked up in the house 24×7. You could offer some smart tips and ideas to other parents who are going crazy wondering how to keep their little ones busy, happy, and suitably entertained. 

Fitness Buffs: 

This is your opportunity to proudly share all your effective at-home fitness regimen and secrets with other users on Instagram. Everyone is waiting anxiously for some fitness tips to keep them going while gyms are all closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 


You are used to working from home throughout the year. This is a great opportunity for you to share your experience and tell other users how to effectively run both the home and office fronts and come out with optimum efficiency and productivity. They would be immensely benefitted by your experience.

instagram stay at home

Co-Watching With Friends

Co-Watching is supposed to be a novel feature that facilitates Instagrammers to view certain Instagram posts together, interact, and have a gala time. This is a great effort at boosting social interaction on a virtual platform to successfully implement social distancing in real life. Co-Watching lets users keep browsing Instagram with their friends via a video chat. This feature is rightly referred to as Co-Watching and it lets Instagrammers start direct message conversations for checking out certain saved, suggested, and liked pictures and videos while video chatting.  

As per Search Engine Journal, multiple friends could be connecting through a video chat and keep browsing certain content primarily as a group. Even though on paper things sound pretty weird and unconventional since people have not been usually getting together and browsing Instagram feeds together. However, in these times of social distancing life is anything but normal so we could try out something novel with the hope of having some delightful moments despite these distressing times. Such innovative ideas and initiates could keep us cool, sane, and socially connected in these trying circumstances. 

Users could be starting a video chat simply by tapping on the precise video chat icon present in an already existing DM thread or the DM inbox. Your friends could see from there, videos and pictures that have been liked, saved, and recommended simply by tapping the picture icon present in the left corner at the bottom while the video chat is in progress. This is another sensible means of staying connected and staying in touch with your dearest pals during these troubled times.


Instagram has not only launched these wonderful features to keep everyone at home and well-connected. Moreover, it has taken some additional initiatives too. You would be finding more educational resources in current Instagram search results. Instagram has incorporated stickers for promoting accurate COVID-19 information. It is making concerted efforts at removing all fake or unauthoritative coronavirus content unless the content has been posted by WHO or other credible health organizations. Instagram has come up with the novel donation sticker for helping users locate relevant nonprofits for supporting the coronavirus victims and other people in distress.

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