We have received emails from readers seeking the best tips for Instagram giveaways. After thorough research and findings, we have come up with helpful tips for Instagram giveaways. It is a proven fact that everyone loves free stuff. Something in the human psyche triggers an emotional response from us when we get something for nothing. This is what makes an Instagram giveaway a powerful tool.

Running a successful Instagram giveaway can have a great impact on your business brand. In this post, we have put together the best tips for hosting engaging Instagram giveaways. These tips will serve as your guide to having an impactful Instagram giveaway for your customers and brand loyalists.

Before we go on with our tips for Instagram giveaways, let’s take you through the reasons why you should run an Instagram giveaway.

Reasons Why You Should Run an Instagram Giveaway

If you plan your Instagram giveaway, it will help you grow your audience and increase your customers’ loyalty. It will also help to boost engagement with your posts on Instagram. Instagram giveaways are great ways to start a long-term relationship with your customers and fans.

Engaging in an Instagram giveaway will help you:

Attract More followers 

Instagram accounts that engage in giveaways grow about 70% faster than the ones that don’t.

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Increase Post Engagement

When you put out an Instagram giveaway, more people will be drawn to interact and engage with your post. An increase in engagement sends a signal to Instagram to feature your content more regularly. This acts as social proof for your product and business brand.

Builds Strong Relationships with Your Audience

When you give something to someone, it fosters an emotional relationship between you and the receiver.

Also, giveaways can encourage followers to share and submit user-generated content (UGC) on upcoming products. Now that you have a good understanding of the benefits of Instagram giveaways let’s explore the tips for Instagram giveaways.


Top 10 Tips For Instagram Giveaways

Are you looking for the best and effective Instagram giveaway tips? Here are the ones at the top of our list:

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1. Know What You Want Out of the Giveaway

If there is nothing you want from your giveaway program, you are giving something out for free. Although this is good for your followers, it doesn’t serve any business purpose for you. Before you start with your giveaway project, you need to determine what you want out of it. The target or objective will determine every other decision you make along the line, including the content, prize, etc.

2. Have a Good Understanding of Instagram Rules and Regulations

Once you have your target objective, the next is to familiarize yourself with Instagram rules and regulations. You need to understand what Instagram requires from you before you can get such a thing done. You wouldn’t want a situation where you announce your giveaway and your account get banned because you violated Instagram’s rules.

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3. Select a Prize/Reward that Your Audience will Love

This is one of the best tips for Instagram giveaways. Without an enticing prize, your target audience will most likely not engage with your giveaway. It would be best if you thought about how you can offer something valuable and on-brand. Don’t make the mistake of announcing a prize that is not related in any way to your product or brand. Let the prize be something that will always remind the winner of your product and business brand. It must also be valuable to the winner.

4. Describe Your Giveaway in a Catchy Fashion

Now that the giveaway’s prize is ready, it’s time for you to create your Instagram post that describes the giveaway. This will serve as a guide for your followers to know more about the giveaway. It would be best to think about how your followers would want to engage with your post (through shares or comments). Then, you have to tailor the content to those needs.

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5. Promote Your Instagram Giveaway

This is one of the most important and helpful tips for Instagram giveaways. If you don’t find a way to promote your giveaway, there is no way it will get the desired engagement. You can promote your giveaway with ads, hire influencers to talk about it, or engage bloggers. Whatever form will effectively reach your target audience, you must explore it.

6. Keep the Rules Simple

Yes, you need to have a set of rules to streamline the people to take part in your Instagram giveaway. However, it would help if you kept it simple and straightforward. Nobody wants to go through any stress in order to qualify for your giveaway. The nature of your rules will go a long way in determining the number of people to participate in your giveaway.

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7. It Shouldn’t Last too Long

As you decide on the length of time your giveaway will last, please don’t make the mistake of thinking the longer it lasts, the more people will participate. A limited time frame gives your target audience a sense of urgency, and you should leverage that. Generally, your giveaways should last anywhere from 5-7 days with a max of 10.

Pro Tip: Extend your giveaway by a max of 1-2 days after the announced deadline to increase last-minute entries.

8. Use Specific Hashtags for Your Instagram giveaway.

A strong Instagram hashtag strategy can drastically increase reach. Always use hashtags that relate to your brand and products. Using the hashtags like #giveaway #contest will only attract random people looking to join any contest they can find. Streamline your giveaway hashtags to target those people that you want to have as followers and customers.

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9. Be Transparent When Choosing Winner(s)

Once your Instagram giveaway comes to an end, you need to select a winner or winners. You must ensure the process of choosing the winner(s) is transparent and fair to everyone that took part in it. One wrong approach and outcome will be the opposite of what you set out to achieve. Give all participants the feeling that they were considered before reaching the decision.

10. Don’t Engage in Loop Giveaways.

Most people employ loop giveaways to gain followers on Instagram quickly. Although such an approach might get you followers, the unfollowing rate after the end of the giveaway is very high. This method is very time-consuming, and many users quit mid-way through the loop. Once the giveaway starts, participants find themselves following numerous accounts they don’t have interest in.


Top 3 Apps For Instagram Giveaways To Make Your Life Easier


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This platform was built specifically to pick winners at random for giveaways on all platforms. AppSorteos has a variety of methods to choose winners, everything from name wheel, number generator, comment picker, and more. The platform is a paid service after 500 entries, so if you have a mega giveaway expect to incur some small managerial costs.


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One bottleneck of Instagram Giveaways is the actions the contestants need to take to enter. Far too often, Giveaway Hosts want to maximize the number of actions contestants need to take to enter. However, having too many actions to enter deters a lot of people. That’s where Gleam.io comes into play, they create an easy action menu for contestants. Allowing Hosts to maximize actions, while driving all their giveaway traffic to one place.


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If you’re looking to really go all out with your Instagram Giveaway. Then ShortStack might be the perfect thing for you. ShortStack allows you to create landing pages, emails, and more all in their developer’s dashboard. Get access to a ton of features that let you customize the contestants’ journey from start to finish. Best of all, you get a ton of data analytics along with this. So you can double back to see where and whom your giveaway was most effective for.


These tips for Instagram giveaways are simple and easy to follow. If you want to have a successful Instagram giveaway, follow these helpful tips to the latter. You can also choose any of the apps for Instagram giveaways to make your life easier. Engaging in an Instagram giveaway is a proven method to improve your brand awareness and gain more followers.

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