Using Instagram for artist works is a profitable business venture, but you have to understand how it is done. In recent times, marketing on social media and Instagram, in particular, has become a profitable business practice. Learning how to build a following on Instagram as an artist is essential for your business’s growth.

Instagram has become an essential tool to help artists build networks and careers. It is not enough for you to be on Instagram as an artist. You need to learn how to make your artwork go viral on Instagram and grow your art Instagram account. In fact, Instagram for artists is like a match made in heaven. Therefore, you have to leverage the space to sell your art on Instagram.

There are many successful Instagram artists, and you can become one of them if you pay attention to this guide. This guide on Instagram for artists will teach you how to feature your artwork on Instagram. You will also be exposed to the best way to sell your artwork on Instagram.

Below, you will find the best tips and strategies on how to leverage Instagram for artists. 

Top Strategies for Artists on Instagram

Instagram for Artist

1. Play the Long-term game

There are many artists selling artworks on Instagram and making good money in the process. This has been happening for a long time, but the buyers are only one target audience. Through Instagram, you can connect with people who will show your art, write about your art, or even collaborate on your social practice project. Do you get the point now?

You don’t have to start off with a narrow mindset on the money. Take time to build a good network and watch your art business flourish on Instagram. You can build relationships, networks, and friendships that continue in real life through Instagram.

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2. Define Your Goals 

As an artist learning how to feature your artwork on Instagram, what are your goals? Do you have a set target while leveraging Instagram for artists? If you are trying to get a gallery, group shows are a great way for you to gain visibility. Therefore, in your Instagram posts, you need to catch the attention of curators and gallerists. You can do this by sharing talking points about your work’s theme and intentions, medium, and materials.

If you want a public-art commission or a social-practice residency, create context by posting yourself in such settings. Do you connect with communities through your artwork, or do you work with nature? You need to find a way to convey your special qualities through your post on Instagram. Once you identify your goal, you have to do things that will help bring it to fruition.

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3. Image quality must be top-notch.

If you want to grow your art Instagram account, you need to make sure that your pictures look good. In the art space, image is everything. So, if you cannot get that right, then it is over for your business. What are the things needed to make sure your pictures are engaging and grabbing attention? You have to take your time to shoot, edit, and crop your photos lovingly. That’s not the end; you also need to frame those pictures artfully.

You can use the Instagram app or any good photo-editing apps to tweak your pictures for optimum brightness and clarity. On social media, there is a high bar for originality and inventiveness. Therefore, you have to be careful not to edit your pictures as it might be counterproductive overly. You also need to understand that images don’t work in a vacuum. To sell your artwork on Instagram, you need to see each post as a complete package. The package comprises text, photo or video, emoji, and hashtags to amplify buyers’ message.

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4. Make your profile stand out.

You need to make your profile appealing so that potential followers and customers can get a sense of who you are. Create time to study how others are using highlights (the excerpts from Instagram Stories that appear between your profile and posts). There are lots of ways you can maximize the power of these prominently placed clips to share your message.

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5. Let people see your studio where the “magic” happens.

Showcase your studio on Instagram as a magical place where the material is transformed into exquisite beauties. You can demystify your process using Instagram stories that engage, amuse, and enchant. This is the time to chronicle your process. You must not forget to spotlight your team (if there is any) by sharing collaborative moments with your followers.

You may not have the means to ask people to put you in a show, but you can invite people to come to see your studio. Let people see where it is all happening. It is a good way of bonding with your followers as an Instagram artist.

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How to Build a Following on Instagram as an Artist

You cannot leverage Instagram for artists if you don’t know how to grow your art Instagram account. Here are some tips to help you become a successful Instagram artist:

  • Develop a good strategy to grow your art Instagram account. To grow your account as an artist on Instagram, you need to do more than just your regular sign-ins or activity. Learn to promote your art with ads on Instagram.
  • Learn to leverage hashtags to increase your publicity. If you want to found by people searching for artists like you, then hashtags are indispensable. This is the same reason you pick a theme or genre for your Instagram profile; to make it possible for you to be identified.
  • Engage with your followers as often as possible. If you hope to sell your artwork on Instagram, communication and engagement are paramount. When people make comments on your posts, you also need to comment back and try your best to keep the conversation going.



Instagram for artists is a great way to reach out to a host of people and advertise your artwork. Don’t hesitate to try out good strategies you believe will make you a successful Instagram artist.

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