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Are you trying to figure out how to get featured on the Instagram Explore Page? Instagram’s Explore page is one of the most popular social feeds in all of social media today. Instagrammers all over the globe are searching for proven ways to get featured on the Instagram Explore Page.

Instagram has been a constantly evolving platform with tremendous growth, there are over a billion monthly active users on the platform currently. Therefore, there is massive potential for reach, exposure & engagement on Instagram by getting featured your account featured on the Explore Page.

Just below we are uncovering proven strategies to get your account featured on the Instagram Explore Page. Use these tips below to start getting on the Instagram Explore Page.

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What is the Instagram Explore Page?

Can you remember visiting Instagram to see content that went viral regardless of your interest in it? If yes, that was the former discovery page. As of then, there was no filter to streamline the displaying content to your preferences.

Fortunately, the Instagram Explore Page is constantly being updated to come with newly defined features. The Explore Page on Instagram is now a place where viral & popular content are categorized based on their niche; it even comes with its own shopping tab so Instagram Users can shop on the platform too. The main feed on the Explore Page is a collection of content suggested by the Instagram Algorithm that is based on your interactions & engagement on the platform.

The motive behind this is to tailor the content that you will be seeing based on your activities, your preferences, and what you will enjoy whenever you visit Instagram.


The Latest Updates to the Instagram Explore Tab

Artificial Intelligence is changing everything about information technology, including the functioning of the social media platforms.

Instagram is improving the way its users have access to content by using people’s data to personalize individual Instagram Explore Page. That is why you might not be viewing the same content with the next person beside you.

The Instagram algorithm studies your activities to display the content you would love to watch. The algorithm is smart such that, when your preferences change, it modifies your Instagram Explore page.

As a result of this information, the Instagram algorithm keeps suggesting similar content to your Instagram Explore page, which you might not have come across before now.

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Why Do You Want to Be On the Instagram Explore Page?

The goal of every business owner is to gain popularity for their business. This is not for any reason but to reach a larger audience that could turn to customers. When you get on the Instagram Explore page, your brand generates massive exposure & brand awareness from the massive Instagram community. 

Getting on the Instagram Explore page helps boost your sales, turns prospects into customers, and builds trust in existing customers. You might be wondering the logic behind this. It’s simple. The Instagram Explore page helps to target audiences that might be interested in your brand based on their preferences.

You should consider getting on the Instagram Explore page given the new updates it gets regularly. Let’s not forget to mention that the Instagram Explore page is completely FREE, compared to running Instagram ads.

Are you convince yet? By now, you should start planning to get on the Instagram Explore page, given the benefits it possesses for brand awareness and business growth.


How to Get Featured on the Instagram Explore Page?

Up till this moment, no one can give a befitting explanation of how the Explore page algorithm works. But the content you see is based on your activities on the app, especially your interaction with content.

Now that you realized that content you see is a function of your how you use the app, how can you maximize this vital information?

According to Instagram, content order in your feed depends on the probability that it will be of interest to you. This interest is a function of your relationship with the person posting the content. The time at which the content is posted also plays a part in the order of the content.

Therefore, to get on the Instagram Explore page, you should follow the steps below.

8 Proven Strategies to Get on the Explore Page

1. Feed Your Followers Content They Like

As said earlier, every content you see on your Instagram Explore page is based on the likelihood that it will be of interest to you. Thanks to the Instagram algorithm, that makes this possible.

As a result of this, you must understand your followers’ interest in order to post content they would like to see. Your first encounter with the Instagram Explore page on login will be the content viewed by your network, and things they are interested in.

Knowing what your audience is browsing while you are checking their feeds can help you build content in that regard. This will enable you to build authentic followers and, gradually, you can get closer to their hearts.

They will be willing to come back to the Instagram Explore page for more of your content. So, the questions you should ponder on are;

  • Who are my followers?
  • What do they have an interest in?
  • What have they subscribed to?
  • Who are their followers?
  • Who are they following?
  • What do their activities look like?

If you can answer these questions correctly, understanding their preferences won’t be difficult.

2. Video Content is King

If you want to get on the Instagram Explore page, you should consider sharing video content because it ranks faster and higher than any other content type. The latest Instagram algorithm plays videos automatically, capturing the attention of users quicker than photos.

how to get on the instagram explore page

However, it is important to mention that some photos rank higher if the video content is of poor quality. Viewers tend to stay longer to watch a video than the time they would spend viewing a photo.

Take, for example, you would likely more than a minute see a video of someone or people you like because you are curious about what the content entails.

3. Tell Stories through Self-Explanatory Visuals

Can you tell a story about your brand using visuals? If yes, your business stands a chance of showing up on the Instagram Explore page. You should have it in mind that should contain minimal texts if you want to get the best out of the content.

Visual content gets higher likes and clicks than wordy posts. This is because not all users are ready to read lengthy texts. They want something that passes the message across quickly.

4. Refrain From Reposting People’s Content

You shouldn’t engage in reposting content to boost your chances to get on the Instagram Explore page. Content reposting might catch you some flags for copyright issues, which can hurt your rep with Instagram.

The content gets flagged the moment the algorithm notices a repost, thereby leads to the dropping of such content. Many businesses utilizing the Instagram Explore page don’t know about it. Knowing how the algorithm functions can help you develop quality content that brings you to the Explore page.

Stick to originality; work on your content, and make sure it comes out with top quality. It can get you on the Explore page

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5. Location Tag and Hashtags

Hashtags pull Instagram likes, which create awareness for your content. As the likes keep growing, the content gets to Instagram users that are not your followers. Using at least a hashtag can increase engagement for your brand by up to 14%.

Professionally make use of hashtags to avoid changing the perspective of your audience. A maximum of 30 hashtags can be used on content. However, utilizing 12 is ideal for every content.

If your brand is geography-specific, you might consider using a location tag, especially when your business has to do with fashion, restaurant, and hospitality. Your content will get on the Instagram Explore page when users include location in their search.

6. Engage Your Instagram Followers

Getting your content on the Instagram Explore page requires you to be proactive. You should be available to reply to your followers’ comments. Give your audience only one choice about your brand, which is trust.

The time you spend engaging your followers makes them feel they are interacting with humans, not bots. Regular engagement increases your content chances to get on the Instagram Explore page. Also, it builds loyalty from the perspective of your audience.

Be available to reply to their posts and comments, and they will replicate this on your subsequent content. This will boost your engagement by increasing the likes and the comment on every content you post.

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7. Post Content When Your Audience is Active

Given the volume of content that gets uploaded every minute, posting at the wrong time my see other people’s content rank above yours when your followers are active. This is where your Insight page comes handy. It tells you when your audience is most active.

There are different tools to identify when it’s right for you to post your content. You can analyze your audience’s behavior through tools, and it suggests the peak engagement times for every post.

8. Collaborate with Influencers

You can’t deny the exponential effect an influencer marketer can have on your engagement. However, you shouldn’t tag an influencer if you don’t have any relationship with him/her.

First and foremost, build a relationship with key influencers in your niche. You can reach out to them through their DMs. Start the conversation by introducing yourself and tell them your motive. You are bringing them into the picture that way.

Make them understand what your brand is about and its relevance. If an influencer partners with you, you can rest assured of frequent engagements given the number of followers they possess.

If you are ever going to be in partnership with an influencer, be sure that he/she has a connection to your targeted audience. There higher likelihood of visibility and engagement with new prospects when you work with influencers.


The tips above, if followed properly, will get your brand featured on the Instagram Explore page. Most especially, the video ranking mechanism, given its ability to capture the user’s attention. In addition to posting quality content, you must possess substantial knowledge about your followers and audience.

These are a few of the principles of online marketing that you must know if you want your brand to gain the popularity you envisaged.


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