Have you heard of the new, viral social media platform – Clubhouse? You may have tried to get in through its invite-only system. You have probably even gotten in, and you’re now wondering how to maximize the platform to the benefit of your brand. Here is an ultimate guide to Influencer Marketing at Clubhouse.

Almost every social media platform has rewarded its top users with “influencer” status. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and even LinkedIn have their influencers. The Clubhouse is going that route, too, growing its local celebrities.

But first off, what is Clubhouse?

What is Clubhouse?

The Clubhouse App is an audio-only social media platform. It was designed with the primary aim of providing new means of communication and information sharing.

Valued at around $400 Million sometime in May, this platform has grown to popularity among social media users and celebrities alike.

This application offers a diverse range of topics and niches to choose from. Thus, it is a sticky app that can keep users engaged for long hours. Since it’s like a podcast, you can listen in while multitasking or raise your hands to participate in a discussion.

For business owners, this is a new way to explore and reach new audiences.

Like its predecessors, the Clubhouse platform is growing its long list of celebrities, businesses, and influencers, affecting target audiences’ purchase decisions. For brands looking to expand their audience base, it is essential to know how to find influencers on Clubhouse and the most effective approach to go about Influencer Clubhouse marketing.

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Why You Should Use Clubhouse for Business

The Clubhouse app was not created with marketing as its core. It was designed to offer new ways to connect and share information. However, the increase in its daily usage makes it an ideal choice for business owners to leverage for marketing purposes.

Why should you consider this platform for marketing? Let’s share a few reasons.

Rapidly Build Business Connection: Like the hallway conversations, Clubhouse helps you put your voice to work. This makes it a powerful tool to make business connections.

It Offers True Virality: Clubhouse provides an excellent push notification that informs your followers whenever you start a discussion. This way, your target audience or followers can jump in on the conversation almost immediately.

Real-Time Human Engagement: Clubhouse is a voice-only, real-time communication platform. This means you get to receive immediate human engagement.

Ability to Test Ideas: Looking to test some ideas or get feedback on a plan you have? The clubhouse app is the perfect app for you. You can have your audience listen to your ideas to give input or advice.

The Clubhouse offers an array of niches and discussion groups, making it possible for businesses to target audiences within their industry. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

To make things easy, you might want to consider using Influencer Marketing on ClubHouse.

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How to Hire Clubhouse Influencers

Since Clubhouse is relatively new in the social media space, it is hard to identify your business’s right influencers. So, it might be hard to find the right person for your business.

If you are wondering how to find influencers on Clubhouse, here are some tips to help you with Clubhouse influencer marketing.

1. Your Goals Should be as Clear as Day

Every marketing campaign or activity has an end goal. However, your ability to clearly define yours would influence the success of your plans.

If you are considering Influencer Marketing on Clubhouse, it is essential to know your exact end-goal. This way, you can carefully select the influencer that best meets these needs and measure success effectively.

2. Know Your Audience

No matter the social media platform of choice, having proper knowledge of our target audience is critical. It’s so vital that it can affect the overall performance of your campaign.

So, take the time to understand your target audience, which type of rooms they attend, and what time they engage with Clubhouse content. This attention to detail will help you identify the best influencer for your campaign objectives.

3. Lookout for Relevance

Before looking at other statistics like how well their rooms perform, you should check for relevance first. You need to confirm if their discussion points match with your business goal, image, and overall perspective of your brand.

This is very important as it may affect how people perceive your brand afterward. To check this, you can attend the influencer’s room discussions as an audience to observe how he handles his/her sessions.

4. Focus More on Giving

This is one of the biggest mistakes business owners make. They try to milk as many sales as possible. At Clubhouse, that would be a lot harder to achieve.

The Clubhouse was designed to help its users connect and share information. Thus, when you do Influencer Marketing on Clubhouse, focus your discussion points around sharing relevant information.

By sharing more information, you indirectly compel your audience to want to know more about you. Therefore, they can quickly go find you on other platforms, connect and better engage with you for business.


In Conclusion

Every social media platform already has an influencer program that has helped brands reach their target audience better. Like these platforms, Clubhouse is moving towards an influencer program.

The above makes Clubhouse one of the best platforms to market your products or services if done right. To make this a lot easier for you, you might want to consider hiring influencers’ service on Clubhouse.

These tips above provide you the perfect information to simplify your Influencer Marketing on ClubHouse.

Now, you’re set to get started with Clubhouse influencer marketing for your business.

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