Would you like to know about the best tactics to increase sales on Instagram? If your answer is yes, then this post is for you. It will help you to get your products and brand seen by more people and grow a strong base of customers who really relate to your brand.

Instagram has more than 1 billion monthly users; therefore, it is a perfect platform to market your products. It is not enough to have a product and advertise it on Instagram; you need to understand how things are done. If you fail to learn this pro information, it will be difficult for you to sell more products on Instagram.

Let’s help you get started on how to increase sales on Instagram.


Best Tactics To Increase Sales On Instagram

Here are ways you can generate more sales on Instagram:


1. Create An Optimized Business Instagram Account 

If you want to sell your products on Instagram, your business account must be different from your personal account. You have to understand that marketing is all about your target audience and not about you.

So, those selfies in the Bahamas with your spouse/partner should stay private. Such pictures are not relevant to your customers and won’t get you sales.

Truth be told, “you” should rarely appear on your business brand’s Instagram page. In the next tips, we will explore things that should be seen on your Instagram business page. Below ways on how to optimize your business Instagram account for a better customer appeal:

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Step 1: Include your website link to boost traffic to your site

On Instagram, you have got only one opportunity to drive traffic over to your website directly. The only place your link is clickable is in your bio, right under your name and description at the top of your Instagram account. You must include the link to your online shop or targeted landing page in this spot.

Step 2: Ensure you are recognizable with a consistent name and photo

If the pieces on your business page do not fit together to show what your brand actually is, all your “Instagramming” will be in vain. The essential thing is to remain recognizable.

All your interactions and engagements on Instagram will bear your profile picture. Therefore, you should ensure it is something recognizable and professional.

Step 3: Turn your Instagram profile into a storefront

This is one of the first steps to converting your Instagram followers into customers. It is a great way to help you sell more products On Instagram. Build a creative profile that will capture shoppers’ attention. Welcome customers to your store and include a clear call to action statement. You can add a contact detail to help customers reach out to you for more information regarding your product.

2. Create captivating Instagram posts that users want to follow 

The statement that “a picture is worth a thousand words” should be used to its full, customer-hooking advantage. It is scientific proof that 90% of information transmitted to our brains is visual. So, try to harness the effective visual world of Instagram and post product photos that really make sales. Below is how to appeal to your customers and followers on Instagram:

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Step 1: You should avoid hard selling to appeal to Instagram’s social culture 

For buyers, the number one influencer is their friend’s social media shares. However, 38% said brands’ social media influence them, while 35% indicated that retailers on social media influence them. The implication is that you need to get more creative with the product photos displayed on your business Instagram account. Promote your products with creative professional photos that will captivate shoppers.

Step 2: Learn to create unique lifestyle photos that capture your brand culture

If you want your followers to stick around, you need to add value and appeal to your feed—one of the best ways is to inject your Instagram feed with the appeal of lifestyle photos. Show your followers how those earrings would look when they wear them. Let them visualize those hiking books powering through the mud. When you present your product with its culture and lifestyle, you are strengthening your brand’s equity. Let customers feel your brand. This is a great way to generate more sales on Instagram. 


3. Learn How To Reach Larger Instagram Following 

This is one of the great ways to increase sales on Instagram. No matter how great your Instagram feeds are, you need people to see them. Therefore, you need a strategy that will help you gain more followers on Instagram. Here are some tips to help you grow your followers and boost sales on Instagram:

Step 1: Add hashtags to increase your chances of being discovered 

The fact that Instagram feeds change fast means that your posts can get buried in the blink of an eye. If you want to increase the shelf-life of your Instagram feed, hashtags are the only way. With hashtags on Instagram, your posts are lumped together into communities linked by keywords and remain discoverable forever. Don’t go flooding your posts with lots of hashtags. Engagements have been shown to dwindle on posts with more than 5 hashtags.

You can select around 5 hashtags to complement your post. These hashtags can be a mixture of big-hit tags and some more specific ones. You can create your own unique hashtags as they help to lump all your posts into an easily searchable collection.

4. Increase Engagement On Instagram To Strengthen Customer Relationship

This is one of the best tactics to increase sales on Instagram. The only way for you to solidify your following into loyal, paying customers is through engagement. There are several ways you can boost your Instagram engagement, and here are some of them:

Step 1: Ensure you write active and inviting captions

You may have a great and appealing image, but you might not get the full engagement and response from your followers without an inviting caption. Engagement from your followers is a sure-fire way to boost sales on Instagram. Try including a simple call-to-action or direct question in the captions that opens up a conversation regarding your post.

Step 2: Boost your Instagram engagement with contests

Instagram has 17 times more engagement than Facebook; therefore, it is an ideal place to run contests. About 70% of Instagram users have been part of a contest or report that they would be interested in one. One of the best ways to grow your following, increase exposure, & drive actions is with Instagram Giveaways or Contests.

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5. Measure Your Success To Keep Growing 

Growth is a continuous process, so you must not rest on your laurels. The point is to keep attracting more customers and driving sales on Instagram. So, the only way is to continue optimizing your Instagram, and maintaining growth is to take the time to analyze your success. Take out time always to research your audience and repeat the tactics that are working.



You have seen how to increase sales on Instagram. What is left is for you to put these great tips into action. Once you have done that, you will watch your sales record soar more than before. The visual appeal of Instagram makes it a great place to reach potential customers. It is also the ideal platform to tell your brand’s story more compellingly. For more questions on how to increase sales on Instagram, use the comment section provided below.


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