Organic reach has been in decline over every social medium platform. Nonetheless, the new stories feature – life’s new greatest sensation – has been on an incredible ascent. It began with Snapchat, then swarmed onto Instagram, Facebook, and even Whatsapp. In this article, I will enlighten you on How to Increase Instagram Story Views without spending a penny on instagram story ad promotions.

Instagram recently rolled out the new story function for their social media platform. The results have been tremendous. This tool allows your business/brand to display a 24hr timeline that can be viewed as many times as users want, just by clicking your profile picture! Business/Brands have utilized this tool to market products, give daily updates, shout out their followers, provide links to blog posts and so much more! The Story Function is a powerful tool that your business needs to incorporate into their social media presence.

What are Instagram Stories?

Stories” on Instagram look and work similarly to Snapchat’s feature by the same name. They were released on Instagram in early August as, in the network’s own words, “a way to share all the moments of your day, not just the ones you want to keep on your profile.”

This function lets you post as many pictures or videos as you like within 24hrs and makes it available for everyone or only your followers to see. Just like Snapchat, they have filters, doodle-tool, and text. The most recent updates allow for the user to tag friends, use boomerangs and assign story links. Instagram added this functionality after seeing business promotional products and giveaways through their stories to Increase Instagram Story Views.

1. The Story Sequence:

Creating a proper Instagram Story sequence will drastically increase your overall views on your story. It should feel extremely similar to creating powerpoint presentations in school. Every Instagram Story needs an introduction, body, and end. Ensure your story pursues a specific stream.

2. Utilize a Variety of Content Types:

Instagram has been stepping up their game when it comes to content editing tools for Instagram Stories. There are now 8 different ways to shoot the same exact piece of content with Instagram Stories. You can utilize tools like Type, Normal, Live or Hands-Free to create your typical content. If you are feeling a little bit more creative try using tools like Boomerang, Superzoom, & Rewind to give a creative twist to your content.

3. Fluctuate Caption lengths:

Ask yourself this question: “Do I want a huge block of text on my videos?”

The typical answer to this question is no. Most people don’t want to read all this text with a moving background. Not only is it difficult it will cause a lot of followers to exit your Instagram Story. Which causes your other story content following that to be useless! It’s not against the rules to have wordy captions, but when it comes to Instagram Stories it’s all about quick & concise content.

4. Post at Peak Times:

When it comes to Instagram, Instagram Stories have precedence. What do we mean by precedence? When you post a new piece of content to your story. Your profile picture pops up at the top of your followers Instagram Explore page to notify them that you have just posted. Thus, posting when your followers are most active will result in more views and more engagement.

5. Tag Other Accounts:

If you want to increase your overall exposure on Instagram, then you have to start networking with Influencers that are already on Instagram. Instagram started as a photo sharing app. So don’t be afraid to post some content from your followers or favorite influencers/brands. Showing some love to your following and community can cause a serious increase in your overall views.

Not to mention Instagram has now made it extremely easy for people to share story content. Meaning some of the big brands or influencers could share your Instagram Story content on their story. Causing a massive influx of viewers and followers to your Instagram.

6. Show Exclusive Content

One of the best ways to increase your Instagram story views. Is to showcase exclusive content on your Instagram story. If you already have a decent sized following. Your followers will be highly interested in some behind the scenes look at your business or brand. Plus thank to Instagram Stories being 24 Hours, the content will be deleted. This will cause your followers to check your Instagram Stories daily to make sure that they didn’t miss any exclusive content.

7. Create Giveaways or Special Sales

Another great tactic to increase your Instagram Story views is to have flash sales or giveaways. Specifically, if you are a retail brand or you sell a product/service. You can host 24-hour fire sales to drive traffic to your offers or landing pages. These hot deals will not last so followers will be on the lookout to take advantage before they miss out.

Why Do You Want More Instagram Story Viewers?

Do you like to market products and monetize your social media presence? Then building a highly viewed story is an excellent way for you to do that. Using the story link function you can promote products and make reaching that product one click away for your followers! Using your story to engage and connect with your users on a personal level allows for more trust between your brand & the community. Start telling the story of your business the right way!

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