Instagram is one of the most loved social media scenes, has around 13% of the people on earth on the platform. It’s no wonder marketers love this channel of engagement. However, the vast number of contents available on the platform daily means that users have a minimal attention span. Hence, the need to increase Instagram engagement.

Instagram boasts a very high engagement rating, which sees it surpass its parent company – Facebook. A rate of 4.21%, according to Forrester, is ten times higher than Facebook and 84 times higher than Twitter in terms of engagement.

So, how does Instagram measure your user engagement? Through user actions that include likes, shares, and comments from consumers.

Due to the information above, marketers and brands need ways to improve organic Instagram engagement. To solve this problem, here are some proven tips to help get more engagement on Instagram.


15 Proven Tips to Increase Instagram Engagement


1. Consistency is Key

On an oversaturated platform like Instagram, staying fresh and relevant is a winning approach. According to research, a consistent 1-2 posts a day should be enough. Thus, it is vital to ensure your viewers meet fresh content whenever they visit your profile or scroll through their feed.

It keeps you in their mind and thus pushes for engagement.

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2. Be Creative, Tell Stories

When we say you should post consistently, we don’t mean creating content for the sake of posting. Be creative about the content you push out.

Tell users stories that they can easily relate to. These stories should also relate to your brand as it helps to ensure authenticity. You can check global brands like Airbnb, Lego, and Nike for inspiration on how to keep your content fresh.


3. Build a Strong Name

You see, by taking the above points seriously, you are already on your way to creating a firm name for your brand on the Instagram space.

When looking to get more engagement on Instagram, a firm brand name is of optimal importance. You can achieve this by focusing on your profile presentation, color patterns, and keeping images fresh.

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4. Understand Your Audience

The major issue most brands have with improving Instagram engagement is a lack of proper communication with their audience. By understanding your audience, you have a proper understanding of the kind of content they relate to and how best to serve them these contents.

To understand your audience, you can look at your “Audience” tab in Instagram Insight. There, you’ll have precise data on who your audience is and how you can create content for them.


5. Watch the Time

Another important tip is to monitor the engagement time of your audiences. By having this information, you should try to schedule your posts to the peak hours as this will help them receive the content while it’s fresh. Thus, you have a higher chance of engagement.

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6. Engage with Your Followers

Engagement is a two-way game. The biggest mistake you’ll make as a brand is thinking the engagement roll solely relies on your audience.

So, we encourage you to respond to audience DMs and inquiries via comments. This gives your Instagram page a human feel. By engaging with followers in discussions, they can understand your brand and better connect with you.


7. The Caption is also Very Important

Yes, Instagram is an image-based platform. However, your captions go a long way too. By utilizing your captions effectively, you can quickly spark discussions and create thought-provoking stories that audiences can relate to.

There are tons of ways to create compelling captions. Get creative and check your Instagram engagement to improve.

8. Short Captions Are Cool Too

We just said you should utilize your caption areas. However, some people make the mistake of using the entire 2,200-character space.

Instagram, like other social media platforms, has users with a brief attention span. Thus, it would be an excellent strategy to apply short, open-ended captions to spark a user’s interests.

You can do this by using emojis to replace words, starting a contest, encourage users to tag their friends, etc.


9. Build Relationship with Other Users

Looking to connect with other brands or influencers? Have someone you’ll like to thank for supporting the brand? Tag them.

By tagging users, your audiences get to see that you value customers or other personalities. It also boosts your chances of expanding your audience base by reaching the tagged user’s following.

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10. Keep up With Trends

With trends, it’s easy for brands or profiles to get left behind. One of the most effective ways to spark engagement on Instagram is by keeping up with trends.

This strategy helps you show your audience that you are aware of recent happenings on the platform. It also allows you to showcase your brand’s playful side, something your audience would love to see.


11. Add Some Videos

Videos give your brand up to 60 seconds more engagement time with your audiences – that’s if it is done right.

By creating engaging videos that can sustain audience attention through its entirety, you can quickly spark discussions or even better convey your brand story. If you need some ideas, you can start with Behind-the-scenes videos, How-to tutorials, and interviews.

Instagram Stories for Marketing

12. Use Instagram Stories Better

According to stats, brand stories enjoy the highest completion rates. Accounting for 30% of viewed Instagram stories with an 85% completion rate, stories play a significant role in brand engagement.

This feature provides a lot of opportunities in terms of creativity. There are so many options, whether it’s using stickers, polling, question and answer boxes, or countdown stickers. You can also use your Instagram stories to draw audience attention to specific posts.


13. Use Hashtags Correctly

The use of the hashtag is often misplaced. As a brand looking to increase Instagram engagement, you should adequately research hashtags best suited to your niche and find creative ways to implement them.

You can also come up with unique hashtags for your brand. This way, audiences can easily recognize your post, among others.

14. Try User-Generated Contents

This strategy is an effective way to push marketing while saving costs.  By doing this, you encourage users to get involved with the brand more while getting your brand out there.

This strategy also pushes brand image and builds trust since these contents are created and approved by your audience.


15. Host a Contest

Contests on Instagram generates 3.4 more likes and around 64 more comments than an average post.

One popular type of content on Instagram is Giveaway. This can be done in various ways, and it has been proven to yield a lot of engagements. You could give your audience a task (e.g., share, tag, and report content) while promising a gift for the user with the highest engagement.

This approach pushes your brand name across multiple user followings.


It takes time and effort to fix Instagram engagement. However, if done right, you are not just going to get a better audience engagement but also boost brand image and authority.

By following the tips above, you should find it easier to increase Instagram engagement and brand authority on the platform.


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