Undoubtedly, inbound link building to your site requires excellent strategies and hard work. You do not have to resort to spamming other people’s blogs to get their backlinks. This method is ineffective and unnecessary when improving your site’s ranking.

Inbound link-building is yet to gain ground because many people do not understand how it works thoroughly. But, little did they know that inbound link-building strategies are not hard to comprehend and implement. For example, using social media to generate audiences will be easy if you are good with content creation.

This article will explain the right and effective inbound linking strategies to help your site rank higher. Continue reading to get the whole idea you need to get started.

Key Takeaway

Inbound link helps visitors on some websites to access information from a particular site. Before readers can find themselves on your page, some websites must have used your link in their content. To be a beneficiary of link building, you need to produce high-quality blog content. Writing guest posts and doing expert roundups contribute to inbound link building.

What is Inbound Link

Inbound link is also synonymous with backlinks and incoming links. It works as an off-page SEO where readers on a particular linked site are redirected to your site. We would like you to understand what an outbound link is to avoid getting confused.

An outbound link is the opposite of an inbound link. It is to another website from your site. An inbound link is also different from an internal link, which is the link that leads to other pages on the same website.

Are you wondering what useful inbound links can do to your website? Below are two things that the correct inbound links can do to help your site rank higher;

  1. Inbound links can help you generate traffic to your site. This helps generate traffic when readers click inbound links to your website from another site. This way, your site will also benefit from the traffic on the other website.
  2. Inbound links contribute to your site’s SEO optimization. When you earn inbound links from ranked websites that are doing great, it helps you rank higher on search engines. This means more benefits in achieving inbound links from high-quality websites.

Inbound links that convert and work are those from high-quality websites. These inbound links use anchor text which is the text that the link is embedded in. It is important to use keyword-optimized anchor text for better results. For example, your anchor text should be natural instead of “click here” or “read more.”

Inbound Link Building Strategies

Below are the top 20 inbound link building strategies to help your site rank higher:

     1. Posting relevant blog content regularly

Creating relevant and authentic blog content that people are interested in will earn you more inbound links. When your blog contents are high value and informative, people will naturally want to link to it on their website. Have you ever seen anyone linking to a blog post with low-value content lacking important information? The answer is no.

     2. Consistently link to other blogs

Just like the saying, “no one is an island of knowledge.” Linking to other high-quality blogs will provide your readers with helpful information that your blog didn’t cover. Linking to other bloggers will expose you to bloggers with similar values as yours who can link back to your website.

     3. Create a guest blog post

Creating content for other bloggers or brands will put you at the advantage of earning their links. Getting inbound links from authoritative brands should be easy when you create relevant and informative blog posts for them. Guest blogging enables networking and exposure, earning you more quality inbound links.

     4. Compile and publish helpful resource lists

Another effective inbound link-building strategy is to publish helpful resource lists that can help your readers and other bloggers. If you create resource lists that bloggers find useful, they will link to them in their posts. This will save them the stress and time of compiling it themselves, thus earning you inbound links.

     5. Create Newsjack Posts

The concept of creating newsjack post is to gain popularity by leaving relevant comments under the latest and trending news story. Another way is to be one of the first persons to carry the news. This will enable others to link to your post while giving their account of the story.

     6. Create Free Tools

Like creating comprehensive resource lists in your blog for others’ use, you can also make free tools. Your post will get many linkbacks if your free tool is helpful to your readers and target audience. This will earn you people willing to link to your site.

     7. Take part in case studies

There are two ways to take part in a case study. You can either be the one who makes case studies about people or be the volunteer for a case study. When you volunteer as the subject of a case study, you put yourself out there to people. Once the publication is out, you can get an inbound link to your site.

     8. Write book reviews

Writing detailed and informative reviews about other people’s work will allow you to earn inbound links from them. If the book review is good enough, it might open more doors for other book authors to want to link to you.

Top 20 Inbound Link Building Strategies to Help Your Site Rank Higher

     9. Questions and Answer Sites

To increase your website traffic, be active on Q & A sites like Quora. Provide answers to questions relevant to what you do and insert your link to redirect visitors. There are hundreds of questions begging for a suitable response. Be authentic when you proffer solutions to problems.

     10. Create Captivating Infographics

Infographics are attractive, and it calls the attention of internet users. Make your creativity count when creating infographics. People will be curious to see more from your website. Share your design with your network to increase the probability of an inbound link.

     11. Be conversant with Different Visual Content

Your marketing strategy should highly consider visual content. It is an ideal tool for attracting inbound links. Although it is time-consuming, the result will be worth it in the long run. You don’t have to be a professional before creating one. With some graphic design tools, you can have enough visual content for your site.

     12. Adopt Presentation Techniques

Use your infographics to tell stories and present them in slides. Do it regularly and share it on your website. The best practice is to create a Slideshare account and attach your link to every page on the slide. If you are not good at designing, you can learn the act of slide presentation.

     13. Show a Sense of Humor in What you do

Creating entertaining and amusing content attracts views and clicks. While doing this, remember to include your website link in whatever content you create. Please don’t overdo it not to turn off your audience. If your customers don’t fancy funny posts, you can opt for other alternatives.

     14. Collaborate with Brands in other Niches

Linking up with organizations in other industries helps with inbound link building. Before partnering with other brands, confirm their website credibility. Do they generate enough traffic? Do they have a desirable online presence? If they tick all boxes, it will be an excellent opportunity to improve your ranking.

      15. Ask for Reviews

Seek the opinion of users regarding the latest product your brand wants to introduce to the market. This strategy comes with two benefits. Firstly, it generates inbound links. Secondly, it gives you an insight into the perception of customers. Reviews help brands to build relationships with customers.

Other inbound link building strategies you can adopt include:

  • 16. Collaborate with Tech masters
  • 17. Evaluate Links thoroughly
  • 18. Study-related website backlinks
  • 19. Participate in Relevant Industrial event
  • 20.Leverage social media.


Every brand wants its website to rank high, which is achievable with inbound link building. Many strategies are available apart from the ones we listed above. Select a few that suits your business needs and implement them.

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