Image to text technology is popular among users for the pressing need to digitize all the information. There are plenty of tools available online for this purpose but not all tools are well-developed and professional.

So, today I’m here with two most popular image to text converters i.e. and’s image to text converter

I will compare them based on working, features, and pricing.

So, without further delay let’s begin our competition!

What Does Image to Text Converter Do?

An image to text converter is used to extract text from image/s. Sometimes users have images of printed or handwritten text that needs to be digitized. These tools use OCR technology to scan the images and convert image to text online. These tools use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to extract text from image/s online. Both of our tools possess AI technology that assists OCR with quick and accurate text extraction.

How Do and’s Image to Text Converter Work?

Both tools under study are powered by AI technology but have a few differences in their working, so we will discuss the steps of using them one by one.

The following are the steps to use

  1. Open the, and the picture to text converter will appear on the screen. vs Which one is the best Tool for the Image to Text Extraction
  1. Upload the images that you want to convert to text, it gives you three methods to upload images i.e. copy & paste, drag & drop, and browse the computer.
  1. Click on the “Get Text” button. The tool will extract text from image within seconds.
  1. The extracted text will appear in the box below, you can tally it to ensure accuracy.
  1. Copy the text and paste it into the desired file or database.

The following are the steps to use the image to text converter:

  1. Open picture to text converter of
image to text converter
  1. Click on the “Upload file” button and choose the file from the computer.
  1. Once the file is uploaded, the tool will start processing it automatically.
  1. After just a few seconds, the txt file will be downloaded to your computer and a preview will appear for users to check the extracted text.
image to text converter

Both tools are simple to use but provides more options for uploading and also allows users to extract multiple images at a time. While only processes one image at a time and provides only a browsing option for uploading.

What are the Features of these Two OCR Tools?

Now that you know how to use both photo to text converters online to copy text from images, it’s time to compare them through various features.

1.  Multilingual Extraction:

I have checked both tools to copy text from image in multiple languages. passed this test with distinction, I tested it using various languages and it extracted text from images in a wide variety of languages without encountering any difficulty. One example is provided below:

image to text multilingual extraction picture to text converter can’t extract text from languages other than English, I tested it using Arabic, French, and Korean, three completely different languages.

2.  Handwritten Text Extraction:

Only AI OCR models can convert image to text with handwritten text in them. When was tested using a handwritten text image, it immediately extracted text from the image with accuracy.

Handwritten Text Extraction

On the other hand, when I tried extracting handwritten text using, it didn’t convert image to text. This is another inability of

3.  Multiple Image Extraction:

A good picture to text converter can extract text from multiple images at a time. When was tested by uploading various images it effectively and accurately converted images to text.

Multiple Image Extraction

Nanonet’s picture to text converter allows the extraction of multiple images at a time but only in the paid version. So, it is still a no for any users.

4.  Blurry Text Extraction:

I often have blurry images that need to be digitized. These blurry images can be read by the human eye but when it comes to OCR they often fail. So, I tested both of our tools using blurry images. effectively extracted text from the blurry image, here are the results:

Blurry Text Extraction image to text converter’s photo to text converter online on the other hand failed to extract text from blurry images.

5.  Uploading Options:

I have briefly discussed it above while discussing the working of both tools but let’s discuss this point in detail. provides 3 uploading images options:

  • Drag and Drop the images in the dialogue box.
  • Copy the image and paste it into the dialogue box.
  • Browse the computer and select the image.’s photo to text converter online only provides browsing images from a computer option which bound the users.

6.  Simple Interface:

Both tools have simple interfaces and are super user-friendly, you don’t have to go through tough procedures to convert image to text.

7.  Anonymity:

Users often prefer using tools anonymously. can be used anonymously without needing to create an account. While’s picture to text converter can be used anonymously for couple of times before it asks you to make an account.

After a comparison of features, surely gets the upper hand over

Pricing of &’s Image to Text Converter:

Talking about the pricing of these two tools, is a free picture to text converter, you can use it as many times as you like without having an account or buying a subscription.

On the other hand,’s image to text converter can be used a couple of times for free before it asks you to make an account, it is also free but you must have an account online.


After comparing both AI OCR models by comparing working and features, evidently got the upper hand. It is much easier to use, has more functions and features and it is completely free and can be used anonymously.

If you ask me to suggest you one from both I will surely go for

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