Building your brand usBuilding your brand using shout outsing shout outs (Instagram) –  This could be a very important factor in your Instagram growth. All massive accounts did this and still do this to be exposed to new followers. Still alot remains in the grey, when talking about shout outs. This is why we’ve made an article to teach you something about shout outs and how to properly use them to skyrocket your business into the world. To start off.. Did you know there’s a way to get free shout outs? Read along and learn all there is to it. 


Building your brand using shout outs (Instagram)

Free shout outs

Connect with other brands

First of all, you will find a page within your niche with roughly the same amount of followers. More profitable would be a bigger account, but they will often tell you no, or charge a fee for it. Most accounts that are on the same level will agree. When they do you post your own picture tagging their name in your caption directing traffic their way, and they do the same for you. There is also something called a Share for Share (repost for repost) where you essentially do the exact same thing except now you re-post one of their pictures on your page, and they do the same for you. This is more effective while generating traffic, but it could mess up your page style. Due to this fact, some pages put the picture on their page for 24 hours and after this remove it. When agreed upon from both sides this is also an option. 

Another way is to target bigger accounts. Let’s say you have 10k followers. Try to target 20k followers and tell them if you caption shout me once, I’ll caption shout you twice. This way it’s more ‘fair’ to trade the shouts.

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Engagement Groups

Another way to go is to enter a systemized shout-out group .This is a group of people that all have the same niche as you do. They team up to help each other grow. There are a few different systems, but the most common one is when all the pages give a shoutout to one page in the group each day (Monday – Page 1 , Tuesday – Page 2, Wednesday – Page 3). When it is your day to be shouted the entire group (usually around 10 accounts p/g) will post a picture tagging your name in the caption and you will gain a load of free followers. To get in touch with certain groups just look for a few accounts within your niche that have a lot of comments of other people within the same niche. Send them a DM asking if they know a shout out group you could join and voila..

Paid Shout outs

Before we mentioned the free ways to get shout outs. Of course there are more ways to skyrocket your brand out there. If you are serious about growing your page, you could consider investing. It’s by far the most fastest way to grow on Instagram. Couple key things to look for before investing:

1. How many likes compared to followers is the page getting? 2% ratio is average.
Anything more is incredible anything less isn’t worth your time or money.

2. You can expect about a 3% return on investment, and this is 3% of average likes
they receive. Ex: 1,000 likes = roughly 30-50 followers.

3. The more engagement a page has per photo will determine the price.

4. When asking for shouts always look at the engagement. It might turn out the other party bought all of his followers. If this is the case, most of his followers will be fake and won’t be able to follow you, which makes the shout a waste of time and effort. 

Hope this post helps building your brand using shout outs and good luck grinding! 

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