If you use social media regularly, you must have heard about ClubHouse. The name is one of the latest internet buzzwords. ClubHouse is a social media platform that allows people to communicate with each other using their voices. Although there is a lot more to ClubHouse than the voice feature, it is the major selling point of the app. Scrolling through the app, one can already see many opportunities for personal marketing, brand marketing, and self-growth. You are going to learn how to network on ClubHouse in this article.

The ClubHouse app is exclusive to only IOS users. Hence, there has been a backlash from Android users as regards this exclusivity. Also, people can only join group conversations through exclusive invites. The exclusivity in the use of ClubHouse is even bigger; people cannot download the app unless they are invited by someone who already has the app. Everyone on the app is given a special invitation link through which they can only invite one person once they join. Due to these reasons, many people have referred to ClubHouse as elitist. Nevertheless, this does not rule ClubHouse out as a great social media application for networking and other discussions.


Because ClubHouse is well equipped for audio communication, unlike many other social media sites, the networking opportunities come in a unique dimension. You can actually engage in real-time conversations with people based on different subjects, especially subjects that are related to your field. As time goes on, the chances that you will get new contacts are very high.

Below, we have outlined few ways in which you can maximize the use of ClubHouse for networking. Here’s how to network on ClubHouse:


Set Up Your Profile

If you are on ClubHouse for the purpose of networking, it is expedient to use a profile that displays your business or brand. First of all, your profile picture should be a decent one that shows your face clearly. This picture must be clear because, on ClubHouse, your picture is what is shown in room conversations; hence, it represents you almost every time. In addition, your picture should have a background with colors that contrast with the colors on the ClubHouse platform so that it stands out.

There is no limit to the number of words that you can use in your bio. However, it is best to use a short bio. One reason for this is that when you are in a room, only about 125 characters of your bio can be seen. If you can fit your bio into 125 lines, please do, But if you cannot, it is advisable to write a bio that is as short as possible. Anyway, when you write a very long bio, you get a suggestion from the app to reduce the content. This is indicative of the fact that it is best to use the fewest words possible.


On your profile, there is space for the inclusion of links. The only clickable ones though, are your Twitter and Instagram profile links so you can stick to those. Nevertheless, you can post more; people who are keen on following them could copy and paste in a browser. Also, enumerate the topics that interest you in your bio so that people would know the kind of rooms to invite you to.


Connect to Other Users on Other Social Media Platforms

The exclusivity that comes with ClubHouse prevents people from joining just any room. So, to get invites to groups, you might have to connect with guys who use the app regularly on other social media apps. Apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can be very useful for this purpose.

Most of the people who are already popular on ClubHouse have active Instagram and Twitter accounts. If you do not already have an active Instagram or Twitter (which I believe to be very unlikely), networking through ClubHouse could be a tad difficult. Nonetheless, it does not completely rule out your chances of successfully creating and sustaining a group of friends, colleagues, and associates on this audio platform.


Set up a ClubHouse community

Your ability to network through ClubHouse can grow exponentially if you are a known figure in your niche. Create rooms on topics that you are voluble about. Even better, create rooms within your area of professional expertise. By being at the forefront of conversations like this regularly, the likelihood that you will be able to market yourself or your brand is very high.


Ensure to Add Value to Conversations

Of course, there is more to a conversational app than just talking. If you are going to comment on a particular topic in a room, especially a technical one, you must have some knowledge of the subject at least. If you do not add value to the discussions that you engage in, your efforts at networking might not be very fruitful.

For this reason, it is important to engage only on topics that you are knowledgeable about. For instance, as a digital marketer, you should engage mainly in topics related to that field. Whatever the topic is, if you are going to talk in a room, you should at least know what you are talking about.

There is a lot of talk about the use of colloquialisms and slang on the ClubHouse platform. People cannot talk as perfectly as they write, hence, this tends to happen a lot. The way you interact with people on ClubHouse should reflect your brand. Your use of slang and colloquial language should depend on the kind of personality you are trying to project or the brand you are trying to promote. Of course, it is difficult to talk without using colloquialisms. But if you represent a formal entity, you should be as formal as possible when talking on the platform.


Following the most popular and influential people in your field/niche can be very advantageous. Because these people are usually at the forefront of change in any industry, you would be aware of the latest developments. Also, you should join groups that are related to your niche and brand in order to learn new things. If you are not very knowledgeable about the particular trend/topic being discussed, you do not have to do say anything; just listen to the conversations that can help you learn new things.



ClubHouse is a platform that holds a lot of promise for upcoming entrepreneurs and professionals. If you own a start-up or are trying to promote a personal brand, being active on ClubHouse would be beneficial in the long run. This guide on how to network on ClubHouse is all you need.


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