What is Digital Real Estate? Digital Real Estate refers to the intangible lot size of your network within a given internet space. For example, you can have a digital real estate in all the major social media spaces such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc. The more value your account has the higher the price tag for your digital real estate. Just below we are going to give you the tools you need to start flipping digital real estate.

digital real estate

How to Find Digital Lot

In order to start flipping digital lots you have to understand where to look for old or broken down lots. The digital space is a little different than picking out the old home in the next upcoming section of the city, but the same principles apply. You want to look for trends that are hot or accounts that are undervalued for the niche they are in.

The Up and Coming

For example, with the big jump in public attention for cryptocurrency more and more accounts are popping up giving their ” two cents ” on the matter. However, because the niche is so new accounts are growing at alarming rates and becoming extremely valuable. This same mentality should be applied when picking your next lot. Niche sectors that are always hot include luxury, fitness, animals, and business. These fields have been running strong for a very long time and they won’t let up any time soon. If you are looking to flip digital lots in these sectors then be prepared to grow them extremely high before flipping. The saturation of large influencers or digital lots in the niche space affect the overall digital real estate.

Old But Not Forgotten

If you don’t want to start from scratch, but rather build on top of a foundation then look for undervalued accounts. What does it mean for an account to be undervalued? It means that the account is in a hot sector or recently hot sector but the following or engagement is rather low. Accounts that fit this description have great potential when they are in the right hands. Utilizing your network to grow pre-established accounts is faster than starting from scratch. However, there is more upfront investment needed to buy the digital lots.

digital real estate

Pumping Up Prices

Once we have found our digital lot. Next we need to start growing the account to increase the digital real estate value. If you have been following this blog for some time you know exactly what to do. But for those that are new we are going to list some of the key tools you can use to grow your accounts.

  • Power Likes This involves flooding your new digital real estate with tons of engagement from larger accounts to push your content to the suggested or explore page. This will cause your content to go viral and bring massive amounts of followers and engagement.
  • Growth Automation Using our growth service (here) we are able to grow your account 24/7 with niche specific followers. We find active and engaged followers so that your account can grow at a steady pace in both engagement and following.
  • S4S Connect with influencers or doing it yourself with other accounts. Shout out for shout out (S4S) is a mutually beneficial growth tactic that any account can use to swap followers with another. This method is free and generates active followers that like your content.
  • Engagement Groups Creating a group on Instagram Direct Message is a great way to help others as well as yourself grow. Accounts in these groups engage on content as soon as it’s posted to give it the best chance of going viral. Similar to Power Likes.

These are just some of the main tools we suggest to use when trying to grow an account fast. If you want to learn more about growing an account without spending money check out these articles: Organically Grow Without Spending Money, 12 Organic Growth Factors, Unlocking Instagram Explore Page Algorithm, How to Boost Engagement. In all these articles we give away the secrets to growing a social media account fast. Make sure to check them out if you are new. All of these tools can be utilized to increase the following and engagement of a digital lot. Therefore increasing the overall value of digital real estate. Leverage real estate marketing companies to maximize the value of your assets.

How to Value a Lot

When it comes time that you are ready to become a digital real estate agent and sell your digital lot. There are a few things you need to keep in mind when setting a price.

How is the Overall Niche Performing

If your niche goes cold it may lower the price of your digital real estate. This typically happens with accounts that are too niche specific. Getting to niche specific can hurt you in the long run. Although the niche may be hot right now, you need to think long term. It takes time and resources to grow an account. You have to choose a niche that will be good in the long run.

digital real estate
Engagement Rates

Engagement Rates are a huge analytic when it comes to evaluating the price of a digital lot. High engagement rates mean that the audience is active and engaging with the content. This is huge for speculative buyers because for many this means they will be able to monetize the audience.

Be Aware of Content

This is something many account holders don’t think of. When it comes to content the more generic the better. As long as you are still providing value and staying active on a consistent basis. If you use branded content or brand your own content you may be limiting the potential buyers.

Account Size

The larger the account the higher the price tag. That is why it is always good to grow an account buy at least 10-20k before selling. This will allow you to get decent profits off a small flip. Plus the higher you grow the more profits you will make. digital real estate When preparing your digital real estate for sale it is imperative that you keep the mindset of the buyer. Utilize these factors to leverage your price higher. The more engagement, following and activity your account has the more value it will hold. Straying away from branded content or becoming to niche specific can pay huge dividends when it comes to flipping. The goal is to draw in as many buyers as possible to get the best price for your digital lot. That wraps it up here if you have any questions reach out to use on Facebook, Youtube, or Instagram.

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